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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 7 months ago

Seilyn turning into a mascot character who loves being within Inglis' boobs is not something that I saw coming.

Inglis had a lot of fun this episode, encountering two very strong opponents in Sistia and the Leader of the Bloodchain Brigade. Her fight with the Leader should be good in one in the future, I hope at least.

✨KURURI✨ • 7 months ago

Rani is always a hinder to the path of Inglis and i hate her after reading the manga. She always interrupts in fights and will become the ultimate weakness of Inglis.

dre • 7 months ago

I mean that is literally her entire purpose in the story. Otherwise it'd just be boring as she just goes around destroying everything with ease. God mode is fun for about 10 minutes and then it gets boring af when theres no risks involved. Theres always a weakness in the story or it'd be lame and stupid.

go1 • 7 months ago

At 16:50 Inglis be like:
Standing here,i realize you're just like me...

kalle • 4 months ago

that is actually wrong.. i know many storys where op character is enjoyable like opman or overlord and others like that. they basically have no weaknesses and its way better than this

dre • 3 months ago

Every character has a flaw or weakness. You just aren't paying attention. Maybe the character is lazy (OPM) or maybe the character has a literal weakness (Superman) or maybe the character is dragging along a buddy. There are an infinite variation of flaws or weaknesses that characters can have. Those are there on purpose by the writer to give variation to the story and give the reader a logical reason why the MC can't or won't do something and instead gives the MC a challenge.

If Ainz or OPM went around yawning while obliterating everything in sight it wouldn't be fun. It would be boring. Its only fun because there is at least an appearance of a challenge. DBZ is the same. If dude just became super saiyan 69 on ep 3 and then went around destroying everything with ease then it would be exceedingly boring.

You like gaming? You like just running around in god mode being invincible and one shotting everything? Its fun for about 3 minutes and then its boring because theres no challenge. Its the same thing with a story. If you don't think so then you don't understand anything about story telling and/or are probably 12 and like to use wallhacks and aimbots and talking about how good you are at the game. You like the IDEA of a overpowered MC that can obliterate everything instantly and want to see him do so, but if thats what the show was all about it would be really boring really quickly. What kind of plot development is there going to be with a character that has no reason to grow or change? Why bother with companions or banter when you can instantly travel the world and instantly destroy all your enemies? The "story" will be over in 5 minutes. It'll just be a montage of the MC flying around and exploding all the badguys for 5 minutes and then "The End".

dre • 4 months ago

OPM has his cyborg buddy that is the one doing most of the fighting until OPM comes in and instantly destroys them. So he plays the same role for OPM. Ainz on the other hand deliberately hamstrings himself with the excuse that hes concerned about other players lurking in the shadows waiting for him to do something so they can get him. This excuse and limitation on his behavior effectively plays the same role from a story telling perspective.

kalle • 4 months ago

and you remember that isekai wa somethibg smartphone anime? he has no weakness and i loved that anime. op character with no weakness whatsoever

Sara B • 2 months ago

I don't necessarily agree that a character HAS to have a weakness but It tends to add depth to the story and character. I'm sure I've seen op characters without weaknesses that were still engaging enough but smartphone isn't really a good argument for that when so many people have complained that the MC essentially has as much character as a block of wood. That's not necessarily how I feel just a popular opinion. Character weaknesses can be subtle Ainz for example feeling like he needs to play a part for everyone as well as having his emotions dampened could be considered flaws or weaknesses. but without that his character would loose a lot of depth.

kalle • 4 months ago

and im telling you that it isnt a weakness XDD thats why shose shows are so good coz the "limitation" isnt a weakness but its made more interesting than a weakness. i hate characters that have a "flaw" or an annoying weakness coz that is not needed

✨KURURI✨ • 7 months ago

Yeah 👀

blacksparkss21 • 7 months ago

well its kinda understandable tho,and i think its what Inglis actually wanted really,if she wanted to be really almighty,she could just train alone in the wilderness and fight everyone she deemed powerful.

✨KURURI✨ • 7 months ago


blacksparkss21 • 7 months ago

i mean like,she could always go solo training,because she wanted to become a squire for her,she kinda put restriction on her powers and became more vulnerable,so i taught maybe its what she actually wanted,to hinder herself and enjoy more the fighting,because 1 shooting people it ain`t fun at all...specially because she is a battle maniac.

✨KURURI✨ • 7 months ago

Yeah like overlord's ains own goal is that kinda badass. I got to understand this now thanks 👍


blacksparkss21 • 7 months ago

nicely put :D

Nick Raph • 7 months ago

Rani is deadweight...another sakura!

sasimy • 7 months ago

If u think that Sakura is useless then Naruto would die long ago. plus it's like saying healers are useless in a rpg game, u would die earlier lmao. Seems like someone didn't paid any attention on Sakura and your calling her useless bc she's a woman 💀

iCurvaceous • 7 months ago

She was useless for just about all of Naruto until Shippuden when she cut her hair. Let's be real, a good portion of the show she was pretty useless. Even in shippuden she didn't really shine even though she was one of the trio and had more screen time than many. Arguably, a good set of sub characters were more useful overall in the series.

