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Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Moment of silence for Graham's family T^T

Glad he still have Jodel lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 2 months ago

Yodelle is a real one for staying beside Graham after his family passed away. He has a real sad backstory but I'm glad she decided to take care of him and they became a family as a result.

Elise really has forgotten how bad her handwriting is, that was clearly why he looked angry because he was trying to read the mess she wrote lol.

I do like that Graham seems to be developing feelings for Elise, it makes sense since he respects her highly and she's a sweet and attractive woman. I'm hoping we might get a sweet scene or two involving him even though I know he won't get together with her in the end.

wwlaos • 2 months ago

Elise's handwriting is so bad it gave him a migraine and he had to take a couple days off from work. :P

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

NO Please just NO romance angle of any sort with Dr. Graham.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 2 months ago

LOL. I think it'll be unrequited, I don't think we'd see a love triangle drama.

A disappointed Trash Bin • 1 month ago

there was a bit of hint here and there but at least it wasn't fully expressed as romance as he was more so finding admiration and motivation from her rather than actually giving in to being attracted as an opposite sex

A disappointed Trash Bin • 1 month ago

I can kinda relate to Elise having crappy handwriting except I'm aware how bad I write while not being able to read it lmao

gourmetgrey • 2 months ago

she finds ill people like Conan finds murders

Conan Edogawa • 2 months ago

LOL thats facts.

Kiidkif • 2 months ago


Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

OK, first off, Gogo's drunk with the links. And then the subtitles...

First I saw an article on Twitter last night which discusses Crunchyroll's plans on using AI generated subtitles, then I come in to this.

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

Crunchyroll AI subs makes me think the subs will come out about like some of the, shall we say "sub par" subs that I've run across on the rare occasion that I watch a Chinese anime

wwlaos • 2 months ago

Oh god no... >_<

Big Banana • 2 months ago

We need Elise to revive the link that died!

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Elise just did surgery....

The link is now in stable conditions lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

We'll also need her to help relieve Gogo of their drunkenness and eventual hangover. XD

Esenpai • 2 months ago

Gogo needs a psychologist or an intervention first lol

Glinda • 2 months ago

What a sad and horrible backstory 😭😭😭😢😢🤧🤧
I couldn't help but cry 💔💔
good episode...
It was interesting to learn about Dr. Graham...

Knight • 2 months ago

It was a sad backstory and it was a relief that Yodelle stayed for him.
Well, at least we now saw him doing an operation not just an assistant passing tools.

MisterThiqu • 2 months ago

Anyone else having subtitle issues after OP?

Noah Winns-Cromer • 2 months ago

Speaking of subtitles, this is gonna be "FUN" for us (as in anime fans) to deal with.

Apparently Crunchyroll is testing out AI generated subtitles, as CEO Rahul Purini said it's "definitely an area we've focused on."

First off, oh God...second, how much focus exactly? Because it can't be that much focus if y'all had to remove the first episode of Yuzuki-san chi last season due to complaints about the subtitles, which would explain the piss-poor quality, and then reuploaded the episode a week later with updated subtitles, claiming it "worked with the licensor of the series".

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

That's okay. If it sucks (LOL it probably will) then we can go back to the day of fan subs where people would sometimes insert random funny stuff into the translations!

Rali • 2 months ago

omg, Could you imagine...it would be full circle.

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

What's old is new again! LOL

Os • 2 months ago

Oh dang and we thought Horriblesubs were bad lol on the other hand woke subs will be a thing of the past or will it ponders the thought of woke ai subs

oh fuck no

Jullian J. Weskier • 2 months ago

Theyre doing it because localizers are ruining subtitles. Some are wrong, some use incorrect meanings, some translate it as per dielect (without syntax correction into english, just word to word translation, japanese sounds like how Yodo speaks.) and some make the translations political.

So what they do is AI translate it, then theyre supposed to have someone read over the thing for correction and tweaking.

Though, i have no hope in Crunchyroll reading over. Theyre a bare min shit company.

Eldershield • 2 months ago

Hmm, depending on how much they invest on the ai tool it could be good, but it still needs help from a real person to correct their mistakes, if not we’ll just have the same awful case as MTL translations of Japanese games

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 2 months ago

Leaving translations/interpretations to A.I. would actually be a disaster due to its inability to recognise nuances nor even the context of determining whether a character is actually a male or a female; I have seen this in video-games where female-characters end up being referred to as «he» and «him» half the time (and what the hell is up with so many female-characters being given male names where there are actual female counter-parts such as Salome for Solomon).

Skyfall (Ponytail lover) • 2 months ago

Would explain why it says mikey and not Mil

Esenpai • 2 months ago

That’ll probably make for some interesting translations lol. Especially when it comes to idioms and innuendos that an AI may struggle to interpret.

Wort Igon • 2 months ago

Apparently they fixed it about 20 minutes ago.

MiloRiefe • 2 months ago

No subs
But to be honest I don't know why I still try to watch this. I did not like the manga, so ...

тαиуα499 • 2 months ago

Yeah, but they appear again like a minute or so.

Nonono • 2 months ago

yeah.. they testing our weaboo skill

Kwarevo • 2 months ago

Sad flashback for doctor Graham

тαиуα499 • 2 months ago

Elise really need to work on that handwriting XD

KingKrash • 2 months ago

An episode that focused mostly on Graham's past is a nice surprise.

Delete Zero • 2 months ago

I respect doctor Graham even more now

Alice Jem • 2 months ago

the family photos looks nice and Graham's story saddened me, the only left he has in his family was Yodelle. Curse these plauges!!

Grandpa Lampshade • 2 months ago

Part of the fun of this anime is that when someone has a medical issue, I try to guess what it is before Elise!

Os • 2 months ago

I got hit with the feels and as good a will to become a doctor as any :)

#S4TC 😎☝ • 2 months ago

He turnt that tragic event into motivation, that takes alot of willpower.

SigmaDemon • 2 months ago

Poor Jolde. For her it must have been just like having her own son and daughter save her life! She seems like such an amazing mother-like figure! :'(((

norigami • 2 months ago

We're family.

Kiidkif • 2 months ago

Basically his aunty

Divine demon GOD Aris • 2 months ago

Yodelle Is such a sweetheart

RedFox • 2 months ago

Her writing looks like a grade schooler

Kurosagi • 2 months ago

those onion cutting ninja are getting hard to spot nowadays

this studio when make male as mc: npc but more life
this studio when make female as mc: im a Barbie girl