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strange guy • 11 months ago

Heard a season 2 has been confirmed so that’s interesting news for audiences

Jack • 11 months ago

Yep last 5 seconds confirmed it.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 11 months ago

Yup I saw that and refresh page to see my edited comment.

Whoever • 11 months ago

yea it is confirmed

Iceknight Magna • 1 month ago

I just finished this season, and I can't believe that I completely missed this gem of 2023.

Booplesnoot • 1 day ago

me too omg

arra1213 • 11 months ago

how many novel volume this season covered?

strange guy • 11 months ago

I don’t know

MakoShin • 8 months ago

Only 10 episode for this season?

strange guy • 8 months ago


Archie Andrew's 1000 • 11 months ago

Kanata knew some kind of 💩 was going on OxO

Aside from my comment at the top here's my review.
Hikari no Ou (The Fire Hunter)
Source: Novel.
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural.
Studio: Signal.MD
(Best known for Net-juu no Susume, this over hype mess Platinum End, Dragon, Ie wo Kau, Cyborge 009, and among others.)

Personal thoughts:
This is a good series but it's confusing to get into with a good mix of 2D aniamtion, CGI, and drawn art slides to make a good balance of this anime's pace but the story is hard to get into and leaves quite a bit of cliffhangers also the feels this gives us Like "To Your Enternity!" does.

Biggest pros and cons is it has a good pace but it splits story too much going from segment to another with others characters. Also being only short of 10 eps which is sad :( but the sound tracks and OP + ED catches the eye being one of it's best IMO.

Anyways see yi'all in S2 (which is not TBA as of yet.) My rating is a solid 7.5/10

arra1213 • 11 months ago

this is a 4 volume novel right?
how many volumes this season covered?

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 11 months ago

So far some reviewers mention this covered the first 2 volumes.
I've never read this my self.

arra1213 • 11 months ago

ok thanks love this anime glad they will finish the whole story and will not keep viewers hanging

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 11 months ago

No prob ^^

MeguminExplosion • 11 months ago

Kanata could smell the drugs on her.

Whoever • 11 months ago

wait... that was the last ep

strange guy • 11 months ago

A second season has been announced

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 11 months ago

It is T_T

arra1213 • 11 months ago

only 10 episodes?
damn this is my fave anime this season

phoenix • 11 months ago

It was actually really good I think more people should be watching it.

Ashurane • 11 months ago

I was surprised too

strange guy • 11 months ago


Jack • 11 months ago

Oh well that's the end of honestly one of the best this season despite animation not being it's flex... Poor child, at least now we got three children running this show XD.

Beatle was avenged!!!! And now see you Touko on season 2 :)

arra1213 • 11 months ago

yeah my fave this season
love this kind of post apocalyptjc distant future
its like watching from the new world and utawatereumono
any recommendations like this distant future but has past setting with deep lore

Daun • 11 months ago

eureka seven, ergo proxy, blue submarine no.6

arra1213 • 11 months ago

i mean yeah already watched ergo but im looking more similar to fire hunter thats kinda feudal setting with villages, spirits and gods beliefs but actually the setting is distant future like from the new world or utawarerumono

strange guy • 11 months ago

I mean future boy conan

KingArcher • 11 months ago

I guess it's not the satellite itself that's important but what's in it? Either some kind of AI/computer or a frozen person.

Talos darkbane • 11 months ago

I have a feeling that the war that destroyed the civilization and created the world they live in had some scientists survive in underground bunkers . These are the so called Gods and before the war their was a safety protocol put in place and that space station is key to reviving the world. To unlock the system and gain access to it the gods created a fake which is the guy with the glasses sister. I think the real coming key is actually our girl who brought the dog. She is far too talented and is only gaining more strength like she is awakening . Remember people were saying that a fire hunter dog would never listen to another master or protect another so the dog listening to her and protecting her was odd.

Ken C Nuñez • 11 months ago

the war AKA great Flame must be Nuclear War that destroyed the Earth and due to Radiation humanity, plants and animals can't survive.. well its only a theory Base on clues.
for example:
Great Flame that destroyed the Earth = Nuclear War
Gods = Scientist
Races = modified humans/animals
Radiation must be the cause for lack of food and extinction of humanity
as a result they need to modify human
1st Fail test subject = Fiends AKA Animals that evolve into beast
2nd Fail test subject = The Tree People
The Tree People = must be tweak to survive using sunlight as food but still turned out to a fail experiment
flickering Flame = Man Made Satellite must be a weapon or a experimental laboratory with knowledge of the past
New Human Race = have the same genes of tree people but with successful result but since their connected they are also prone to Flame = Burnable by artificial fire that scientist created on animals to be harvest that turned out becoming beast.
Spiders = Newest Race must more advanced that current human races "later aquired immunity to natural fire"
Dogs = survived along side of humans but without modifications
Gods = scientist and since Gods used the same method of tweaking their body with just additional unknown ability and might be prolonging their lifespan they are still burnable since their base experiment came from the original failed products = Tree people.
Also fiend and beast infecting other animals all over the world.

guesswho • 11 months ago

They did a poor job animating it. If I'm not mistaken, it's not an original but a LN adaptation right ? I still don't understand what's going on. I'm sure they explained it and I think I like the world building. But damn, it just hard to follow and the visuals are not helping either. In the category "wtf is going on ?", this anime got me thinking of Sony boy, but I love how they used visuals in sonny boy.

Does anyone know where I can read the LN ? I might give it the rewatch before season 2 starts airing. It's a 6 for me.

Solomon Whyman • 11 months ago

I prefer Panasonic boy.

guesswho • 11 months ago

I see what you did there

Snorlax • 11 months ago

"Hey its time to animate a fight scene"
"Does that mean I can make people fly again?"
"Yes, people can now fly"

Don't get me wrong, I still like this show, but the fights are like like one long aaah moment

guesswho • 11 months ago

Flying is tight

Snorlax • 11 months ago

Wowowowowow. Wow.

PicHor • 11 months ago

poor tree child

Makaveli Musolini • 11 months ago

I think we got like 5 watchable series this season, 3 of them on saturday. Good season.

Porthya • 9 months ago

I had 14-15, like never before, life kept me from completing their sesons and now I'm working on getting up to date with the winter season list on the side, cause I always remember only about 4-5 titles in one go.

Vlad • 10 months ago

OK, now I'm lost.
Why did he appear and show that scene, before attacking them? Then what made him so angry and yet, despite his violent outburst, I got the feeling that he didn't intend to kill anyone. Plus, what's up with the posessed kids?

Porthya • 9 months ago

He has a hard time admitting to the "gods' powers" being limited. No idea how the "goddess'" praying is keeping everything remotely under control, but this much is clear, no creature or creation in their world has the power to large scale save everything and everyone...whatever anyone is doing is altering life gradually, much like the artificial races showing up, complete with "evolutionary" flaws.
I'm guessing Hinako is now an experiment subject running loose, either as part of the "new race" or something newer still.

kyoshiromibu • 11 months ago

this is a good Anime ^^

Haruhi • 11 months ago

Let's see what happens on the next season

Kurogiri • 11 months ago

I don't really get it. What are these gods they talk about and everything?

Xahemek • 11 months ago

It's set in a post apocoliptic world it seems the stattilte, tree people and the gods were created by old humans to ensure the safety of the now mutated humans that are weak to natrual fire.

Trix • 11 months ago

Many questions for s2, fun s1, woot woot.

Tina Lai • 11 months ago

i think this was amazing. too bad there's not episodes for a while but i can trade anything as long as the story is good. They're clearly short in money if you look at their animation but they're still giving really good cinematography and storytelling I dont see anything wrong there. Everything is mysterious but the kids and the fire hunters are doing what they can with what they have. Kun precious baby stay safe. omg touko you can do it T_T

ssj3rd • 11 months ago

I still don’t get what is happening in this anime…

Monkey D. Luna • 11 months ago

same... I'm watching it... but only half paying attention to it... so I'll give this a 5.