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Kevin Sears • 4 months ago

since it skipped over who got the bouquet crown at the wedding... Allow me to impart on what you missed:
it was caught by an elf, all 3 girls fall into a momentary comedic dispair, as elves live millenia and they live but a few decades. then the elf princess says that as its an elven bouquet it probably wouldn't count them anyways, and this alleviates some, but not all, of their dispair.

norigami • 4 months ago

I was hoping that it got thrown too far and passed over all the girls, landing on Goblin Slayer's helmet as he was leaning against the railing minding his own business. To be followed by a "Sou ka~"

Delete Zero • 4 months ago

That would be hilarious. Legendary moment. For the memes

LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 4 months ago

I was hoping for the same that it would land on his head

majaketrix • 4 months ago

the garter would be for the men.

norigami • 4 months ago

Sou ka

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

But let be honest, even with the power of the bouquet crown can't help beat Goblin Slayers's waifu, goblins.

Matt90210 • 4 months ago

Noo, in LN it was carried away by the wind

Definitely Nobody • 2 months ago

spoilers for after the anime pls

Matt90210 • 2 months ago

Its not a spoiler for how the flowers are tossed, dumbass. He still isnt fucking any one of them. A real spoiler is what happens next season, that the group split up

Definitely Nobody • 2 months ago

Thats what I wanted to ask hobbo
Dont u see 😕

Matt90210 • 2 months ago

You didnt ask for shit, just im spoiling the flower crown 🤡🤡🤡

Definitely Nobody • 2 months ago

And i asked for spoilers for the whole anime

Azureink • 4 months ago

Boo. Random Elf took away happiness of one of the four girls. Boo I say.

Ny3 • 4 months ago

wtf, no.

Awu'ua • 4 months ago

That actually will be funny implying that all heroine will lose

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

it was a very long banquet for humans.

Kami_Whis • 2 months ago

Was hoping for a comment to shine some light on this obscurity !!!!

Whoever • 4 months ago

We will kill all the goblins

Interesting way of using Purify

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

That sure is a versatile miracle: can heal wounds, clear barriers, turn goblin blood to holy water etc., lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

It almost works like it’s a miracle lol

DM: I will allow it!

le derp • 4 months ago

and this is literally a series about a DnD game.

Zanji Suzunami • 4 months ago

God literally said, "Fuck you, suffer for your transgressions", with that one. Fuckin brutal and deserved.

Zain Mudassir • 4 months ago

Massacre the Goblins

vovan1 • 4 months ago

same as Blood bending.

Muczkapl • 4 months ago

Bruh weren't the first 5 episodes of this season about the priestess growing as a person. It feels like she reverted to episode 1 of season 1 rn

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

One step forward, two steps back, lol…still don’t get what she was all depressed about when she quite literally saved the day.

TheStylemage • 4 months ago

Presumably it has to do with the teachings of her godess. Perhaps using these miracles to harm creatures is anathema in some way...

Chuck Guy • 4 months ago

Yeah but she already use her spell/miracle to kill goblin in the first season last episode when she sandwich the last boss iirc, so her sudden breakdown in this episode feels out of place.

Edit: I don't have a problem with her having a breakdown. If so then maybe she is a soft person and I understand that. But my problem is she already harm goblin before and fine with it, so why does she suddenly having a breakdown now.

Ty • 4 months ago

Yeah what isn't conveyed in the Anime. Is that the Earth Mother is a compassionate Goddess. In the novel, when Priestess uses purify on the Shaman's blood. The Earth Goddess actually speaks directly to the Priestess and warns her to never use purify this way again. Which is why the Priestess breaks down.

Here, it just seems like the Priestess feels guilty.

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

Man, I am preety sure if "Earth Goddess" ever manifested in Human form, these f*cking Goblins will try their best to rape her. Then she might understand terror of these bastards.

Ty • 4 months ago

I think the Earth Mother was more peeved about how a specific miracle was used. Rather than just being a pacifist.

Dbz Directioner • 4 months ago

Yeah, same thing. If Goblins did something to her, then she herself will use those miracles to kill them.

Truth • 4 months ago

but shes not mortal and all mortal cycles are just as it should be to the goddess. Essentially if thats her fate thats her fate...

Chuck Guy • 4 months ago

Now THAT is what I'm looking for. Ty for the explanation everything is clear now but maybe put it in spoiler tags. I'm fine with spoiler and even though it might get explained in later episode, there are other who still have a problem with it and consider that as a spoiler.

Truth • 4 months ago

That seems like a very important part they should have put in here but i get how theyve never mentioned priestess actually speaking to their goddess before so it would be a whole inconsistency that opens up a lot of plot holes if they let it fester.

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

Still doesn't make sense. The shaman didn't die or was harmed in the end. Why is the goddess complaining. And how does purify work in this case anyways? It's just blood.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

I'm a nurse. She purified that blood into water. Your body specifically your heart needs blood to oxygenated to your body to function. Water without blood components is useless. I know the body itself is 70% water... Ironic. The earth goddess didn't like that her miracle was being used for that purpose so she told her never do that again and that scared Priestess girl. Because getting rebuked by your god is on a different level then getting scolded by your parents. So the goddess forcibly canceled her miracle and the goblin blood that was remaining was enough for him to still be alive until that water trap goblin slayer used.

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

Blood consist of hemoglobin, leukocytes, platelets, and plasma. Only plasma portion of blood consist of mostly water. In order to purify blood into water one would have to remove everything except plasma. However, plasma isn't all water. It also contains electrolytes, proteins, hormones, and waste products. The spell would have to remove all of that as well. Even with modern day centrifugation, it still not possible to completely separate the plasma from the other material in blood. One would have to use plasmapheresis or apheresis to remove the remaining hemoglobin molecules. Regardless, the purify spell typically in fantasy setting only remove poison and contagions. When did hemoglobin, leukocytes, and platelets become poison or contagion?

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

It's exactly why it's anime that the process is simplified. Blood is now water. Everything else you mentioned is too complicated and in general why anime rules don't apply to real life I.e physics

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

I guess the goddess that the priestess really worship is Aqua. Can turn any liquid into water and too stupid to make rational thought.

Awu'ua • 4 months ago

That's make sense, I thought she originally use purify to cleanse her teammate of miasma but it's purify goblins blood instead and incapacitated him which work out great but she surprises that the miracle can use it that way and doubt her goddess teaching.

And what the deal with the hero girl? I reckon this is the 2nd time GS accidentally save her but never meet each other

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

thanks for this info, the anime should have included this, no need to cover it as a spoiler I think

Hayate ayasaki • 4 months ago

tq for the crutial info

Faysal Jahan • 4 months ago

Thank you for the explanation, I was wondering as well. So maybe the Goddess be like: How dare you ask me to purify this filthy bastard blood. Makes sense now why she crying out of the blue

Andrea Rebek • 4 months ago

she sandwich the boss but she didn't kill it, goblin slayer did it, i think this is actualy her 1st kill, that's what got her

BunnyLuvr • 4 months ago

Not even killed. It stood up before the water flooded the top floor

Talo Grim • 4 months ago

In the LN i think she gets the kill, then feels really sick after

BunnyLuvr • 4 months ago

Ooo I see gotcha