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iq3 • 5 months ago

Just our
extended crying version

Bananaboat • 4 months ago

idk man kinda cringe

Snorca • 5 months ago

I see what you did there *thumbs up*

btw, it's capital H and missing an "x" on the right

Azureink • 5 months ago

Eta's "drill sergeant" work on Beta broke the poor girl.

Cado • 5 months ago

Yeah, those two were done dirty in the last episode

Of course you are doing your best! I support you Beta!

KamenRiderKurow • 5 months ago

i was hoping how Cid got those tckets in the first place

norigami • 5 months ago

The god of hot springs episodes gave it to him

Alpha said they gave it em

NetroLancer • 5 months ago

Eta really did a number on Beta's feelings.

the Finance Guy • 5 months ago

Can Beta even fight? All we see is her researching and writing novels.

Iced Up Dragon • 5 months ago

Wasnt she fighting blood qieen til shadow appeared

vovan1 • 5 months ago


Schadenfreude • 5 months ago

She's basically the jack-of-all-trades out of all the 7 shadows, meaning she can do everything well but not as well as the other 6 members relative to their specialties.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

She can fight in the bed.

Nu trying to complain but Beta has more problems to deal with lol.

High Skool DxD should crossover with Beta.

Crystalstars • 4 months ago

poor beta was broken

Azureink • 5 months ago

I find it hilarious how in this and the main series episode they talk about PTO and vacation time.

now that i think about it, ONA is free along when you buy a blueray disc i think...( I'll never know cuz i don't buy those lol)

i mean since this one was out along with the official anime, so it makes sense that maybe admin here buys actual blueray disc irl for us pirates lol

so harigathankyougusaimuchte admin-san

and yep kinda sad shadow is dense oblivious and too self centered to enjoy his harem, and yeah not right in the brain a weeb and child minded

although it's understandable to me now as i don't want to fall anymore, but still i wanna puck, lol

so anyways, i hope MC-kun gets his personality fix 180⁰

Pietje van Dongen • 3 months ago

`the source is free and it's on the official youtube channel.

EM • 4 months ago

These ones are literally just released on the official KADOKAWA anime YouTube channel every week along with the episode lol
They have english subs there too so you don't have to wait until they're uploaded here and just watch them directly on YouTube

Ori Klein • 4 months ago

LOL you're living in a fantasy. GoGo just rips off other pirate sites which pirate it. Whomever the source is, we'll never know or be able to thank them.

The episodes are uploaded in the servers, GoGo or Anitaku just hosts the servers. Thank the servers instead; the VidStreaming, Mp4Upload, GOGO Server etc...

Ori Klein • 4 months ago

If I thank anyone it'll be the subbers.
No subs, then it's all meaningless.

Cool then.