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Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 6 months ago

Pretty Cure director: Okay, we need to brainstorm ideas for new Cures. Any suggestions?

Pretty Cure character designer: okay, how about if we have a boy Cure

Director: Elaborate

Character Designer: So let’s have a bird who can also turn into a boy who wants to fly with his wings. And he’s named Tsubasa, which is Japanese for wing

Director: I dunno…

Char. Designer: His name will be Cure Wing

Director: APPROVED

Julius Macansantos • 6 months ago

Oh look it's Hinata(Haikyu!) Venti(Genshin) and Iruma (Demon school Iruma-kun)
and is afraid of flying.
Can't blame Sora when a strange boy just appears in Elle's room good thing that was resolve for the misunderstanding.
it's a two parter gonna make the debut for Cure Wing really impactful

today is Cure Grace for the end credits

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 6 months ago

You forgot Aki from Chainsaw Man

霜降 Quon🍓 • 6 months ago

VENTI??? Wow i didn't notice

霜降 Quon🍓 • 6 months ago

I already love Tsubasa, the cast in this season is extraordinarily fresh~ While a male precure is a very rare occurence, i'm glad we have him as genuine male/female friendship is also rare

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

that scene with tsubasa's dad flying was so sweet

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

Tsubasa: Dad!!? Are you flying?!
Tsubasa's dad: No son. I am not flying. I am falling with style

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago


Mi-chan • 6 months ago

Our first actual male precure is here!! (Who is a part of the team) Tsubasa’s personality is so adorable!! ;;;;

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 6 months ago

Cure Infini and Cure Waffle walked so Tsubasa could run

Imran Edogawa • 6 months ago

Don't forgot cure infinity in hugtto precure.....

霜降 Quon🍓 • 6 months ago

I loved Cure Infini, too bad they didnt make him part of the team

George Cowley • 6 months ago

And "Cure Waffle".

Diamondkat • 6 months ago

Tsubasa next, I thought it was gonna be Ageha. But the next two are my fav designs. Also, cure grace, memories

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Nice episode.

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

I wish the subtitles got more creative with puns... something like this:

Sora (regarding how similar her goals and Tsubasa's are at their core): You and I are birds of the same feather
Sora (seeing how nice Tsubasa is to Elle): Elle, you have a knight in feathered armor

George Cowley • 6 months ago

Sora, you're not allowed to criticize him until at least half of your class knows you're from another world. I don't care if it's another level.
So that's what it was.

Marcos Severini • 6 months ago

I mean, I too would be suspicious of someone who entered a 2-years old's room without telling anyone.

How could they just end with a cliffhanger?? I wonder if it's cure butterfly or cute wing next episode (probably cure wing, but I'm desperate for my Ageha)

Julius Macansantos • 6 months ago

it's a two part episode gonna make sure Tsubara/Cure Wing debut is epic

Ohisashi • 6 months ago

where is my Cure Butterfly???????? they should make her episode grand or ill riot!!

PicHor • 5 months ago

Sora, use Bark!

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

Am I the only one who sees Sora and Tsubasa like "a Gumball and Darwin" like pair? if only for their colors?

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

Don't let Tsubasa watch any sci-fi film. The bird boy will have a stroke, wondering how can those spaceships fly.
And he would probably have a mind crush out of sheer amazement if he learnt of real-life spaceships and outer space

Grazyfangirl Gracyfangirl • 6 months ago

barking sora isnt real she cant hurt you
barking sora: 8:17

Okan Shoni • 6 months ago

Stiil waiting Elle to become a Cure Twilight. wwkkwkwkwkw

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

I love tsubasa so much so far

lazy-hardworker • 6 months ago

It's been a while since a precure season got me this invested on the main cast

lady vivi ★ • 6 months ago

Sora, Cure Interrogation!

Melfina Rose • 6 months ago

This has been a long time coming, I'd argue ever since Reiji from Happiness charge, a male fifth has gradually become more prevalent player even if they don't transform.
Now all we need is a human male and not a character connected to another world some how like Black Pepper was.

Imran Edogawa • 6 months ago

Akward....this so long time no have boys cure after cure infinity....so strange right

Julius Macansantos • 6 months ago

Tsubasa is officially the first main male cure of the series while Henri was a special case.

Josh Kala • 6 months ago

oh yeah Henri technically might have been the 1st male precure for like one episode Tsubasa was the 1st male precure for a long time

Paladin Mama • 6 months ago

Ugh, 2 parter!
Ahega or Elle is cute butterfly.