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kurdbubbles • 1 year ago

Yup bear was traumatized lol

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

Throwing a bear. It's just another day for Yuuya.

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

*PETA will remember this* lol

Yeah, they'll be like: "Just forget about the fact that it tried to kill the people, and look at how unfairly the MC headslammed the poor, defenseless bear! 50 years of prison for this dude!"

JDC • 1 year ago

japanese just casually enslaving a bear to be a guard dog and threatening to eat it if it doesnt comply.

Matt90210 • 1 year ago

Not in Russia

Os • 1 year ago

Russians Drink the Vodka to that :)

AlexandrosB007gr • 7 months ago

in soviet russia humans chase bear

Noah Winns-Cromer • 1 year ago

Not like they said anything when buddy wrestled with that deer in Nichijou.

They ain't gonna do jack now.

Rem Torres • 1 year ago

don't let 4chan gets involve to

Fortune's Feline • 1 year ago

Traumatizing though, I mean, what a Grizzly scene. ;D

go1 • 1 year ago

At 09:18 the seiyuu got flustered and misspoke or made a pun: urayamashi into umayarashi

FlowingWolf • 1 year ago

Pretty sure it was on purpose. Like in Dr. Stone the mentalist guy(his name doesnt seem to come to mind) speaks with backwards words.

Silver Baron • 1 year ago

Yeah he speaks pig Latin

go1 • 1 year ago

Makes sense cause:
uma = horse
yarashi = pervy

FlowingWolf • 1 year ago

HMMM.... one could look at it that way too huh?

go1 • 1 year ago

Yeah,though later they removed like half of the episode in a bath scene and made it into audiolog xd
So overall the anime went from 8,9/10 to 5/10 with one simple trick

Fortune's Feline • 1 year ago

XDXDXD Nice catch!!!! I love a good pun, no matter what language it's in! XD

LesK • 1 year ago

bear knuckles brawling? neither opponent waited for the first bell! somebody get the ref outta that tree! that is hardly fair game!

who do you think that bear's corner-man was, Yogi or BooBoo? probably Yogi... since it first went after the 'pickanick basket'! that bear certainly had the gall to attempt to ruin a fun camping trip!

would you call that a BKO, bear knock-out?

BMMA? bear mixed martial arts?

sometimes the bear et you, and sometimes the bear et crow then becomes a school mascot/guard-bear.

Fortune's Feline • 1 year ago


Oh wow, those are unbearable! What a "Polar"izing set of comments! I would say you were "Panda"-ering to my tastes with those. XD
I'm not gonna lay down and play dead, but if you keep that up I might need a "Urs"(a) to go to my funeral in!
Lesk my Friend, you certainly can claw your way up the rank when need be, but even with all that growling you're still a honey at heart! ;D

LesK • 1 year ago

golf clap... once more i'm out-punned by the expert! you were really holding the bear by its tail with that hearse bit! yep, i think ol'Smokey took a chunk out of your rump-roast on that one! :D that must be quite the Firey pain back there! :D

Fortune's Feline • 1 year ago

XDXDXD I know it's a month late, but I had to give some love for this back reply anyways. Kudos Brother!

Nemesis Claus • 1 year ago

German suplex on bear lol

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

next time he will bear hug a german :D

Lobstronomous • 1 year ago

It wasn't a german suplex. That would have required the bear to go over Yuuya's head. That is more of a standard suplex. He tossed the bear over his side. Which would be smarter because the tonnage of the bear possibly landing on Yuuya would have been too much.

Superb Villain Veigar • 1 year ago

Pretty sure he can easily break all the bones in that bears body.....

Grandpa Lampshade • 1 year ago

It was such a tense moment. For a second there, nobody was sure how the whole bear encounter was going to turn out lol

Guest • 1 year ago
Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

Coma dream?

Anyway, I don't remember how good Yuuya's healing magic is but I know that'll come into play in his (non-magical) world @ some point.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

remember survival tip. You don't have to be the fastest as long as you aren't the slowest and if you are break their legs...

norigami • 1 year ago

"I don't need to be the fastest, I just need to be faster than you" - bear survivor

BizzaReOtaku • 1 year ago

na u just gotta do what spiderman maguire did and said,"ama put some dirt in your eye." and the bear is toast.

Underwater • 1 year ago

Yeah he can do that lol 😂

Satoshi Ookami • 1 year ago

Very true.

the bear was actually caged then threatened with a shotgun while Kaori is saying, they can enjoy bear meat bbq then Kaori's secretary suddenly loading the gun the bear went limp and suddenly cried "boar"

Guest • 1 year ago
Truth • 1 year ago

you missed the point of those reactions. he doenst revere bears, he finds the fact that everyone overlooks the reality that a bear is one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet and putting one against any land predator in existence solo, the bear would come out on top. They weigh more and they fight more, they really dont get the recognition they deserve. The meme is that people put the "kings" of the wild in a deathmatch and everyone thinks lions are the dominant predators when bears and tigers are significantly more dangerous.

Bear1110 • 1 year ago

The poor bear lmao

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

Teacher joins the harem.

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

And was the first one to propose lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Wasn't that Lexia?

TeeKayz • 1 year ago

Lexia propose him in isekai world.
Teacher propose him in real world.
Technically they're first lol.

The Meta • 1 year ago

If only the teacher was a princess like Lexia. Student-teacher relationship and marrying a minor goes out the window.
Or maybe the teacher can marry him in the isekai world instead?

keith8890 • 1 year ago

If only they were in France

Psicore • 1 year ago

😂 WTF. Macron I see you

BunnyLuvr • 1 year ago

Or wait til the student graduates 💀 lol

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

You are right. I was Thinking about only his friends for a moment.

Superb Villain Veigar • 1 year ago

It is a forbidden romance but a tempting one (And he has a hot body who can cook and clean, last part is the most important for sensei xD)

Steve Buscimi • 1 year ago

Man if his teacher saw his body how much worse it would be.

Superb Villain Veigar • 1 year ago

She would book some "Private sessions" for sure!!