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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

I thought the dragon Pioro was on was going to give Ryouma the inspiration to use the flying slimes as a way to fly in the air lol.

Zirael Riannon • 1 year ago

i thought hes going to tame it haha

Vii X • 1 year ago

Ryoma: When you're so loved and popular, people with more rep become background characters.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

It's not big enough to give Ryoma that idea, but i can see he will use the flying slimes to fly in the future.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Yeah and he can even do air delivery sounds like a good plan.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing, but i have to scratched that idea off simply Ryoma will steal the transportation career with how many flying slimes he will get in the future.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Lol you may be right Deus.

Apex • 1 week ago

Nah the limur birds are faster wouldn't be worth it for something that floats, they are more like a balloon then a plane.

gateship2 • 1 year ago

I thought it was gonna be one of the grandfather's familiars that that noble family (can't remember the name) was riding to the festival.

Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

These jumpluff slime are slow flyers like balloons, so what'll slimes have to eat to became quick flyers like dragons? maybe even a rocket slime.

Sparrow • 1 year ago

slap a metal slime on it, use the weightless power to make it float, then shape the metal into a propeller to push it forward.

Sigmund • 11 months ago

Then attach napalm under the belly and viola fire works

xXPORTALXx • 1 year ago


ThaGodOne • 1 year ago

One more episode of business man shota left. We pray that if there's a next season they will detract away from this business man model and horrible CGI horses. Season 1 he was basically homeless and got strong to survive. Season 2 he became a slice of life business man at the age of like what 10? I hope season 3 if they make it, we get to see this little dude grow up and see some action. I've also noticed how this show lacks any type of betrayal or drama. The whole season has been happy go lucky nothing could go wrong perfect. No sense of betrayal or any type of hardships. Just a shota running around creating things.

Zaruian • 1 year ago

the novel is a tad darker, events play out largely the same(though they go into more detail on stuff, which is specially noticeable with things like when thugs are periodically sent after him or the corrupt adventurers abusing adventurer kids in S1), but we get to see more of ryoma's internal monologue and... let's just say that while he may seem a pure kid on the outside, you can tell man's been through a black company and can't be arsed to put up with people who don't deserve his good manners.

Anime seems to cut out most of the detail to speed up the flow of events, and it results in the whole thing feeling sterylized like this.

Sparrow • 1 year ago

I completely forgot he's been through a black company, it's been so fluffy I even forgot this was an isekai anime.

Zaruian • 1 year ago

each volume of the novels closes off with a chapter set in our world handling the aftermath of his death by overwork, mostly about karma hitting that company all at once. idk about why the anime chose to cut that.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

Well this IS a slice-of-life isekai TBF.

ThaGodOne • 1 year ago

Yeah but you could also agree they took that slice of life turn hard as hell this season. Season 1 was kinda dope cause my dude had just got isekai'ed. Bruh had to survive out there before meeting those nobles with the loli princess..

go1 • 1 year ago

It all ended up as a wholesome story. Leave drama and betrayal to politicians,they maxed "drama" and "betrayal" skills up and are now at max lvl of those skills,which is 1 lvl above lucifer skills of "betrayal" and "drama".

Apex • 1 week ago

She ain't a princess, she is the daughter of a duke, makes her a duchess.

Typecero • 1 year ago

Ironically the mystery and suspense that this show is missing is part of BONUS chapters. Every Bonus Novel chapter details the aftermath of our MC's death in his old world. It goes over the downfall of the black company he worked at, the survival of his old employees, an investigation into the black company, and how our MC, despite being constantly given misfortune by Earth's God, would go out of his way to help the people around him.

One of my favorite moments was from the MC's time at his apartments. The man saw a child had dropped their toy and busted the wheel, and the MC fixed it for him. He told the kid that if he ever had broken toys in the future, hang them on his door and he would fix them.

Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago


Iyashikei, since SOL can have conflict.
But this does have conflict somewhat but some LN readers have been saying the dicier stuff has been cut, i.e. Compressed Adaptation.

orange juice is nice • 1 year ago

lots of other anime you can watch or re watch if you wanted drama and betrayal lol

Agissea • 1 year ago

It is middle-age period so I understand that at his age (being a commoner with no education), he would already be active helping his family but it was weird that at no time, no one think he could rest "because he is a child doing several adult jobs" and he is clearly tired from so much activities despite his out-of-the-world stamina. (for a child)

(more than just being a manager/CEO since he is an adventurer and still find he time to work at his cleaner(s soon when the other one is opened) too with his employees)

Seán • 1 year ago


Grumpy Aunt B • 1 year ago

Sadly there’s not gonna be a big difference in the coming part of the story.
(I read the English translation chapters of the book , not fully translated yet but still)

Meiyo • 1 year ago

The S2 was like at speed X3-X4, too boring.

Kwarevo • 1 year ago

Barley tea time 🍵

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

I thought he will make hand make cola lmao.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

same, I thought maybe some slime could help carbonate it

Maka Evans • 1 year ago

I thought of beer or similar

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

lol...Ryoma is technically a kid and there are other kids in the story where they will involve with the festival, and you thought they would make beer? Kids will try the things Ryoma makes no matter what lmao.

Maka Evans • 1 year ago

That doesn't mean that the adults can have a drink for them only and the children need to keep their hands away

Satoshi Ookami • 1 year ago

Mugicha is the template drink for anime.

WorldGN18 • 1 year ago

I don't like Barley tea but the way they were drinking it made me question if maybe I should try it again in case my taste has changed

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

It's festival time ^^

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

Bro at 9:38 has a lightsaber! XD

Xone • 1 year ago

More like what the ancient Jedi/Sith used before proto sabers. Though, with a bit of magic imbued. :) They used actual metal swords that were enhanced with force powers.

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

When Miya said "Umyai" i suddenly got appetite for some Tempura

TruthOMG • 1 year ago

they almost took away the adventure aspect of this anime and mostly focused on living a life from a different world. Like his overpowered stats has become insignificant. It's like superman but never used his super powers and stayed as clark kent the whole time.

Lufrid • 1 year ago

I know right, I'm starting to realize there's not going to be any fighting, it's all just opening businesses and inventing stuff, and joining community events. The light novel is way better then this, at least there you get more combat, more leveling up and more fighting with slimes

Agissea • 1 year ago

except that his tremendous stamina for a child (in the middle-age, as a commoner so already working -his "fiction" about his grandparents teaching him everything is good enough for everyone to not think about how educated he still is, and so resourceful even for a child) is part of his superpower !

Momonga • 1 year ago

Smallville: the animation!

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Barley Tea the customers are going to love it, Ryoma nice thinking smart indeed.

LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 1 year ago

Barley tea really is some good stuff

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Lego Yeah goes down well when its hottt!!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

I need to try it one day

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Its festival time guys whos with me.

Rugweld • 1 year ago

We had the same idea for drinks bruv.. When I saw the grains, Barley Tea is a must since it's made from them.. And at 9:38 my man was holding a red lightsaber, here's hoping he doesn't sway to the dark side :V

Also grateful that Miya's clothes didn't explode when she ate those food from another world . Food Wars influenced me that hard.

Edit: I prefer my Barley Tea hot paired with either scones, financiers, or éclair au chocolat while reading history books or any that piques my interest especially on a pouring afternoon.