Raven • 7 months ago

it's not her being useless that is the problem, the author just dosen't give her room to shine

Qween Qingzanor • 7 months ago

Every genin except Naruto & Sakura from their 9 academy graduates had Kekkei Genkai &/or Hiden Jutsu from their clans. Naruto didn't know about his parents' clans but got tricked into learning an advanced jutsu — Kage Bushin. Ergo, Sakura was the only 1 with only basic jutsu. Kakashi mentioned Sakura's Genjutsu potential but that barely went anywhere beyond basic dispelling.

Also, Masashi apparently wrote Sakura as typical annoying girl 😑.

Raven • 7 months ago

I think most shounens have that problem in general

False, Tenten was better than her and wasnt useless ,and she was barley showed, now she does nothing in boruto. and im sure she could beat sakura even now,even ino, 2v 1

Qween Qingzanor • 7 months ago

Dogma tends to seep into fiction, it's a bit less blatant in Occidental fiction, but it still happens there.
Tamaki from Fire Force is the last to annoy me with how she was begging to be saved without @ least trying to fight or flee (freeze or faint annoys me like in Grancrest War & Mahou Shoujo Site). & Roxy from Mushoku Tensei let her prudish fantasies distract her from her Grade A mage abilities.

iCurvaceous • 6 months ago

That sounds like an excuse for the remaining result of the truth though. Pretty sure Rani could fit under the same context you're giving me now.... or any character that is deadweight but has a few fighting abilities.

she is useless, barley healed anyone except for plot, and even then was useless,Tsunade saved majority of the people when Pain blew up the village. She wasnt there to save neji etc

Lucyw18 • 7 months ago

she isn't as bad as sakura Rani atleast has her moments with shooting all those arrows

Raven • 7 months ago

she does become stronger later on so no

Aomi • 7 months ago

Rather… isn’t having a weak existance to protect a way to make MC grow even more?

Deus The Great • 7 months ago

Her nature reminded me of the MC in Black Summoner! Miss that show.

KingKrash • 7 months ago

glad I wasn't the only that liked that show


Lucyw18 • 7 months ago

the leader of the bloodchain brigade seems like a reasonable guy unlike a certain ass highlander from 3 years ago

vovan1 • 7 months ago

MC: Let's cease fire.
He: Understandable. have a nice day

Never threaten her wifu!.

MeguminExplosion • 7 months ago

Seilyn got turned into a midget permanently. Thats hella f'd up if you think about it. I wouldnt even consider her bad since she was against enslaving the people. But oh well. If you became a midget like fairy forever. Gotta go with the cards fate dealt you.

Qween Qingzanor • 7 months ago

All 3 sides are levels of morally gray, this time. That 1 power-hungry classist sadistic lunatic spoiled this dynamic last time.

vovan1 • 7 months ago

dunno why i wanna complain,
they took 2min introduced character and mutilated it into mascot. I don't see the point or reason why we should have cared.

Dreamblade • 7 months ago

This has become a very strange show :/

The MC talking about fighting all the time is pretty annoying. I'm more interested in the problems of the other characters.

And "Mwahaha! I totally did the poisony thing!" (Immediately dies.) That was so dumb.

Crystallize • 7 months ago

i'm also more interested in the lore and the problematics of the society presented in the show, the MC annoys me that she doesn't care but probably she'll get involved anyway.

cry about it fool, are you blind? You clearly see they did the "care about useless people problems" in their previous life, why do the same thing again, thats idiotic

Crystallize • 4 months ago

because as a viewer i am interested in the lore.

hardly "useless problems" when we're talking about genocide and all the mystery as to what happened after the king's death to his kingdom and how the world came to be this way from that paradisiac kingdom he created.

that's the hook the show also uses to lure viewers in. :)

Ohhhhh • 5 months ago

seilyn, she is on oppairadise

Raven • 7 months ago

you'll get to see her fight the leader a few more times :)

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 7 months ago

Fellas, if your girl:

1. Eats a lot

2. Loves to fight

3. Is fast enough to dodge everything

4. Has silver hair

5. And has a massive chest

Then that’s not your girl, that’s Ultra Instinct Goku

blacksparkss21 • 7 months ago

i still feel like this is not even her ultimate form xD

naliux • 7 months ago

I have been rooting for Goku all my life. So in this form, I'm not complaining 😏

Eletric saberman • 7 months ago

"what is power without justice?"
do you mean to tell me that it...comes with responsibility?
uncle Ben teleports behind you

Monkey D. Luna • 7 months ago

With great power comes great respronsitrillitrance!