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Usami Mizuki • 5 months ago

Licking foot is againts the rule lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Tell that to Val lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Before or after I murder him for robbing me of my wet dream? XD

Byno • 5 months ago

Be the American you are. Shoot first, ask questions later XD

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Alright, guess I'll let my inner filthy Murican weeb consume me. XD

Junnie Mae • 5 months ago

At least you got your feet-watching wish eh? Just saying. Ehehehehe!~~~~ *wink wink*

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Along with every other anime character that rob you of your 101 feet fetish wet dreams 😏

Mini_Minion • 5 months ago

What Val thinks about Pride: "It's finger feet licking good"

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

A man of culture.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

You gotta make it an order with Val, rules don't hold as much weight for him.

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

come on let Val be a sarcastic ass its fun to see the reactions

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

let Val be a troll its like the only thing he can safely do to annoy/embarress Pride, Stale and Arthur all in one go

Rannen 19 • 5 months ago

Congrats Val, you got your revenge hahaha...

sol666 . • 5 months ago

Went to third base with the foot on the very first date.

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

He deserves death penalty and nothing else. 😤

C'est la vie • 5 months ago

Also, pedophile af.

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Bad ending averted for now

But as a villainess enjoyer this was a pretty solid one….

Overall, feet licking/10 lol

Nemesis Claus • 5 months ago

it was weird when pride used the handerchief she swiped on Arthur''s sweaty and dirty face also on her brother

iCurvaceous • 5 months ago

she said "I went to dampen the handkerchiefs"(18:38 vidstreaming) with an s. When I read the s first I thought it was strange but then I understood why when she rubbed their faces. Back then you had multiple cause they always had to be washed. I know cause my grandfather used them when he worked everyday.

KingKrash • 5 months ago

I'm glad to see you and many others have enjoyed this.

vovan1 • 5 months ago

What a long prologue :D
Also Tiara didn't save anyone, he is lying xD
6/10 cause i still have high expectations for the twist i hope is coming.

Sip Fu • 5 months ago

I wanna know why there were so many shounen segments in a Villainess series.

ChosenOneX • 5 months ago

Not only did he kiss Pride’s foot, he even licked it. Val is the best character! I had the same reaction as everyone there.

This was a pretty interesting villainess anime. The premise is the same as in all similar stories – a girl is isekaid as a villainess and wants to change her bad fate. The question is – how is the author going to make it work? And I think that the author of this story did quite a good job.

It was more serious and less lighthearted than Bakarina. Well, yes, Pride is also loved by everyone, but I’d not say that she is building a harem. What also makes this story different is how mature the youngsters can act – it adds some seriousness to the story. Also, I really like how Pride looks – I think the red hair and the things she wears fit her so well.

Though the character that probably stood out to me the most was Val. The man, though unwillingly, turned from a thug into a parent figure for Kemet and Sefec. Honestly, the story of how he met the kids and how they changed him was great.

Overall, this was a good villainess story. I’m going to rate it – 7.5/10.

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

the only odd part is they didn't do the time skip in the ln there is actually a time skip Val has been bonding with Kemet and Sefec for 4 years some of the characters didn't even remember Val until Pride reminded them of him

Whoever • 5 months ago

Someone have huge foot fetish... I'm looking at YOU creator

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

While I’m looking at Noah lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

And I'm hella pissed at Val.....

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

I thought you'd wish you were him.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

I do.

I'm livid he robbed me.

Junnie Mae • 5 months ago

"It should've been me! Not him!!!!!"

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Yes1000 lolz

John Vencent F. Sulit • 3 months ago

cant stop giggling to the reply, very spot on, lmao

TwinklingMind • 5 months ago

Val and the guy in your pfp have the same vibe lol. Isn’t he from Seven Sins?

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

Yeah, Ban.

Mini_Minion • 5 months ago

You just are not dog enough to lick your masters feet :P Maybe we should train you better *throws a stick* go fetch XD

Mikaru Kaguya • 5 months ago

must have been Fromsofts Miazaki

Berstich • 5 months ago

How so? This twice now we have seen her feet as a focus.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

Lol I like how heartwarming this episode was, everything about the episode was so lighthearted, it's a nice way to end the season on.

