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Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 4 months ago

Öh wöw that’s one massive Pokemon. Also that evolved duck looks like a drag queen.

lady vivi ★ • 4 months ago

Biwa truly is the ultimate warrior.

2kawaii4ya • 4 months ago

Damn these characters are boring

Byno • 4 months ago

Love Eri. She's the most chill out of all Team Star leaders

Byno • 4 months ago

Voiced by Asami Seto as well! Knew I found her voice to be familiar!

Gilad Ohayon • 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure all the voice actors of the important characters in this short series are well known from previous works.

Shiny Bidoof • 4 months ago

i love this shorts

CommanderCharmander • 4 months ago

Poor homocombusken, nobody cared enough that it evolved. The other 2 kids in the end didn't even notice that it evolved

Daemon Redfox • 4 months ago

episode for the third mc, and a team star episode, making this their first anime debut

The evolution had the ost in the background and was very nice, now every mc has their starter in a different stage :v

Of all team star leaders, they went for Eri, and im very cool with that, shes very likable XD


or in japanese was something like otskaresama deSTAR XD

brianuuu • 4 months ago

good lord Quaxwell looks soooooo bad, I sure hope the Quaxly in Horizon never evolves

toling54 • 4 months ago

English Version in pokemon yt channel

Vkrunk7 • 4 months ago

Why would we go there if we wanted to watch it in English Sub fam? I'm sure people who wanted to watch it dub would be there or have already went to the Dub page on this site where it may be at as well....