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Usami Mizuki • 2 months ago

Sadly it's finished,
Yohane brightens my week, and I also appreciate Ryza Thigh.

This anime is enjoyable, I can't get over of the fact that Lailaps is based of the dog Yohane and Riko once took care on "that" one episode in Love Live Sunshine, they were both heartbroken when the owner reclaimed the dog.

Usami Mizuki • 2 months ago

When you think about this might be story of Yoshiko's mind all this time. Give her chunibyo is on another level.
[17:37] lol Mari said her iconic "Shiny" I missed her Engrish.
Sadly it's finished, This anime is enjoyable and brightens my week. I hope new anime for Love Live Sunshine. But I guess time to wait for the upcoming sequel of Nijigasaki and Superstar.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

After over 4 years since we last saw them, Aqours is back in a fantasy spinoff! Sunshine in the Mirror is brought to you by Sunrise, the studio behind the Love Live franchise, as well as Gundam, Gintama, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, as well as its sequel, and more!

DYK this concept actually started out as an April Fool's Day prank last year? Never would I have thought this would eventually become an ACTUAL anime, and I'm all in for it! Love Live was what got me into anime, but these girls, Aqours, are whom got me into Idol Hell.

For the positives, it's nice to see everyone back, and this show made me appreciate Yoshiko! I also love the references and callbacks, namely Dia in her Power Rangers outfit. Which is a reference to her VA Arisa Komiya starred in a Super Sentai show back in 2012.

The songs are just as good as ever, and I like the new additions, namely Lalilaps voiced by Youko Hikasa!

I don't have a ton of complaints on this. While I don't see this being as accessible to watch as, say, the Megumin spinoff in terms of audience, even if you're not into idols, you don't need prior knowledge of Sunshine to enjoy this as this show is its own thing. And if anyone watching this enjoys this, I recommend they look into Sunshine and the other LL series.
Overall, I highly recommend all Love Live fans to look into this, as well as those into fantasy. I think Love Live should do stuff like this more often, especially with crossovers. Reincarnated as a Slime wasn't Love Live's first crossover, as Aqours collabed with Granblue Fantasy a few years back!
Final Verdict: 8/10

vovan1 • 2 months ago

i liked the OP, I want some mystery, for CGDCT this was pretty okey. 6/10

Usami Mizuki • 2 months ago

I like your dedication when it comes to Yohane-sama

Reemus • 2 months ago

by Sunrise, the studio behind the

KIDOU SENSHI GUNDAM series and I have no understanding how they could invest their finances and precious staff time into something like THIS instead. Admittedly, their latest entry is also a humiliation on many fronts. This here, however, is clearly catering to all sorts of deviants (like Ryze, unsuprisingly) with all-teenage girl cast and a convoluted fantasy plot that hardly has anything going on for it. A vehicle to justify the existence of the cast, nothing else.

Final Verdict: we need Trigger to keep saving the industry.

Satoshi Ookami • 1 month ago

Sunrise (or well... Bandai Namco Filmworks) is synonymous with Love Live, though?
So obviously they 'find time' to do it?

cccc • 2 months ago


Kwarevo • 2 months ago

The end of Sunshine in the mirror.
This is good 👍 and feel different.
See you guys in Love Live Superstar s3

sol666 . • 2 months ago

It was a very refreshing take on a genre that was getting very mouldy due to stagnated use of the same idol group plot formula over and over again. I have enjoyed an idol anime for the first time in a very long time since I watched the first season of "love live!"

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 2 months ago

Re-introduction of characters into alternate-stories seems like a good strategy;
A lot of «business» decisions these days though are otherwise questionable...

Utsuro • 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this show

Bob Daisuki • 2 months ago

It's finally over...I'm going to miss GnY D:

I could easily see myself recommending this anime to non-Love Live fans just because of how beginner friendly it is. The occasional reference to the original show might be missed but as a standalone anime, this is really good. Hopefully this did well enough to earn it a season 2 because there's just so much potential in this alternate reality of the Aqours girls.

