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CurryPlease • 4 months ago

I'm starting to root for Tenza and his future marriage with the girl!!
And then he's approaching death?

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Dude raised a death flag the moment he chose to propose.

Breathing is Fun • 4 months ago

One does not simply talk about marriage on a death island.

Kirito • 3 months ago

His life was flashing like that

ikr either way he shall be missed

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

Not every story has death flags. Also he didn't propose.

Tbh death flags are stupid anyway. I've always hated foreshadowing of any kind.

He didnt, the girl did, her fault for forcing and being younger

Testarossa • 4 months ago

Ye literally every anime hahaaa

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

And finally, he has approached death.

Kirito • 3 months ago

I was finally liking that tenza character guy and he just died that fast maybe the one who has potential is that girl

umus • 4 months ago

We all knew he was fucked when the flashback starts rolling in

I think someone spoiled an event for the future

~Cpt_n3m0~ • 4 months ago

There's also a scene in the opening where he's sitting under a tree covered in blood

Testarossa • 4 months ago

Fake me bruhh he had so much husband potential why do this hell's paradise I know what this show is about but like c'mon nowwwww

Kirito • 3 months ago

It's like they just gonna die like that and idk how they can defeat a monster like that, that keeps regenerating it's only a miracle if they defeat it because they're just people that has like no powers I guess

g@be • 3 months ago

Beginning of ep: Yes a character back story!
Vietnam flashbacks: oh no! A character backstory! (Big red flag)

Dreamblade • 4 months ago

It's annoying that this show puts the flashbacks in the same episode as the character deaths. Like the giant, he had all his flashbacks right before he died. (Also, why does he only eat a small piece of each person? His character makes no damn sense. Why does he even eat people? Is this some character archetype I don't know about?)

the_shepherd • 4 months ago

What do you mean why does he eat people? He was always hungry.

Armis • 3 months ago

He's different psychologically than other human beings. Physically and mentally he was different. And he was also stronger to back it up. He was stuck with a child like mental state. He didn't get what he wanted because his parents couldn't give it to him. He was always hungry and more than likely his family was too poor to even come close to satisfying that appetite. Somehow he figured out that he could eat humans. You're looking too deeply into that part. It just is how he ended up. He is neuro divergent and just stuck with a child like mentality.

CurryPlease • 3 months ago

I dunno.. I haven't read the manga. But yeah flashbacks signals their death. Probably because it is a belief that ypur life flashes before you on your deathbed?

Kunare • 3 months ago

That is not a belief it's something that happens when brain needs to find a quick solution to survive when your running out of time. It gives you all your experiences at once hoping that one of them may contain the answer. Source I once almost died by drowning luckily my friend saved me (almost took him with me by grabbing onto him tightly until I realized I was gonna kill us both).

SkyNatsu • 4 months ago

Shingeki no Deities time

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

These deities are kinda OP lol

Solar • 4 months ago

I noticed when they keep regenerating, plants come out of their bodies to repair it, so I’m assuming the only way to take them out is to burn them since their bodies are plant base

Vii X • 4 months ago

This is what I was thinking. Like a plant hydra. This was a sad episode. I was shipping those two. And she really did care for him.

Maybe he'll get revived and turn into a titan the next episode xD.

Whatever • 4 months ago

That could also be the reason why the fire caused such a huge commotion. It would make sense if that was their weakness

whityjack • 4 months ago

Oh shit, Yuzuriha is either really, really fucked then or mvp

Damn, I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Lelouch D. Light • 4 months ago

well i would say its more so that fire in a forest might never stop so they definitely don't want that.

Jacman99 • 4 months ago

Ya, those large weird looking enemies were focused on putting the fire out instead of anything else

veltron • 4 months ago

Ascetic Blaze time?

Jibril • 4 months ago

So they are vegans

veltron • 4 months ago

Todd Ingram already spoke of the secrets.

John Rai • 4 months ago

they are made of plant and there weakness is Tao
and near navel area and they also used Tao and there are 5 types of Tao in simple term it is just chakra with your life force use it too much and you will die

IrfanZz • 4 months ago

Can you give me your pp source?

Bertus • 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure his pp is in his pantsu.

IrfanZz • 4 months ago

Are you joking right? Im dead serius asking him the source

Bertus • 4 months ago

I was joking, his profile pic is from something called "hero syndrome" though.

Skyfall (Ponytail lover) • 4 months ago

Yes, thinking the same. And our MC has something he can use against that.

Galib • 4 months ago

I'm also thinking so.
May be, somewhere in their body there is a root. They have to destroy that to kill deities.

Now you know why our mc is the mc, you know what I mean.

JDC • 4 months ago

No need for fire, just some chemical herbicides in a watering can.

Makaveli Musolini • 4 months ago

Round up, Call bayer monsanto, lol.

LameboBaggings • 3 months ago

....i wonder if you could kill them by burning down a section of the forest, luring them there and then cutting them to pieces, like no nature to draw energy/regenerate from

trinity force • 4 months ago

gambibano can used fire jutsu

lchirin • 4 months ago

You are close (the plants will be explained later). But it has more to do with chi/qi and taoism and the flow of energy. Next episode will probably go more into that :)

Max Nomura • 4 months ago

glyphosate is the solution hahaha.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Just need acid bath.

Zzzz • 4 months ago

they ain't dying anytime soon

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago