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lady vivi β˜… • 1 year ago

It isn’t a kids anime without a Momotaro episode!

Paladin Mama • 1 year ago

Ellee has that classic toddler optimism and cheer. My son, Levi, is the one cheering me up even when he's taken a tumble and needs a boo-boo kissed.

But for real, hurry up and do your henshin, Ageha!

Ian Nava H • 1 year ago

Yeah, we are.... 16 episodes in?! (time flies) and she hasn't morphed.
One would think she would have morphed already

Mr. K • 10 months ago

21:04 everyone: bruhπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

so they dipped out of the kingdom without saying anythng and yoyo had to tell the people?

Julius Macansantos • 1 year ago

Avataro Sentai reference?
AkaiOni of Smile precure reference?
The mirror pad sure has a lot of functions not it can gather kira2 energy (just like in Tropical Rouge) please buy the toy
oh look toei remembered that Prism is not a shield cure at has to throw at least one punch before being the group's designated shooter cure

also Battamonda is now CRINGE for losing every battle unlike Kabaton he at least accepts defeat with some grace just going after them the next battle.

it's Cure Wing today because it's his birthday! for the end credits next week we get more Mashiro development

PicHor • 1 year ago

they transformed in the middle of the park. are they not afraid of their privacy?

This is a nice wholesome filler after last episode ^^

Melfina Rose • 1 year ago

At which point does this show change its name to the Babysitters club?

And how is Cure Wing still being missed out on the finale attack?

Julius Macansantos • 1 year ago

Maybe just maybe they're saving that as a Duo attack with butterfly
but butterfly debut is sure taking too long.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

Im shocked that we havent gotten butterfly yet

Amagawa Setsuko • 1 year ago

the only time so far a duo changed into a trio without a trio attack was happinesscharge. and there was no duo attack between the 3rd and 4th members when the trio changed into a quartet

Ian Nava H • 1 year ago

Kinda wish they had shown Tsubasa become part of the finisher Updraft Shining move

Amagawa Setsuko • 1 year ago

oh, then that would be just like when Beat became part of Passionato Harmony.

Ian Nava H • 1 year ago

(Insert "Avataro Sentai DonBrothers" reference of your preference)