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iq3 • 5 months ago

Bro... There is no Cid in this episode..

I love Alpha and Beta in this episode more...

👀🥵 Damn that white costume made it cannon...

Solar • 5 months ago

Yeah, that shit surprised me when they wore the white battle suits that we’ve only seen in season 1’s opening,lol

Still tho... This episode feels a bit empty without our Magnificent, Wonderful, Splendid Cid lmao.

YogSothothGE 🐉✨ • 4 months ago

He is missing, bcoz if author added him, how are we gonna get "Light Garden", because he is the one who only knows how to follow in shadow/darkness lol 🌑🌃

Satoshi Ookami • 4 months ago

It was meant to signalize the fact that this was a filler.

ㅤꜱㅤᴏㅤʟㅤᴏㅤ • 5 months ago

Yeah, I also thought that they didn't wanted to spoil the Anime by showing the Shadow Garden's Uniform in S1 before they form the team, also you can see that they were wearing it in a Daytime, So they changed that Theme of Night by Daytime and They also changed the Uniform from Black to White too.

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Light Garden,LMAO

They really went to light mode for this beach episode huh xD.

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Yeap,totally. LOL
btw. this anime and doom eternal have some tiny but very cool similarity and i absolutely love it.
ps. doom's ripping and tearing as first person anime movie would be very cool if executed properly(with kage no jitsuryokusha art+animation style cause it is truly exquisite) aswell.

Talo Grim • 5 months ago

Delta still best girl

TheCabra • 5 months ago

I’m so surprised she actually somehow stayed with the swimsuit the entire episode,proud of our doggo

ㅤꜱㅤᴏㅤʟㅤᴏㅤ • 5 months ago

Well, if it's for Shadow she would even lie to Alpha, so this is nothing for her. Also Shadow told her that he would do anything she asks (things that comes under specific conditions), maybe that's why she eagerly waited for Shadow in that Swimsuit.

Vii X • 5 months ago

I award you the title of Bishop. And the right to wage Holy Wars against the heretics. 8:05 and not a single rock was given. Also when your harem is all Yandere, and some rando tries to hit on them. R.I.P bros.

さとう🍬 • 5 months ago

More eta episode please 🥺

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Nah dude, without Cid, this just doesn't feel right.

Oviej • 5 months ago

But, there is a Mundane Mask!

TheCabra • 5 months ago

I like them too but Epsilon just hit different in this episode,even tho her boobs are fake,her appeal is real

Trogdorian • 5 months ago

didn't he get omitted earlier on to? Or like was barely present...?

This was a filler after all and it was an episode dedicated specially to the waifus, can't get enough of them always wearing black robes everytime, all of them waifus in a suimsuit was very much needed.

ichisan • 4 months ago

Why you want cid tho?He just a mob character. His existence in the story doesn't matter

SuperNendo Z • 5 months ago

Season1 already pushing the Line on being annoying by this episode it is totally annoying ridiculous drivel

Deathstar699 • 5 months ago

Hater, hater look at the dumbass hater.

ESJ • 5 months ago

Nintendo fanboys being homos as usual.

Does fairy have tails? • 4 months ago

Not all of them

ESJ • 4 months ago

being a 'fanboy' in of itself, and identifying yourself as such is peak low tier human behavior thoughever.

Satoshi Ookami • 4 months ago
Bro... There is no Cid in this episode..

You say it like it's a bad thing :D

Monkey Dollar. Luffy • 5 months ago

The first time we see all Seven Shadows together since ep 2 (not including flashbacks) & it's for a pool episode. I'm not complaining tho since they definitely deserve a break after the John Smith arc.

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Obligatory pool episode!! Let’s gooo lol

Sprayquaza • 5 months ago

they deserve some rest ... sure .. but WE .... we deserve some OPPAI as well

Nocturnal Pyro-sama • 5 months ago

this is not that type of anime

Diksis • 5 months ago

Every isekai are that type of anime, unless you delusional. In every isekai, beach ( pool) episodes are very important.

oan124 • 3 months ago

yeah, beach episodes for isekai are like politics for mecha

Nocturnal Pyro-sama • 4 months ago

That's not what I meant, it's not the type to show uncensored scenes.

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 5 months ago

the evidence speaks otherwise.

Iced Up Dragon • 5 months ago

Beta and delta...beta melons are LEGENDARY in that top... delta beimg called a mutt...chesty mutt indeed

the_shepherd • 5 months ago

Eta thou...

Iced Up Dragon • 4 months ago

Eta knows too much ways to torture you if you piss her off. The way beta bikini almost came off and she was groping her twins...i felt a cucumber rise...eta in a see thru bikini...i would give up my checks to see and feel them

the_shepherd • 4 months ago

you mentioning torture reminded me of a character from Kyūkyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yorimo Kuso-Gee Dattara (What If the Ultimate in Fully Immersive VR RPGs Was a Crappier Game Than Reality Itself)

FlowingWolf • 5 months ago

I personally call it the swimsuit episode cuz its might be a beach episode at times.

Gol D. Roger • 5 months ago


Endcsline • 5 months ago

Nobody asking the real question:
Who had the best swimmsuit?

EM • 5 months ago

But it's isn't really a swimsui-

TheCabra • 5 months ago

Bunnygirl suit isn’t fair lol

Apart from her,Epsilon is my favorite. I’m a sucker for these swimsuits that have a bunch of useless straps

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Eta hands down lol

Sexist Okabe • 5 months ago

Eta literally invented a new slime compound for this. She wins by default.

nullia • 5 months ago

my ranking is:
1. eta
2. alpha
3. delta
4. epsilon
5. beta
6. zeta
7. gamma

Dualstrike00 • 5 months ago

Vampire Queen

Rustin Landis • 5 months ago

I'm surprised Delta kept hers on.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

I like all, but the best swimsuits for me are Epsilon and Eta.

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 5 months ago

Speaking of Questions, the Real Question, another one, anyway...:
How many screen-shots did you all end up taking this Episode ? =O