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arra1213 • 1 month ago

another day another leak lol but im glad my most anticipated spring anime is finally here xd

so after all those leak episodes will it be back to regular programming? lol

in liz and the blue bird both reina and kumiko plays the piece of mizore and nozomi

in ensemble kumiko asked reina if she will choose her if someone can play euphonium better than her

then here comes mayu kuroe lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 month ago

You get leak and you get leak….

Everybody gets leaked lol

Paradise SLU • 1 month ago


Meh • 1 month ago

Wait huh wym reina is gonna choose kuroe instead of kumiko? Where did u get this information 😭

arra1213 • 1 month ago

i edit my comment lol in ensemble ova kumiko asked reina if someone is better than kumiko in playing eupho will reina choose that person
in liz and the blue bird both reina and kumiko tried to play the piece of mizore and nozomi so probably its a foreshadowing that there would be a piece for trumphet and euphoium its just a guess though lol

Meh • 1 month ago

Oh yeah I did watch the ova and I recall that reina said she would preform with the better player and then she added she would like for kumiko to be the best one so she could play along side her.

Matthew Kuza • 1 month ago

Why is it your most anticipated?

arra1213 • 1 month ago

i love this show not just the music but also the comedy and drama

Judgment526 • 1 month ago

Kanade the known problem child, lol

Meh • 1 month ago

This series never fails to impress me with its music and animation, glad the gang is back after so many years, looks like kumiko has a competition and I really thought they were gonna drop reina obsessing over taki sense storyline since it was ridiculous but guess I was wrong 😭and the yuri bait is back rip💀

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 month ago

KyoAni is back at it again lol

an4rchos • 1 month ago

Also the voice acting. This series at the very top in every aspects!

Meh • 1 month ago

I agree

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 month ago

This series will always remind me about my high school band life…

So I’m super excited to see this getting another season lol

Joko • 1 month ago

Yea, i forgot how long it's been since it's 2nd season 😭

Episode • 1 month ago

Ah yes, the yuri bait anime

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 month ago

Gets me hook line and sinker all the time lol

Ash • 1 month ago

damn its a yuri bait and not the actual yuri? imma pass then, i was actually going to start from s1 but what a shame.

yurification • 1 month ago

You should start watching nevertheless because the story and everything about this anime is beautifully made. Well its up to you though.. I also first started watching thinking it was yuri lol

Episode • 1 month ago

It's still really good nonetheless. It was so disappointing that it wasn't yuri though.

Miňonka • 1 month ago

Im so happy to see this anime come back this year.

Ota-cool • 1 month ago

The mother is afraid Kumiko will get isekaid on her way to school😅

reiko • 1 month ago

Spring came early for Kumiko and us lol

JadeJade • 1 month ago


Os • 1 month ago

So the next piece begins

悲しい犬 • 1 month ago

Maximum hype with this anime. It's like to meet old friends. I became so emotional watching this first episode that almost got gooseflesh! The animation is amazing and the camera work sick. How the music is played, the atmosphere created. I just love it.

Oisif • 1 month ago

I feel you bruh, this isn't even my top 10 anime but it had a special place in my soul

悲しい犬 • 1 month ago

My door to Hibike was Liz to Aoi Tori. I loved that movie. You put in better words than me, in fact, may not be the best of the best, but this series left its mark in many of us :)

EM • 1 month ago


Viper • 1 month ago

Yes! Finally!

yurification • 1 month ago

Looking especially forward to this one !!

Anime animusphere • 1 month ago

How I missed the casts here T^T
Glad to see Kumiko and Reina back in action and now Kanade is here to bring some sillyness now that she got over her complex. I really really enjoy that KyoAni is now back and pumping and hope for more anime to come from them.

wwlaos • 1 month ago

♪♫ ♥ Ah, dangit, I still love this show.

wwlaos • 1 month ago


...wait... 3? Season 3? >_>

Did I ever watch Season 2??? <_<

Souma's Headband • 1 month ago

ayo that voting scene was very good. I got teary eyes a lil bit. so nostalgic.
glad to see the art and the girls still looking good as the previous seasons

Twliight_Egg • 1 month ago

Eupho is BACK! T_T

fabulous max • 1 month ago

Ooh a new challenger has appeared!! I really like that song the new eupho girl was playing - I've already forgotten most of the former first year characters from the previous season lol

This must be one of the most accurate high school animes because with every season you get the sad nostalgia thinking back on the previous years they had with the senpai who've graduated and moved on..

Nacht The Shadow • 1 month ago

Welcome back Kyoto Animation!! I have missed you!! Hibike Euphonium I can't believe I'm still watching this anime but glad it's back!!

I not into Girls stuff but. I'll try this....I don't know what's the plot or anything, But I've seen Amv's of mc's in some in old times

TheJH1015 • 1 month ago

make sure to start at season 1, the entire series is top notch so definitely worth a time sink in my opinion. Amazing animation, art style, voice acting and story.

Berstich • 1 month ago

This got a third season? Is there really more story to tell?

Oisif • 1 month ago

Bruh they haven't even won gold yet, something that they've been aiming for since s1

Twliight_Egg • 1 month ago

the third and last year of Kumiko and Co.

悲しい犬 • 1 month ago

As long as they are alive, they could keep telling their life. I will not mind to watch all of it!

Dude • 2 weeks ago

What happened at 6:50 when they said good morning?

Glinda • 3 weeks ago

Yay , it's back 🤗.
They better win first place this time!!!!

Shika • 1 month ago

Been waiting for thissssssssssssss! Missed Kumiko & Reina 😭 I expect there to be good drama, ups and downs & beautiful sounds. Praying for no recaps or delays.

TheJH1015 • 1 month ago

knowing KyoAni, most of Season3 is probably already finished with production xD So I'm not expecting any delays

Haruhi • 1 month ago

Let's fucking go kyoani, the goat. One of my favorite series ever, it's so good. Prob the best yuri bait ever lmao

hangeren • 1 month ago

One of KyoAni's best projects ever!