The preview for this episode was unforgettable so nice to learn why Val licks Pride's foot, he was pledging his loyalty and thought to tease her. Everyone's reaction when Val licks Pride foot was hilarious, this was like the biggest scandal for them. I'm liking the dynamic between them now that he's warmed up to her after she saved his family.

I was a little surprised how he was messing around with Arthur, Stale and Pride, telling them he could teach them some stuff and it was clearly about sex lol. I'm sure none of them are ready for that conversation.

Though I do like that Val is a little more innocent than he appears to be, holding Pride's arm was enough to get him red lol. Too bad we couldn't witness it. Though I did appreciate witnessing Val's new outfit, that was a nice treat.

It was nice to see Stale and Arthur still lifting each other up, I hope nothing happens to their bromance.

I hope this gets a second season, I did enjoy it and I like what they did with the isekai villainess genre, it will be cool to see if the malicious side of her starts to infest her somehow or if her worries are all for nothing.

Byno • 5 months ago

Sandal? You mean Scandal right? Get your mind off feet XD

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

LOL! Thanks for that.

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

there is actually a time skip in the LN which didn't happen in the anime or atleast i hadn't noticed the cast being 4 years older so pride should have been 15 while arthur was like close to 18 i believe

iCurvaceous • 5 months ago

Is the time skip after they skip time for Arthur to be a knight? Cause I did see them get 2 years older and it was mentioned that he took 2 years to be a knight. And then I think I had heard another 2 when Arthur was fighting for his new position. I never read the LN but I'm thinking its possible they just shifted revealing the time skip information in the anime.

I was on vacation and had a bunch of episodes to binge... so I know for sure they said this information I mentioned in the anime.

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

was Pride by the end of the 2 years 15? ps i hope you had a nice vacation i actually came back from vacation yesterday it was a nice break

TwinklingMind • 5 months ago

Oh yeaaa I screamed at the part where he was teasing them. Mainly cuz they’re were reacting in the most embarrassing way 🫣 but also I was like, Val stop it. But I was also like Pride, stop KOing your harem you’re doing more damage than Val

Kelvin Goh • 5 months ago

But still it left with an unexplained plot, did they manage to capture the unknown party whose been dropping bombs on them? And it's like nothing happen after that?

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

They say they don't know who it was so they didn't. And even say they need to be careful about going around, it happened very early on in the episode.

iCurvaceous • 5 months ago

I'm not an LN reader, but based on what they were saying and their clothes it looked like another kingdom intentionally harming their territory.

Kwarevo • 5 months ago

Foot candy

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

val trying to get to the center

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Higeki is brought to you by OLM Team Yoshioka, the studio behind Fantasy Bishoujo and an upcoming original anime set to release in January, called Gekkan Mousou Kagaku. Also, this studio is a division of OLM.

We've seen an uprise of villainess isekai the last few years, such as Hamefura, the one Rie Takahashi starred in, and others. And seeing as isekai this year ain't that great, how does this fare?

For starters, this show doesn't play the same tropes and cliches as opposed to Hamefura, and the MC actually uses her brain here. The story is nice and I like how things aren't so black and white, like with Gil for instance or Val. Speaking of the latter, Val is one of the highlights of the show for me!

Then the negatives. While it doesn't play the typical tropes, you can STILL feel the beats. The story and formula of the show is frankly predictable. And maybe it's just me, but anyone got Hamefura vibes? Because it's hard to shake that when Stale's VA is Maaya Uchida, who is also the voice of Bakarina. And as far as the music goes, OP is meh and the ED is OK. I've heard better this season.

Overall, like the vending machine isekai, this is one of the better anime both this season and of 2023, but I'd be lying if I said I'd recommend it as I'm left with some disappointment. I think the overall product is good but could've been better and use some polish. I do think the vending machine isekai is more enjoyable TBH. As long as your expectations ain't too high I think this'll be a nice chill time.
Final Verdict: 7/10