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Jack • 11 months ago

Godspeed Gogo!!! Even thought it's late anywhere lol

Edit: Love to see Gabimaru using the power of "I have a wife to find/go back to" whenever he's in actual trouble, and amazing how all he did just by using brute force made the monster get scared and reveal it's true "colors", can't wait to see what Mei is all about and why she's an "outcast"...

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 11 months ago

I like the authenticity of him wanting to go back to his wife and how it motivates him.

Gabri'el • 11 months ago

I'm just glad no one is trying to ship Gabimaru and, Sagiri... No actually I'm shocked! Surprisingly no one in the comments is saying they hope those two become a couple. Some anime fans have little compassion for the already established relationships of their favorite characters when they see the possibility of that favorite character getting with another *attractive* character they like.

Nikola Nikolov • 2 months ago

to be fare shipping is fun but we all know that Gabimaru has a wife and he 1000% wants to go back to her so hes more or less off the shipping table as for the rest fair game

Glosty • 11 months ago

This anime is becoming more of my liking even favorite 😍 it feels almost or close to Sekiro or Dark souls vibes just by the temple bell with all the mantra rhythms.

Jack • 11 months ago

Yes, it's still a way of simping, but a really genuine and somewhat cute one!!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 11 months ago

Hm, I don't like the word simping in this context. To me it has a negative connotation and I don't think loving one's wife should be connected to such a word.

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

You are right. Loving your wife is not simping. She is the woman you are supposed to love so there is nothing wrong with it.

penislol • 11 months ago

i mean using the word simping unironically is kinda cringe

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

I know right. I mean he ignores every other women because he loves his wife. I'll say he is a "Chad".

Kirito • 11 months ago

What a cool guy gabimaru is even though there's like that one sexy girl with oppai showing there hehe

Damn, you just opened my eyes bro.

Kirito • 11 months ago

I really thought gabimaru had a chance to defeat one of that monster but it didn't happen the enemy is much more stronger and gabimaru is strong but he needs to find it's weakness first

xX><Xx • 11 months ago

My understanding is that originally the word was short for 'sympathizing'. Some years ago during the wilder west non-moderated internet days when a girl's voice would be heard over the comms, particularly in certain console-based multiplayer FPS games, certain individuals would spew insults and make excessive sexist jokes about sandwich making and all sorts of crude things. Defending the girl as a male leads to the line of attack 'you just want her attention because you've never touched a girl', etc. These types of scenario were apparently enough of a thing that 'symping' became a word for those toxic sexists to almost preemptively attack and shout down anyone at the first sign of pushback. But as the word became used more and made it's way farther from such toxic subculture, it took on it's own new meaning (though still related) and even gained use as a noun along the way.
That's my impression and it could be wrong. Some words do take on meanings that shift from the original one though.

Tiger • 11 months ago

Well the word was mostly popularized (possibly originated) in the hip-hop community, being shorthand for simple minded. In essence it was a term often used against men who would devalue themselves and throw money or attention at women to win their affection (often not working).
People overused the word so much its gotten to the point where some think treating a woman with common human decency makes you a simp.

I use the word ironically as a verb, I simp for [insert girls name here] for when I think a girl is very attractive. I've heard others use it similarly "I simp for this food" for instance.

g@be • 11 months ago

I agree
"One does not simp to a wife (only loves)"

Fire • 11 months ago


Nikola Nikolov • 2 months ago

it does depend on contest for simping but yea in this case i do agree a love and devotion to ones signifigent other shouldn't be associated and simply it as just simping totally agree on that one

Kirito • 11 months ago

Looks like those regenerating monster drinks that eternal life elixir

h0Ly_dip • 11 months ago

Based and Wife-pilled

AnimatorME • 11 months ago

it's his wife, doesn't work like that..
if some random girl or his crush heck even gf i could understand simping, but his loving wife who also, put her life on line for him nah

Vii X • 11 months ago

My analogy was (ironically) correct. Really is a plant hydra. But immune to blaze attacks. Until the Tao runs dry. Or to be correct, a Chimera like hydra. I was getting bored because lack of action, but it was awesomely delivered.

Sam • 11 months ago

"Simping" 🤓🤡

Serenade • 11 months ago

bro don't know the real meanIng of simping, simping means your doing anything for a woman even she's making a fool of you which makes u looks crazy and like a clown

they both love each other. That's not what you called simping.

Olly Wang • 11 months ago

Grow up. It's not simping once you marry someone they become family. Gabimaru's wife is his only family and helped open his eyes. This is like saying a mother who would do anything for her child is a simp.

Jack • 11 months ago

Simping is just loving someone really hard, I don't know why you'd be upset or angry by me saying that, literally "Simp=hardcore love!!!"

NoFiah • 11 months ago

Jack, Jack, Jack. Oh brother. That is NOT what 'simping' means. Maybe to YOU it is what it means. This is the ACTUAL definition dumb nut; 'giving too much attention and affection — whether through gifts, compliments, or acts of service — as a way of seeking validation from someone else.'
Which in the case of Gabimaru he is not doing it for the reasons of getting noticed whatsoever. He just VERY much LOVES his wife and wants to be reunited with her...

Now never use the word simp again. When they word became popular it was one of the worst times for men because if you even looked at a female you would be considered a 'simp'. In no way was that EVER a good thing, it only hurt men all around.

JDC • 11 months ago

this aint IG bro. This is married life, totally wrong term. The correct way to use it is the situation of the glasses guy with the female ninja.

divyang varma • 11 months ago

look at his honest smile how the hell he is simping? he has respect for her and love her with admiration someone who is well above his standard yet doing her role with honesty

Kirito • 11 months ago

I thought his wife already died and is just waiting for gabimaru to die and join her

Time. • 11 months ago

Gabimaru was packing that Tensen up lol

Solar • 11 months ago

If only Gabimaru had an Amaterasu Jutsu That would be so affective, I doubt those Tensens can come back from that,lol

gabi was packing up the tensen so hard it was transforming from a man into a woman continuously to the point it even turned into a monster lol

divyang varma • 11 months ago

and in the end he was just dried up uncle hahahaha
I bet this god can be killed who learnt art to create elixer by keep beating him without letting him drink any

g@be • 11 months ago

Gabimaru: *gattling gunning the tensen* finally its dead!
*Boss music starts*
*Boss health bar refills*
*starts downing every health item he has*

Anime & Rutabagas • 11 months ago

Rather have it late then never lol

in indo here we already have tengoku daimakyou ep 10 when we don't have this jigokuraku ep 9

Jack • 11 months ago

9 also has Tengoku, but for some reason today Hell's is late, probably thinking it was delayed so no one's looking for a source lol.

Testarossa • 11 months ago

🗿 wow I'm early today

Talo Grim • 11 months ago

i was getting worried it was so late

vovan1 • 11 months ago

buffering speed still = turtle

Nemesis Claus • 11 months ago

yet turtles can still run on treadmills faster than buffering

Jack • 11 months ago

I downloaded it lol, now I can watch in peace and fast ^^

whityjack • 11 months ago

It seems he did manage to harness whatever power the Tensen are you using himself, albeit for one kick only.

on anoboy

Ramiel • 11 months ago

Gabimaru is freaking loyal, and I respect that.

Judgment526 • 11 months ago

Senta: "I'll be okay after a bath."

I remember that's what I used to tell myself during cramming sessions before exams. Never worked, lol

Jack • 11 months ago

For me the only thing a bath does, is make me sleepy ah.... and then no study lol, good thing what I wanna achieve in exams are the minimum grade to pass the year!!

Kamahiro • 11 months ago

lol same, i have to redo two exams and just want the bare minimum to get a degree