Pretty easy 9/10 for me.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

Happy almost birthday to Riko and Ruby-chan!

Riko's birthday is this Tuesday, September 19th, while Ruby's is on the 21st!

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

The end.

TitaniaErzaPony • 2 months ago

Next Sunrise anime for 2024 is the film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM screening in Japan on Jan 26 and the 3rd Season of Love Live! Superstar!!.

SEED is just ZZ reboot except more boring and samefaced artstyle. reboot edgy Shonen Wing instead!

Haruhi • 2 months ago

That was fun. See you all on the next love live I think it's superstar s3

Ricardo Araújo • 1 month ago

Big Dogo Lailaps for MC

Crow • 1 month ago

It's more than rare for an "April Fool's Day joke" to turn into an actual series, well Genjitsu no Yohane is excactly that and it's genuinely amazing! 🐺

To be perfectly honest, Love Live! Sunshine!! is my least favorite out of all the LL's but i might actually rewatch it just because of this spin-off, it really brings me back so many memories, fond memories which i treasure because i truly love this franchise!!! 🧡

• I've never really been a fan of character with "chuunibyou personality trait" which made me quite worried about this adaptation, i simply couldn't imagine Yohane as a main protagonist. Looking back at it now, i could not have been further from the truth, i love her Sunshine in the Mirror counterpart very much.
Compared to Yohane's LL's character/personality here she has much more depth/logic and the series mainly focuses on her and her flaws which she's clashing with in each and every episode. Truthfully, it's kinda scary how much i can relate to her... 🥴
• I also really like Yohane's relationship with Lailaps, it's truly a heartwarming one. 😭

So, overall, Genjitsu no Yohane is a simple, fun and slightly emotional watch which is different from the rest of the franchise yet still manages to captivate the magic of original Love Live.
AAand with that i'm giving it a 8/10 zuras. 👌🏻

With all of that bye-bye and see you at Love Live! Superstar!! S3. 👋🏻

Satoshi Ookami • 1 month ago


Utsukushii yuujou.

Heh, that scene reminds me of Persona 3's final boss...

Idols once again prove... Uta no chikara can beat anything.

And that's a nice wrap.
I kinda expected Lailaps to get back the ability to speak, but I guess they aren't going for the ultimate everyone happy ending :D
Oya, Leah?

The first half was kinda weak and I was wondering if it was a good idea to put Sunshine girls into this fantasy setting.
But the 2nd half completely made up for the weaker 1st half.
I get we needed the first half for the introduction (even though we all knew the girls) but it was still too slow, like they forgot it's not an idol show but a fantasy one.
The addition of Lailaps really spiced up the main cast.
Now let's see what the game offers.

lady vivi ★ • 2 months ago

World saved, big doggo is alive. Win win!

sad. wolf sister is really now just a big woofy doge.

thunpnz • 2 months ago

feels more cutesy, not really as entertaining as the og series, 5/10

kyoshiromibu • 2 months ago

a good series ended

Dinobots Grimlock Dinobots • 2 months ago

They really save the day

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

I will miss mari

rboss • 2 months ago

Thicc and horny Mari. I'll miss her too.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

who was that random girl at the audition that looked like yohane?

Christian Appel • 2 months ago

I am still angry, they don´t have the couples of the real world - except Yohane x Hanamaru - but maybe this happens offscreen in the epilogue.

Especially ChikaRiko, because Riko likes Shitake so much that she falls in love with Chika and is now a citizen of Numazu and needs a place to stay and the inn is the perfect place for her.

Compared to Cold Steel and the similar danger there, the town rescue feels like a walk in the park and could be a little bit more stressful and complicated, but well, with the power of music/friendship/(yuri) love they save the day.

Overall, still an enjoyable show but I think, one watch is enough (for me).

Satoshi Ookami • 1 month ago

Yea, but...
It's Yohane x Riko, Ruby x Hanamaru and You x Chika, you know?

RedFox • 2 months ago

Whats the song at 13:20?