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SigmaDemon • 4 months ago

OH YEAH!!!!!! Samatoki is indeed the best of all characters! His rap is one in a trillion! Best character in this anime! :)))))))

Glinda • 4 months ago

Nice episode 🤗❤️.

Jtem Ay Si Jtem • 1 week ago

- uwaaah Jyuto and Rei- a cop and a conman. they even have a song together too. I love it xD
- HOW'D THEY EVEN GET NEMU- (wait no- she sounded fake when she spoke lol I know she's been kidnapped before and she was stronger than this.)Wasn't the Lieutenant locked up in Chuohku too- (Rio said it after heh)
- Imma just say these NPCs' designs are ahaha
- "She isn't that weak." EXACTLY. I KNOW MY NEMU GIRLIE T-T
- Samatoki too violent with Sasara there gosh naah always his temper