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Imran Edogawa • 5 months ago

one season one episode Sora's identity is known and changed in front of her and I like when Sora becomes a specialist coach for her baseball team

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

I kinda wish a dialogue like this happened:

(Sora trying to talk sense into Tamaki, so she goes to her surgery)
(Skearhead appears)
Skearhead: Sky Precure. Today is your final...
Sora: NOT NOW ! Don't you see I am busy here dealing with something important?!
Skearhead (visibly angry, but still upholding his stoic demeanor): ... YOUR FINAL DAY!

lady vivi ★ • 5 months ago


Julius Macansantos • 5 months ago

gonna have that sports episode with a the special member gets the injury plot that needs surgery to be emotional.
Battamonda is now the comic relief for every 3 episodes

next week is an Ageha episode for this this episode the ed is replace by the song All for one forever from the movie

George Cowley • 5 months ago

The duo use opposite hands.
It's already her last game, don't make it yours. Besides, it might give midway through.

Christian Appel • 4 weeks ago

I ship Kaname x Tamaki so hard.

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

The Precures morph so casually i forget they are supposed to have a secret identity.
I keep thinking it is like most super sentai where the secret identity is a case of "you didn't ask", otherwise, they don't have one

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

I really hope we can see, once again, the full individual morphs of each precure in the upcoming episodes

Dan Pham • 5 months ago

It's been a bit slow for a bit, but this ep had excellent characterization for Sora and Tamaki. The fight also used everyone's abilities cohesively. Well done!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

sora wanted to show her who a true hero is