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Noah • 6 months ago

Not going to lie Cure Butterfly has the best transformation yet out of all the pink cure and I wonder who could be cure Majesty it could be the red head girl from the Azure Guard or a grown up Elle either way this is getting exciting

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago


Amagawa Setsuko • 6 months ago

what if cure majesty is someone we haven't seen at all?

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

(Sees the preview)
Nice! Wing finally gets a combo finisher. I thought he would get it sooner by having alternate with him alongside either Mashiro or Soraaa..........
(Rewinds back to the credits....)
aaaaah..... WHAT?!
KENN is in the production?... As in KENN the guy who gave voice to Jaden Yuuki / Juudai Yuuki, the protagonist of YuGiOh GX?...

Uhmm.... I could make a fanart of Jaden as Supreme King vs the Precures....

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

(Sees Ageha's "Change" sequence)
Is it me, or Ageha's is basically Mashiro's / Prism's Change sequence done right ?
As in, sure, the "Sparkle Hop, Fresh Step, and Bright Jump" moments are also static like Prism's (and unlike Wing's and Sky's, "zoom out" camera movement); but they are done in a flashy way that makes up for it, and keeps up the dynamism

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

Battamonta: "You have no powers, And you are not a Precure. What can You do?"
Ageha: "In that case, I will"
(a "Precure Morpher" appears out of sudden)
Ageha (in her inner thoughts): "OMG! Thank the heavens! I actually didn't know what i was gonna say"

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

Wing: "If our identities got revealed..."

Me: You would become a neighbor watch or the boyscouts of the town.
Probably ocassionally getting asked to help in stuff like rescuing a cat from a tree or find a missing dog or help with the cleaning of the neighborhood.
But otherwise not a lot would change.
Kinda like what happened to Zenkaiger who not even once bothered to even pretend to have secret identities (sans that time they helped a kid believe in friendly ghosts).
Or you would be like what the powerpuff girls are

wwlaos • 6 months ago

Tsubasa! Commander and the leader.
Ageha! She is the joy and the laughter.
SORA! And she's the toughest fighter.


Mashiro... she is the... emotional support...?

Paladin Mama • 5 months ago

Mashiro cooks!

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

Ageha would probably be considered the leader by deafult for being the oldest but being demoted early by being too happy go lucky (Ageha would be most likely the comic relief)
Tsubasa is too stiff and serious sometimes (or tries too, while he is actually a softie dork). He is more "lancer" role.
Sora is officially the leader, but that's just "by designation" (like saying "All Reds in Sentai are the leader of their respective group but not really"). Sora would be more the heart of the team.
Mashiro, by virtue of being the most rational and down to earth, would be more fitting for the leader role

Paladin Mama • 6 months ago

Thoughts on possible cure Majesty if it's NOT Princess Ellee:
The knight captain girl because she's Sky's role model and her training (and they protect skyland)

Grandma Yoyo!

wwlaos • 6 months ago

I would love it if it were actually Yoyo! XD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

I feel shalala is evil

xolitaire • 6 months ago

Noooo they did so well with the other transformations, why did Butterfly get the noodle limbs? I thought we were past that

Yess cure butterfly finally here!! (⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)🦋
Good on Ageha from stopping that kid from becoming Light Yagami

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

now that the kid knows her secret I winder if he will appear again

wwlaos • 6 months ago

He's definitely gonna tell everybody who Cure Butterfly is. XD

Paladin Mama • 5 months ago

Absolutely! Toddlers have no filter. Mine sure doesn't. He also finally said his first swear word. It was shit

wwlaos • 5 months ago

They seem to pick up swear words faster than other words. XD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

I can see that

wwlaos • 6 months ago

Yes! Finally Hirogaru has its Hero Gyaru! ♥

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

I love ageha so much

wwlaos • 6 months ago

Ageha's the best!

Kanrabat • 6 months ago

At long last Ageha is now precure'd!
She may be the oldest main precure to date.

lady vivi ★ • 6 months ago

This is The Cure Butterfly Show now.

wwlaos • 6 months ago

And I'm here for it. XD

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Beautiful episode, its really good.

Ohisashi • 6 months ago

Yes! Finally an episode fit for her Debut! THO! Her transformation sequence is kinda jank... but she is still the best for me! LETS EXCITING CURE BUTTERFLY!

I think it's on purpose to give it that cartoony look because it fits her personality? Better than Prism though, I'm glad for that

Ohisashi • 6 months ago

It is! I really love upbeat Cures the most! She kinda reminds me of Marin Kitagawa too

Julius Macansantos • 6 months ago

Now Prism's is really bottom tier of all transformations in this series
Butterfly also disappears in the "JUMP" sequence but is saved by having her end transformation animated unlike Prism

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

1st to arrive, onwards to ep18.

Sarkross • 1 month ago

... So he said " you're an outsider" too much, it pissed her off, and she litterally just said " Ok, fuck it, I'm a precure now" ?

PicHor • 5 months ago

ngl, I like this generation of precures. they have friends right from the start, a boy who can be as much glitter and sparkles as he wants to be and someone who isn't a teen teen precure. Ageha is 18, perfect age for still being young and also being an adult.

PaoPo • 5 months ago

Oh man. Butterfly is hot AF. It's the whole different mood apart from other three.
She feels so matured.

I'd be purified too if pressed by her.

nightaqua • 6 months ago

finally, cure butterfly, and ze animation is astounding specially her tranformation

霜降 Quon🍓 • 6 months ago


Xuân Thảo Nguyễn Thị • 6 months ago


Amagawa Setsuko • 6 months ago

even though there was a duo attack before the third member joined, the fourth member joined without there being a trio attack. the only time that happened before was happinesscharge. and that one didn't have the 3rd and 4th members getting a duo attack like we'll see next episode

Paladin Mama • 6 months ago

And there in the end teaser for next week is why Wing doesn't have a trio move with Sky and Prism! He has a duo with Butterfly. 🦋 🪽 🌈

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

I thought they would instead have those 3 rotate who does the updraft shining
sometimes sora and tsubasa
sometimes tsubasa and mashiro

but they really preferred to give tusbasa and ageha their own finisher

JoshHCA • 6 months ago

The party is now set, an attacker, support, scout, and lastly a tanker. The sixth will be all rounder then?

Diamondkat • 6 months ago

Good ep cure butterfly arrives! feels like these precures have stiff transformations though, probs cause of the hop step jump cut ins.

George Cowley • 6 months ago

You can be the best at all sorts of things. As for being a hero, taking down bad people is a good place to start, but it's ultimately zero-sum.
Then again, maybe all heroics are like that.

UglySatchFanatic • 6 months ago

I totally forgot that the 2nd to the last precure to appear is always the one who got the shield ability. Her ability is similar to two of her precure predecessors.

Ian Nava H • 6 months ago

wait, they all usuallyget different abilities like RPG?

Josh Kala • 6 months ago

the 4th member makes a debut nice