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Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

King: "Do you think a doctor or a queen is more beneficial to the world?
Isn't it obvious? Lize's knowledge is so revolutionary that it can easily cause a leap in medical advancement. Going to such lengths to confine her is so short-sighted.

I'm glad there are still people who truly understand her worth.

Michael looks like a genuinely good guy there. And I thought he would be another annoying brother type lol

I already forgot that Graham still didn't know that Rose was actually Elise. It took me a while to realize why he was comparing the same person lol

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

King: Do you think a doctor or a queen is more beneficial to the world?

Me: Both. Both is good lol

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 3 months ago

Here is a fun scene...:

Guy sees toilet where a woman he likes has used before.
Guy : «My Queen's Throne ! This is where she sits !»
Guy gets all giddy and starts rubbing his cheeks upon toilet-seat.
Guy : «Oh ! My Queen !»

(Was funny to see this Parody in the NSFW game called «Oppai Odyssey» where Kentaro did this in an animé called : Golden-Boy)

Puchoman • 3 months ago

Now that's an anime I haven't seen in years, as old as Oh! My goddess ova

Trogdorian • 3 months ago

Agreed. I'm a bit confused why she couldn't be both. We don't even see the current empress in this series (unless my memory is failing me that bad rn) and we're on episode 7. Yet they emphasize like her becoming that role is immeasurably more important than being a renown doctor.

Michael was kinda sus to me and turns out he is a good guy. But still that forehead kiss poking me.

wwlaos • 3 months ago

The forehead kiss might not be what is poking you, but rather, something a bit lower. :P

Nemesis Claus • 3 months ago

depends on how much lower

Ken kaneki • 3 months ago

Dude with your dp these words carry a lot of meaning. Don't use them lightly.

KingKrash • 3 months ago

the forehead kiss was cute. it shows that he likes her(not sure if it is romantically or not) but he isn't betraying her by taking advantage while she's defenseless.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

Yeah Elise is showing that she's clearly necessary to the medical world. I hope the King will finally understand that during the exam, better if he does beforehand though.

Fl vd R • 3 months ago

It's not the king she has to convince. It's that Vent guy that is sabotaging it all.

Trogdorian • 3 months ago

I found it odd when he asked her to call off the wager and they argued what contributions did she have as a doctor that she didn't bring up the surgery to remove the... spleen? Hopefully the king will soon hear of that one as well as this episodes medical advancements to their era.

Revy • 3 months ago

It may be revolutionary but do remember that the king thought Elise was a strategic military and even a political genius because she knew about the future, after changing rewriting the future if Elise did become a queen she will have lost the advantage of knowing the future but the king doesn't know that.

Nick Raph • 3 months ago

ikr...that stupid king talk as if the other girls cant be the empress....alot of the time, the empress are just a useless ornament to stand next to the king which her only purpose is to give birth and look nice while attending ceremonies.....any girl can do it just fine....i mean, the current queen is nonexistent isnt it? they never show her yet so far...so her existent must not be that special.....why they expect so much from the future queen who dont even want to take the role if the current one isnt that special to begin with?

Lady Ezrabette • 3 months ago

They can, but do they have the qulities to BE the empress.

kahty11 • 3 months ago

probably current empress is dead, like it was showed few episodes ago with collapsed woman with 1st price as child

ravensshade • 3 months ago

i think the weirdest is why not both.. as empress just do doctor stuff

Big Banana • 3 months ago

If the kingdom fall what will the doctors do ahaha. She could write all the procedures that she knows. There are so many talented doctors and willing to learn on that era.

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Saves someone's life but still gets locked up lol

RedFox • 3 months ago

An really risk procedure done to a royal member. If she didnt know what she was doing she wouldnt got away with just lock up. Remember for the outsiders it just seams she cut the duchess throat.

asanase • 2 months ago

meh F oligarch. Humanity first. Rules are made for people sake, not to bind them.

Xyz • 3 months ago

Do you even know why new medicines go through so many trials before it gets to the market

Knight • 3 months ago

Well yes, she did save the duchess' life but for everyone else who saw what she did in that ball and no knowledge about what she did. It will look like she stabbed/cut the duchess' throat, that's why she got locked up for it before the investigation finished.

To be honest, The King and his long haired guard kinda annoying to me. It doesn't matter if your are a queen or servant, is there any problem to follow your passion? The King and his guard is really fool.

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

The King is fine it's Lord Bent who annoys me the most lol

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

His hairstyle annoyed me the most LoL

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

His personality annoyed me the most lolz

探偵の先生 • 3 months ago

Aside from hairstyle, He is the one planning not the king.... The king is just a f*ck*ng replying ornament.

Junnie Mae • 3 months ago

His hairstyle is criminal!~ Lol!~

Fl vd R • 3 months ago

it reminds me of Neji from Naruto. Another idiot who can't see the world for what it is. At least this Lord Vent isn't spouting destiny and fate every few words.

Fl vd R • 3 months ago

Lord Bent... The subtitles in this episode call him Lord Vent. But he is a bit around the bend for sure with how hostile he is towards freedom for women. Sexist pig that he is.

Eldershield • 3 months ago

The king is fine, he wants her as empress cuz he saw how good she is and is fair when it comes to his deal, most ideas to try and stop her came from the long hair dude who’s really annoying, but that’s his job so all I can do is complain. Hopefully what happens this and next episode are enough to convince the king that she’s more powerful behind a lab coat than a crown

Raziel • 3 months ago

Their country has a law in where the Queen cant have a job, Queen must be her job

ratty • 3 months ago

The king is above the law, he can just change it.

Raziel • 3 months ago

He does but not now

Trogdorian • 3 months ago

might wanna hide that spoiler if true...

Raziel • 3 months ago

nah, i'm fine

toapat • 3 months ago

presumably this correlates to an actual law from British or Imperial Russian history where the monarch and their immediate family are not allowed to have secondary occupations/businesses due to some war.

and then the prince is like "The next empress is literally an archangel and the only way we get to have her be that is if she can be empress and a doctor"

Raziel • 3 months ago

Should be british, every isekai and royal romance in with princes and princess are based on middle age europe, for some reason japan loves old europe

toapat • 3 months ago

sure but shes marrying into the Russian Royal Family

Raziel • 3 months ago

Why do you think its russia knowing the name of that country

toapat • 3 months ago

because its explicitly the same Romanov family that ruled Russia, they draft a russian army later

Raziel • 3 months ago

A pseudo russia called britta with an enemy named Francoine? and its romanoff not romanov, and what would you call a russian army exactly? are you referring to their uniform? and dont forget she takes the place of both john snow and florence nightingale, the allusion is clear, its not russia

toapat • 3 months ago

no, i mean they literally draft peasants from the west ural plains into an army and send them to fight alongside the brittish regulars in the weird fucking Crimean War this story happens around.

Raziel • 3 months ago

And is that any different from any other country ? this show backstory is a mess, its pseudo-russia mixed with old britain with korean values that is spoken in standard japanese

Sugar Cane DCL • 3 months ago

The King: "Release her from the tower at immediately!"
Then not one of the kings people even show up, and it's like 20 hours when those doctors arrive lmao

Grandpa Lampshade • 3 months ago

LOL I was thinking the same thing! All I can figure is perhaps where they have her locked up is a days travel away or something

Just Kiss Already! • 3 months ago

Lize: "No I must study for my test"
Mil: "I have sweets"
Lize: "You son of a bitch I'm in!"

Matt784 • 3 months ago

Now we know how to kidnap Elise.