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NoOneCares • 4 months ago

I'm so confused on why I'm watching this.

LMao • 4 months ago

welcome to isekai trash gang, we eat mc nugget junk food for no reason.

The bigger the nugget, AKA the more stupid strong he as (as well as gets good screentime), the more we gravitate towards it.

go1 • 4 months ago

Well,trashguk(youtube channel name: gigguk) is gae+worst person ever and people still watch him.

Ayy bro, I appreciate freedom of speech; but this is absolute slander! Gigguk is one of the best anitubers in the YouTube sphere! So, agree-to-disagree I suppose.

RareMartian • 3 months ago

I agree with you there, bro was the first anituber I watched after getting into anime and it has been many yrs since Ive been watching him. From him I learned of joey connor and all the other anitubers. Hes a great youtuber who makes amazingly humorous and relatable content. I dont understand how someone can see him as trash

LesK • 3 months ago

gig? the best? nope. he's not even worth my time. i tried watching him for 8 'episodes' and dropped him. the guy is just not knowledgeable enough or just doesn't do his research properly or educational enough for me.

go1 • 4 months ago

Well,i dont like people who hate harem ecchi anime for a job so as a result he is a trashguk to me and this is the last response you will ever receive as a result of earlier information.

Kunare • 3 months ago

Are you talking about Gigguk? Hating harem anime? That's a joke he does because he has a wife. Are you inept or just blind to jokes?

go1 • 3 months ago

Yes,exactly him. I remember what he did in 2018 to harem ecchi anime(sending waves of hatefull mobs,isekai smartphone was one of things he hated according to comments back then) so i say it and i dont care about his stans that would suck his 5 cm PP hoping to be in one of the episodes he makes.

Nemesis Claus • 4 months ago

he does not wait for girls to be 18. That is for sure

This is 2D after all. 2D iseikai.
Disclaimer, none of this applies to 3D. In fact 3D and 2D could not possible any more different from each other.

go1 • 4 months ago

Good,finally someone sees the truth for how it really is.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

He will even bang 2 years old as long as he turns 18 💀

He's not banging her, he's just marrying her. Beside we're not talking about some 3D weirdo. This be our 2D Touya good guy, we know for sure that if one of the girls suddenly had second thoughts, Touya would not hestitate to give her more time, or call off the marriage.

go1 • 4 months ago

Exactly. We hear his thoughts thanks to VA's and can deduce that the personality you brought up is most likely at 98% truth.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

You're just isekai trash like myself lol

Mastius • 4 months ago

I guess we are all that bored

black.kitty_97 • 4 months ago

Harem enjoyer is in your blood ;)

arash kun • 4 months ago

welcome to the gang bro

Slave of google assistant • 4 months ago

Same here XD

blacksparkss21 • 1 month ago

its so stupid that my brain switched off

yalocaldex • 2 months ago

yea this is bad.....I mean the first season was quiet okay tbh but Idk why all these isekai anime are getting worse when they get a second season but we don't have anything good to watch either so.....whatever.

Apex • 1 month ago

It's cause whoever wrote it didn't have a big depth of an idea before hand. Even for season 3 will just be finding the last of Babylon, engaging the elder fairy and pink hair girl and then will probably finish with the wedding, was poorly thought out so there is lots of filler episodes.

yalocaldex • 2 weeks ago

true, it's like they don't even expect it to be a success in the first place.

GoDniGGa • 4 months ago

Then you shouldn't watch it anymore

Jacky • 4 months ago

I skimmed episode 1 of season 2 then I skipped to this episode 8, when did he get land and a title? lmao

I'll see everybody for the last episode, cause dear lordy lordy lord, I'll consume my trash with some restraint

GoDniGGa • 4 months ago

If this anime doesn't fit to your taste then you shouldn't be wasting your time here in the first place.

Jacky • 4 months ago

Wow, passive aggressive as fuck. Thanks for your opinion but it's a comment section, I'll voice my opinion on my thoughts as to what I'm not liking about season 2 but there's like nothing to even make fun of jokingly, like "This is our fight senpai" This season is just so bland

Kunare • 3 months ago

Iye senpai you can't use that as example.

LesK • 3 months ago

exactly, Strike the Blood isn't isekai.

s s • 4 months ago

bc it takes no thought..

BlacKnight • 4 months ago

My man got more wives then all my crushes in my whole life.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

When in doubt Touya will figure it out lol

Azureink • 4 months ago

I love how all the kings were like "We'll leave it to you, son."

Ohms Nuttachai • 4 months ago

In Another World With My Smartphone Where Kazuma Turned Retarded And Has Stupid Hair Cut

How drunk was the King to make him put his D into that Queen Darcia, though? He believing that Zabun was his child means they did the deed, right?

Zabun: "I will make her my slave"
Touya: "Activate my Uno-Reverse!"

ChemicalMonkey • 4 months ago

Yeah...I can't think of a single thing about this "plot" that makes sense. In order for Queen Darcia's son to be the first prince and the king to not know he isn't the father the king would of had to banged her, then marry Clouds mother and bang her, then marry Darcia after the other queen gets kidnapped. On top of this the fool of a fake prime minister would of had to have planned all of this over 30 years ago while keeping it a secret that Darcia is actually his wife. Whoever wrote this really needs to find a new job.

Nick Raph • 4 months ago

She might just be his first wife...he banged her after marriage just like normal people back in the day, not the "banged her before marriage" as we have nowadays, especially since they are royals.......just the typical arranged marriage for a prince..meaning that he might not love her....the king might've already in love with the second wife, but cant marry her as first wife due to her social status...so, he married her as second wife a.k.a concubine.....it's not that weird if he has a son with his first wife...as for how the first wife has son with another man, it simply means she's cheating after she's already married the king...

Kunare • 3 months ago

Wait isn't that considered treason and punishable by death?

ChemicalMonkey • 3 months ago

Didn't they say they used his first wife (Clouds mother) as a hostage to force the king into marrying Darcia? Thought they said something along those lines...might be wrong but idk

Rigus_02 • 2 months ago

They called her queen, but never said she was the first one

ChemicalMonkey • 2 months ago

Yeah, the guy seems to have edited his original post which changed the whole context of it. Whether or not she was the first queen was irrelevant at the time and I only used it because that was how he referred to them, which has clearly changed. Now he is saying Darcia was the first wife and Erya is the second that he fell in love with, which is far more plausible.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Well now he can retire without having to look at that lol

Bleh • 4 months ago

She was probably not always that shit looking. Or it might have been a political marriage like most marrige at that time period.

Ohms Nuttachai • 4 months ago

Looking at their son, I highly doubt it, but, whatever lol

Shiro Aikawa • 4 months ago

ah yes as the sayin goes "Never stick your dic in crazy"

They actually gave that stupid Kazuma’s VA. My day is ruined.

Robert FakeLastName • 4 months ago

it is either that or they did a bait and switch but there is no person suitable to fill that roll. Unless they just killed him which was never mentioned.

s s • 4 months ago

Touya got that "18" clause... but i think he needs to apply that to them ALL, not just him... kinda sus he marrying her in like 2 years, what? she will be like 10/11 then?

OfficialDrixMalone • 4 months ago

Here we go!!

Glad that piece of shii fake prince, fata$$ prime minister and cheating pig mother was enslaved!! May they feel misery for all of their days and be tortured, suffering terribly that they'll beg for death, but probably won't receive it until decades later. But damn, how TF was this resolved in 15 minutes lmao?! They're speeding through the season huh smh...