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JadeJade • 1 year ago

This girl has the worst balance I've ever seen in an anime character.

I understand that advanced dancing is difficult but how do you trip while holding onto a railing?

wwlaos • 1 year ago

She is literally the clumsiest person in existence. -__-

vovan1 • 1 year ago

I give kudos to animators, animating clumsy moments is hard,

john max • 1 year ago

i am simple man i see cute waifu and i click, oh and its 1hr long episode 1 just like oshi no ko

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

It's a movie...

vovan1 • 1 year ago

d'fak happen, i wanted to skip diz, how did i ended up watching whole thing, facepalm

JadeJade • 1 year ago

You are much braver than I. I dropped it around the part where the Hawaiian girl tried to commit suicide.

I was like "Nope, I'm done. This is just too stupid"

vovan1 • 1 year ago

seriously, i don't think the show was good, i just stayed for nothing

JadeJade • 1 year ago

What dis? :o

Reemus • 1 year ago

If this is not paid for by some Hawaii culture promotion fund, I'd be lost for words.

Kelvin Goh • 1 year ago

You mean Hulaing Babies?

Arpit • 1 year ago


Northsee • 1 year ago

Wtf did I just watched.. on the scale of 1 to 10. This is a low 5.5 on the Yuri

Ned Kelly • 1 year ago

I'm not sure why you'd watch this expecting any yuri when that's not in the genre tags or description.

Christian Appel • 1 year ago

This should become a TV series with 12 or more episodes.

Surprising (yuri) couple for me is Ohana x Kanna - for obvious reason(s).

This whole "my dead sister is a talking plushie" thing feels a little bit weird.

But all in all it´s a nice movie about Hula dancing I want to see more of.

Pukoy • 1 year ago

I think their dance moments were 3D animated, not sure tho. Looks different from all 3D anime I saw til now.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

‘’Performing arts’’?????? Gurrrl just say idol.

Guest • 1 year ago
vovan1 • 1 year ago

the fact that by the end of the movie i felt 0 aloha was given is sad.