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vovan1 • 7 months ago

Trivia(from wiki):
The "Flohwalzer"(german) is known under different animal names all over the world.

in Japan "I Stepped on the Cat"
in Spain as "La Chocolatera",
in the Netherlands as "Vlooienmars" (Flea March),
in French-speaking countries as "Valse des puces" (Flea Waltz),
in Russia: Собачий Вальс/Sobachiy Val's, lit. 'Dog Waltz'
in Poland as "Kotlety" (Cutlet),
in Bulgaria as "Koteshki Marsh" (Cat March),
in Hungary as "Szamárinduló" (Donkey March),
in Mallorca as "Polca de los Tontos" (Fools' Polka).
In Mexico, it is called "Los Changuitos" (The Little Monkeys),
in Finland "Kissanpolkka" (Cat's Polka),
in the Czech Republic "Prasečí valčík" (Pig Waltz)
in Slovakia "Somársky pochod" (Donkey March),
in Korean "고양이 춤" (Cat Dance).

Only in Japan they decided to name the song after animal abuse. xD

Adhi Darmawan Sutjiadi • 7 months ago

first time I heard it from NES game,
City connection, when you run over the pink cat.

literal translation is "Flea Waltz" . fleas get on both neko and doge.

Vlad • 7 months ago

I didn't know. It made me wonder...
However, I do know there are a few more examples of it. I can't think of any good example ATM, just of the rivalry between England and France, which gave them mirrowed proverbs.

Astolfo. • 7 months ago

Someone step on Zeta

Deus The Great • 7 months ago

I want mommy Zeta to step on me.

Did not take long for this reply.

Dick Festival • 7 months ago

Yes. Step, gag and humiliate!

NetroLancer • 7 months ago

Don't step on Zeta lest you suffer the full wrath of a cat.

Uffern • 7 months ago

kono ajiwa usou tsuiteru ajidaze giorno giovanna

N99dels • 7 months ago

Sooooooooooooo Delta can tell if someone's lying if she licks them?

Bruno Bucciarati would like to know your location

Raven • 7 months ago

Delta is too precious for this world

hitchysenpai • 7 months ago

fr man

M Dhika Refitrah • 7 months ago


Momonga • 7 months ago

expected another kind of skit like:
Epsilon: a piece about cats? there's one
Zeta: so, what kind of piece is it?
*Epsilon starts playing*
Zeta: and what is the name of the piece?
Epsilon: Impossible nyan cat in F sharp major!

IExistMe Official • 7 months ago

So cid may have not known such things

Azureink • 7 months ago

Delta can tell if someone is a liar from taste?
Anakin: "Is it possible to learn this power?"
Palpatine: "Not from a Jedi."

hitchysenpai • 7 months ago

god damning Delta just manages to steal my heart every week even when she doesint have screen time at the moment on the main show,, like holly shit i love her

Kazi • 7 months ago

Epsilon starts playing the cat song.
*A wild Tomo-chan appears*

Another • 7 months ago

ya mean "step on me" ?

MONEYSTAXX • 7 months ago

Lie detection is one of Delta's many skills

Zachary M Erickson • 7 months ago

1:40 Did that dog girl just lick her?

Satoshi Ookami • 5 months ago

Just the usual Jojo business

xd • 7 months ago

yes she did

remember my name • 7 months ago

really like interaction between zeta and delta

Adviel • 7 months ago

This is the taste of a liar.

Golb89 • 7 months ago

"Eh, amateurs!"
- Mink ("Dragon Half")

(Still, no wonder the doggo likes "Beethoven")

RandomlySide • 7 months ago

I mean... I not opposed the stepping.

Marcelus • 7 months ago


Satoshi Ookami • 5 months ago

Farouz Ai channeling inner Jojo, I see

SimpLee • 7 months ago

Step on the catsGAS, take your foot of the Brakes, then run to be the president of the shadow State -Ren Money Games Part2

PicHor • 7 months ago

Cid should've played some anime songs too. :-( oh well, "Pop goes the Weasyl" is also good for ice cream

_Ameron_ • 7 months ago