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Danime • 12 months ago

Must read comics!🌹🌹:

Who am I? (I'm Dio now) • 12 months ago

I definitely won't take a look at it.

Solaroid • 12 months ago

I will definitely take a look at it.

vovan1 • 12 months ago

Will just pretend this was never posted on gogo.

B Ruiz • 12 months ago

Someone uploaded their powerpoint on here gogo.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 12 months ago

Cute but that 's all it was.

CodeName: Weeb • 12 months ago

Pekora peko nano

Captain trips • 12 months ago

I'd rather watch Pippa tbh fam

Martin Chlubna • 11 months ago

The subtitles are a mess.

Dick Festival • 11 months ago

These Subs = psychological torture

Himiko Mizukawa • 12 months ago

this b$$$@@t should never be here

Guest • 12 months ago
Brummbardier • 12 months ago

Great, more bots. It would have been simpler if idiots were not pressing these links.

even more shocking is the fact that idiots actually go on these phising or reply positive comments like good book or sumthing

Brummbardier • 12 months ago

but those who reply with "good book" etc. are bots

one of my nice friend replied once
sure they are bots but some are human too
like ffs

Victoria • 12 months ago