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MegaMind • 1 year ago

Aw man I thought this was new dayummm!!! Hopes shatterd!!!

Yawzee Ezzway • 1 year ago

Well they are making a new one called MF Ghost

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

MF Ghost looks good can't wait.

Monkey D Goofy • 1 year ago

motha fookin ghost

Monkey D Goofy • 1 year ago

wait I've heard of that one lmfao , but fr ??

A disappointed Trash Bin • 1 year ago

yeah, mf ghost actually takes place within the intital D world but in the future is all I'm going to say.

MegaMind • 1 year ago

Nicce Ty

chezborgr!1!11! • 1 year ago

fr fr

fd fd

KrondaliX • 1 year ago

Same i though they finally decided to continue this wonderful series. What a shame !!!

Talo Grim • 1 year ago

I was hoping for at least good CGI. The only reason I can't stand this anime. Probably the worst CGI I have ever seen.

KrondaliX • 1 year ago

90's CGI have excuses to be bad, but 2016 and later have no excuses and are for certain animes worse than that.

Sp1cy_Rubber • 1 year ago

Ex-Arm and Berserk 2016 exists. A lot more worst CGI than 4th - 5th season of this Anime series

Oh and also the Arifureta

Ognjen • 1 year ago

Man, its an anime from the 90's, how the fuck were u hoping for a good CGI.

Monkey D Goofy • 1 year ago

no one can complain about the 90's man that was the golden era of anime

MegaMind • 1 year ago

LoL, yeah kinda old it have that classic old anime look.

Jay Dee • 1 year ago

Same. Bummer. Since I forgot the name of the new incoming one I didn't think and just clicked it excitedly...Oh well. Not a bad season so far. At least for me. This would have been the cherry on the top though...

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

I watched a vid about the racer that inspired (helped produced?) Initial D.
Dude basically invented drifting as a way to race. Absolute mad lad :D

MakeAllMightGreatAgain • 1 year ago

oh my fucking god. i love inital d

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Anime sports are great especially when it involves cars.

khattos • 1 year ago

Kinda sad this is just a highight reel.

Ahmed1109 • 1 year ago

Thats just polish spinoff about Tadeusz Fujarski who helps his father in his business by delivering oscypek in FSO Polonez through Salmopol Pass

kamson • 1 year ago

35:45 leci disco polo

chezborgr!1!11! • 1 year ago


EDIT: F***

Choujin_TG • 1 year ago

There is thou "Initial D MF GHOST"

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Good anime.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Gogo thank you very much.

Yakov Aluph • 1 year ago


zephyro • 1 year ago


rustybros • 1 year ago

Time for Euro Beats!

Matt Harter • 1 year ago

Ow shit!! Time for some more Duripto!!!!!

OnionBraincell • 1 year ago


jeti • 1 year ago

in preparation and hype for MF Ghost

dwagsragon • 1 year ago

I'm currently re-watching Initial D so this reupload is good timing for me lol

Vl@d1m1r • 1 year ago

what's with the reupload?

Monkey D Goofy • 1 year ago

whoaa I literally thought there was some new initial d stuff

TenseiSensei • 1 year ago

Randomly Initial D pops up

Well, wouldnt hurt to rewatch the whole thing it’s so good

CL Lok • 1 year ago

Tbh I find these Stage 4 battles to be more interesting than the final stage. Too much special effects got in the way with those Hakone battles.

AnimeThot • 1 year ago

Oh My God 😬

Guest • 1 year ago
AnimeThot • 1 year ago

TBH my favorite car, I've owned two, is the third generation MR2. You slap a decent engine in it and do the suspension, brakes, bushings, and I can't imagine a better car.

TRD-MR2 • 1 year ago

Assuming you're referring to the MRS. But you're right about what they need, seeing as how they got shafted with the motor they were given. They're definitely a great car for stuff like autocross. I've always been down with the 2nd gen myself, which I've had three, including the one I started out with for my first car.

AnimeThot • 1 year ago

I had a first gen, two MRS, and three Honda Beats lol

TRD-MR2 • 1 year ago

Nice, I think I'm picking up on your style now; I'm halfway surprised to not see a S2k somewhere on that list, haha. Sadly, like a lot of other hotness, we never got the Beat in the states 😒
I've always had nothing but Toyotas. The three 2nd gen MR2s, Lexus SC300, IS300, and GS300 (aka Soarer, Altezza, and Aristo in other countries) haha

strange guy • 1 year ago

Seriously this wasn’t on the site ?