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✔️RadAnimeBro ✔️ • 6 months ago

and im about to cu#
and my PP Says : yamate kudasai aah

Truly this show was a masterpiece i cant wait to see more cultural animes like this in the future
my fellow brethren , degenarates , men of culture and brothers
i cant wait till our paths me again

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

Time to have no chill. Unsuspecting victim

Ur pp is 1/4 a maderaca erect. Hardly revived.

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 6 months ago

Now that's just silly when his PP is actually at least 3 Maderakas long... some-how you were only measuring the thickness... when non-erect... O_O

YOS • 6 months ago

This maderaka reference will live forever

vovan1 • 6 months ago

tbh i'm not even sure if kids so young should be watching this -.-

Foerr • 5 months ago

Is this true that humans use only 10% of their pp ?

Ravneet Singh • 6 months ago

dammmn your pp is too sensitive if its getting revived by this

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)7

Noah Winns-Cromer • 6 months ago

Not just yet.

We still have another OVA coming next month.

Mr.Cookie • 6 months ago

There's grown ass men sitting and supporting their families by making this lmao

Popming • 6 months ago

Fair enough Lmao

Ravneet Singh • 6 months ago

ahh again we gather here to watch this horny dog

Greninja • 5 months ago

Also known as a "horndog" lol

nice squat 😀

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago


Kranesh • 5 months ago

I thought the ride was over... but I guess a wild ride never truly ends, hopefully we'll get another special soon!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

a public dog pool sounds like a bad time

Annecy Change • 6 months ago

I wanna go swimming. lol

Vestlerz W • 6 months ago

I got a sus feeling Neko is a failed cat experiment turned human.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

all the dogs want the puss puss

Pietje van Dongen • 5 months ago

And that's why you don't run at a pool location
Wow the mom of the kid looks hot

Noah Winns-Cromer • 6 months ago

Finally we get the cultured version!

Only took a couple tried for Gogo to get it right.

SynCloud • 6 months ago


Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

It was a ''Meh!'' Episode. But I neve thought I would be looking forward to hearing the Ending song this much. Guess I liked it more than I realised.

Nin • 5 months ago

The manga is pretty good, i wish they could continue the show, it does get better

Ayami -sama • 5 months ago

I Thank u my dear camera man for the amazing angles and divine vision XD

Zzzz • 5 months ago

thought y'all said it was whack

Saint Kazuma • 5 months ago

That's what I'm talking about

melon sized boobs • 6 months ago

There're like peaches

Douma • 6 months ago

and we already know why you're all here

fartsniffa69 • 6 months ago

I can see Inukai's belly chub, especially compared to Nekotani's

Yveltal • 6 months ago

fantastic, excited for next ova.

Ugly Bastard18YO • 6 months ago

You probably watched it all, but I will write this in hope that there is someone who didn´t.
Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu episode 1 and 2.
Shishunki no Obenkyou episodes 1,2,3.
Overflow season 1.
Shoujo Ramune episodes 1,2,3,4.
Amanee! 1

Yveltal • 6 months ago

overflow is great

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

I love overflow

Ero Sennin • 6 months ago

What are these

Ugly Bastard18YO • 5 months ago

The best family friendly animes you could imagine. Watch them with your family and enjoy your cozy friday night.

Ero Sennin • 5 months ago

Give me the list

YOS • 6 months ago

The land of the degenerate

kodi_cody • 6 months ago

gogo anime you're late uploading the uncensored version.....

Noah Winns-Cromer • 6 months ago

Better late than never.

kodi_cody • 6 months ago

I guess but I won't be watching it again, since I've already watched it censored yesterday. lol

vovan1 • 6 months ago

meh i'll skip :P

Emz Alc • 6 months ago

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yukı° • 6 months ago

finally they came out

Sam Iqb • 6 months ago

So did i 😏

Kami_Whis • 5 months ago

This is so wrong on many levels and scales and sides and such!
Yet, kinda boring.... n retarted, I dunno why I watched it ffs, it's subtly repulsive I mean, hentai, gore seems more appropriate and approachable cna't explain whyyyyyyyyyy!!!

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

I came to rewatch this only for the uncensored and to enjoy some cup noodles with the 'culture'. Not a bad scene in the pool! But yeah, this anime won't be missed except for the dog and for the boobs. Fellow Men of Culture!!! Our time here together is over and we shall hope for more potential in the near future! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Otherwise the plot is shit and the pacing too slow and boring.

Overall Score: 2/10.

brianuuu • 4 months ago

I'm losing braincells watching this, I love it

LesK • 5 months ago

this episode did prove one point, just because he has a dog's body doesn't mean he has a dog's instincts. every dog i've ever seen can swim without being 'taught' like a human by holding their 'hands' and walking backwards. i bet there are dog life-vests in his size that would actually be 'correct' or more realistic. i've seen catalog listings in various 'outdoor', 'hunting', and 'boating' publications for dog-life-vests. but all those were for adult larger breeds like Golden and Labrador retrievers. i've even seen YT videos of dogs who love to surf with their owners or float on a 'board' and be towed along.