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Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Poor horse….

Died for something it didn’t do T^T lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

RIP Horse T^T

Shiroshiroshirosan • 6 months ago

truly some heinous horse diddlers

Deus The Great • 6 months ago

*Died for Usami's virginity graduation

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

2 horses. One shot by Ogami

g@be • 6 months ago

Also the guy seems to have a tendency to kill horses (a passive compulsive effect or a coping mechanism)

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Interesting, so Usami was the one who taught Tsurumi about love being a particularly effective driving force in gaining loyal men? I can see why he flirts with anyone he can and spouts pleasantries and sweet lies lol.

I had thought Tsurumi was always like this but when I think about it, in his flashback with Asirpa's father, he wasn't like this, or I don't remember him being such a flirt. I'm glad we got to learn about how this side of him was born.

I hope Tsurumi is lying to Tanigaki, I think he would be shackled completely if Inkarmat is actually pregnant because she would have a lot harder of a time trying to get out, her options would be far limited.

It is funny how anything Kadokura does will always lead back to him being an asshole examiner lol. Also, the way Ogata was wrapped around the fire pot kicking his feet was so cute and funny too. "Our stray Ogata" lol.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

did he lose his shot or something b/c of his eyes perhaps. Tanigaki would know if he did it or not

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I believe Ogata will need to retrain to get used to only using one eye, it looked like he missed.

wwlaos • 6 months ago

Ogata is best cat. XD

S3X God Nimbly • 5 months ago

Well just remember that Tsurumi changed fundamentally as a person after the death of his wife and child. It drives his entire existence in the story.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

Man a lot of these characters are so memorable

NamelessGuy • 6 months ago

Buddy, I just got done rewatching fairy tail for the first time since it came out... I can't even describe to you how refreshing this is after skipping through a trillion battle-of-the-nobodies with forced, cliche backstories. The author gave every character in this story a real presence.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

wow i couldn't get through the first couple of episodes..nothing against it...

NamelessGuy • 6 months ago

Just good for nostalgia. Years ago it was much easier to watch

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

tsurumi and his harem

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Poor horse R.I.P. and to the lady who the guy gutted out her intestines, brutal way to leave the world.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

This killer must got inspiration from England's reports of Jack the Ripper.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Seems so thats some serious stuff, thanks for your reply.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Anytime, and I'm just guessing on that, on serious note, the author probably got inspiration on Jack the Ripper for this chapter I bet.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

I agree. 👍

Deus The Great • 6 months ago

Poor that random boy got left out lmao

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Yes he did.

TheBigFool • 6 months ago

Not every character needs a compelling or hear a wrenching or wholesome story.

Usami is proof of that. His story is made for Tsurumi's way to earn the loyalty of his men and what kind of men he wants. The most optimal is like Usami, people that could be loyal, aggressive, and without guilt.

He also created a way for Usami to kill his "friend", and create one of his first soldiers. He risks so much to gain a soldier capable of killing for him, even when there is no war.

But....why is Tsurumi so focused on this goal of his. He can see he has a plan for a long ass time, way too long, so when did he just decide, " This is my goal and I'm gonna start with this".

theElement • 6 months ago

This part probably takes place after the Tsurumi flashback where he was still a spy and shit happens. That might be when he decided all these,

Trepanning • 5 months ago

No I bet it was even before that.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

man every one is a psycho in this show lol. Also what he said about the Civil War was true - many soldiers avoided shooting.

SHUVO • 6 months ago

06:08 His dick hair is so thick, We couldn't even saw his dick.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

unless he just has a small pp

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

Man that throat slit was brutal and the intesting wrapping. She obviously came on hard times after her husband has passed too...Interesting that he's not a nihonjin

DesuYoda • 6 months ago

Psychopaths, Dude...
The world need to be rid of them.

Pakray M • 6 months ago

Not all Psychopaths are murderers.
There are murderers that have got empathy. You ever heard of the Weepy Voice Killer? Real name: Paul Micheal Stephani. He sounded remorseful and empathetic.

Chibi-Chibu*-* • 6 months ago

Whats the point of empathy when u gonna get killed anyway 😅

Pakray M • 6 months ago

Empathy, Chibi kun; is what makes girls wet. That's why all the serial killers have to kidnap and rape girls. Cause they can't connect the was a normal person can to the opposite sex. If you have plenty of sex, then when your time comes; you won't have a lot of regrets. I used to work wit End of Life Patients and that there was pretty much the main regret in most men's lives. They didn't have as much consensual sex as they could have.

Whoever • 6 months ago

Ep doesn't work, what a surprise
(just download it from nyaa tho)

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Or watch it on 9A.

Watchforever • 6 months ago

Just wait cause it works

GreenTea Gal • 6 months ago

f$%king YIKES dude >.< male yandere hit different

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Good episode.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Ep9 awaits, previous episode was good.

Limex1515 • 4 months ago

O_o, Golden Kamuy really knows how to deliver shock value to the audience at the highest of levels :o

zephyro • 6 months ago


disqus_wEwNbYcbKP • 6 months ago

*spoiler* the fortune everyone is looking for is not actually gold. The fortune is actually just a treasure of the ainu history/clothing for asirpa

Esenpai • 6 months ago

You just won't find an anime like Golden Kamuy anywhere else. It's built different.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Its golden kamuy time!!

Watchforever • 6 months ago

Not a lot of action this episode

Watchforever • 6 months ago

Finally it’s out

Pakray M • 6 months ago

I'm so glad this anime has 24 episodes per season.

Enemy Of Humanity (Alice) • 6 months ago

Source? it says 13 eps on MAL...

Pakray M • 6 months ago

Firstly; don't upvote your own comment Al. It makes you look like an ass.
Secondly; I was being sarcastic my dude. Don't upset yourself my dude.
I'm alluding to how they had their long pause in between the 5th and 6th episode. And their slow pace in their story telling form.

It's becoming another One Piece.