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Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ • 4 months ago

The empress dorothea is an idol now💀 nd she fkin smart for doing this to get everyone under her spell🫡
Nd bruh! I didn't expected her wife to be a corpse😂 bro literally really loves her even after she's dead🙇‍♂️ mad respect to bro
It's a shame bro couldn't protect her😮‍💨

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Felt sorry for the guy T^T

Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ • 4 months ago

Fr >_< hope bro gets to spend his last moments peacefully with her skeleton 🛐😮‍💨

Utsuro • 4 months ago

The comments were crazy, one was like "I'd still follow her even if she raised taxes! In fact, I'd love to pay more" crazy lol

Byno • 4 months ago

"Stop turning 'Queen' into a brand new fetish lol"

Saint Evo • 4 months ago

You can either call that true love, or a case of crazy, but either way it’s truly sad to have the one you love leave before you. Hopefully he finds happiness someday

OfficialDrixMalone • 4 months ago

Lmao he's waiting to die fool, ain't no finding happiness someday smh...

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

The queen really looks like Doroka.

Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ • 4 months ago

Ig they're like sisters born from that tree
Their name also sounds similar
Doroka nd dorothea nd they aslo share love manipulation or whatever power

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Welp time to simp over Dorothea lol

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 4 months ago

Ya late to the PT; simping for her was supposed to be done starting from even before her real name or true identity was ever revealed... something along the lines of having an affair with that emperor's wife or something...

Yasir Amin • 4 months ago

Doroka being as annoying

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

Doroka and Dorothea are both annoying. They look the same, have the same magic powers, have the same voice, have the same figure, and even though they have opposite personalities in which the other one wants to kill everyone and the other one wants to save everyone, they are both the same to me annoying.

Louse Whisperer • 4 months ago

Nobody cares🪲

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

you don't need to say something if you don't care. You just comment something here that means you care. Look there's even some people who press like on my comment. Nobody cares if no one replied back on my comment section below but you commented and some people press like so, some people did care. Hahahaha....

Lychi • 4 months ago

Literally nothing happened this episode lol.

Esenpai • 4 months ago

Set the stage for the next destination and showed that witches weren’t the only victims (Adonis aside) of the witch hunt adding depth to the story. Also introduced a country with a very different culture (clearly China lol) potentially teasing some future geopolitics which I’d greatly welcome. Just because there wasn’t any action doesn’t mean nothing happened.

Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ • 4 months ago

Fr shii was too peaceful to be an episode of this anime 😂

Rizwan • 4 months ago

What do you mean. This is a potential whole character development point for Adonis.

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

How so? He didn't change his mind about anything. He didn't get a new outlook. He didn't think about anything new.
And the Dorothea stuff at the beginning was even more pointless. Obviously she was going to take over power. That went without saying and didn't really have to be shown. Why'd they make her an idol? The only means she needed was to be broadcasted for her magic to be diffused - that could have just been a normal coronation. Everyone was watching anyways, even if she hadn't put on an act.

Endcsline • 4 months ago

half was idol show, other half was weird sand land sidequest

KuroroSama42 • 4 months ago

Not even a sidequest. More like sightseeing. They didn't do anything, just spoke to a guy.

TheAnimeList.net • 4 months ago

AND THE COMMENTS: "I would gladly lick..." HER WHAT 💀💀💀💀

RamResRoas • 4 months ago

Horny will always find it's way😏

Rem Torres • 4 months ago

Yeah the lower comment section are horny fr and on a bad way

TheAnimeList.net • 4 months ago

I meant the comments in the Anime that were shown while so was randomly being an idle 💀
But i agree the lower comment section is also cursed.

TheBigFool • 4 months ago


It's because she is a total klutz that I forgot, but her magic basically makes any man into a love slave.

But that is the thing....was the animator's mistake but when queen idol Dorothea was using her spell, some of the girls fell for her?

I am not saying that girls cannot fall for female idols but I thought the hearts meant when you fall for her spell.

KingArcher • 4 months ago

Maybe her spell doesn't only charm men but everyone that's attracted to women? Because I also saw some men that didn't have heart eyes

Kiidkif • 4 months ago

Interesting 🤔

Gingas Swann • 4 months ago

The power likely works in a variety of effectiveness that is dependent on the individual's will power and sexuality. It seems like the power boosts compliance levels of the victim so they do what they would do if they were simping for an OF model for example

Saint Evo • 4 months ago

Ain’t no way I started watching a show about GENOCIDE, HATE, and REVENGE just to watch an Idol concert 😂 I can’t take this show seriously sometimes

She’s finessing everyone right now, but I wonder how Doroka and Dorothea magic gonna counter each other.

Byno • 4 months ago

Doroka's gonna become an idol and rival Dorothea XD

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Right now she's more of the naïve Sakura of this show and doesn't really help with the plot.

Astralknight532 • 4 months ago

I'm sure if Doroka's suggestion was something like "rally Punch & the other desert-dwellers into a rebel force", Adonis would've been more onboard with the idea, since it aligns with his goal of revenge against the Redia empire (there's no one else besides Adonis who hates the empire more than the outcasts like Punch & the others). Plus the desert dwellers were former factory workers who produced the tech used by the empire, so they'd likely know the ins & outs of said tech and can exploit weaknesses or use it for themselves. As for Queen Dorothea's idol performance, I suppose it works way too well with her love magic, so in that sense it was an effective plan. No one in the audience suspects a thing (they just think she's that charismatic of a performer).

Continuing off of the idea of rallying the desert dwellers into a rebel force, this would probably make for more of a passable story, especially with Adonis' revenge plans. Even the guy in the jail cell towards the end of this episode could be recruited to the cause, since he probably has a bone to pick with the empire due to his wife getting accused of being a witch. Adonis & Doroka go around the different towns (abandoned or otherwise) growing the rebel force until they can start doing excursions into Redia's military bases & slowly take territory & bases from the empire. After that, it basically turns into Mad Max, or Star Wars (story ends after the rebel force successfully takes out the last remnants of Redia's government & military and establishes their new government).

Oppai Senpai • 4 months ago

how tf that skeleton still has oppai?

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

not even death can stop her from pleasing her husband... such a good wife. T_T

Shiro Aikawa • 4 months ago

Nah aint no way, You like em cold?

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

the wife I dream of having

Shadow Bison • 4 months ago


Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

she stored her magic in her chest

RamResRoas • 4 months ago

I noticed it still has skin but just dried up

TheBigFool • 4 months ago

So there are kingdoms where they know Dorothea is a witch.

Possible allies for Adonis? I mean he does say he is going to kill all humans?

Will he side with Dorothea so he can kill the most humans?

I wonder how these Kingdoms will come into play or maybe they are just colonies that know the truth but decided to do nothing so Dorothea leaves them alone.

RamResRoas • 4 months ago

Unfortunately they can't touch Dorothea's kingdom that's why they prefer to stay low. But a possible alliance may be made between them since dorothea might invade them in the future and it's their opportunity to use Adonis to fight Dorothea. And Adonis siding with Dorothea is out of the question

Steve Buscimi • 4 months ago

no way Adonis would side with Dorothea being she's the reason Chloe was killed.

Kelvin Goh • 4 months ago

Another idiot had died for serving her purposes, the director who first discovered killing witches had created pollution, but didn't stop. Then try to kill Adonis during teleportation after impersonating Yamato, and this is her reward along with the others who have no use to Dorothea.

Steve Buscimi • 4 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Dorothea offs many of the females in charge being she can't charm them. Doctor would probably end up seeing through her so she just got rid of her.

Kwarevo • 4 months ago

New ruler

Dazed • 4 months ago

Must smell great in there.

From continuous intense action and hyper violence, the story suddenly decided to come to a screeching halt and have the MC aimlessly meander through the desert while the Empire is going wild for the birth of their own Hatsune Miku.

RamResRoas • 4 months ago

The concert caught me off guard 😆 dorothea is super thicc too bad she's the main antagonist here😔