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Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

*Everyone shock to the Prismer
Inglis: Finally a worthy opponent.

Captain_Conway • 6 months ago


SKYFADE • 6 months ago

Inglis: Our plan will really works
She is just a maid and wants to have fun
Lets go and cheer for Inglis

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

Wait somehow they thought summoning that in a city was a smart idea???

Mabey • 6 months ago

I don't think they thought they would summon a prismer, probably just a lot of small fry. Plus there plan was time sensitive and rushed to save Ripple

Aomi • 6 months ago

They summon monsters and beat them all up in enclosed dimension, so it’s technically safe if everything go smooth as plan. But the Prismer got summon and knock out all of them include purple hair girl who in charge of creating and maintaining enclosed dimension. So the Prismer got released to the middle of city.

BunnyLuvr • 6 months ago

They thought they'd still be in the enclosed space, but everyone was knocked out when it was summoned lol

Rannen 19 • 6 months ago

She should battle that battle junkie Black Summoner.

Xander Riginn Jardeliza • 6 months ago

they better off not to. they'll keep at it till one of them dies

Rannen 19 • 6 months ago

Not really they just love to be competitive against strong opponents but they won't kill each other. Based on their personalities they will fight many times but have a friendly duel.

Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

"Reborn to Master the Blade"
Episode 11 and after many episode I again finally saw Inglis using a sword but for just a second.
(S)he's so cute that I forgot the title at some point.

If I were Inglis I'll let that brat get beaten. His face is pretty punchable.

SKYFADE • 6 months ago

True! That short guy deserve it cuz of being an arrogant

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

Mission failed. Brat died.

Krazy_Kirby • 6 months ago

she used a wooden sword when she sparred against that merchant brat.

she used a magic sword when she sparred against ripple.

PaoPo • 6 months ago

With the fact that a most typical non-artifact weapon isn't durable enough for her power output and will just break.
And she can't use artifact without rune. lol

Aomi • 6 months ago

Unfortunately, Inglis’s mission is preventing highlander assassination. And it seems a little too dangerous to let the brat fight Bloodchain leader. He will die.

However….. the principle and king didn’t say anything about keeping him in good shape, so…. 😈

DY4Y • 6 months ago

But him getting killed means she can't fight him anymore

Oviej • 6 months ago

I doubt it. That's her little otou-tou or brother. XD

she uses her "sword chi"

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Lol of course Inglis would be the only one ecstatic to see the Prismer.

I am glad the King ordered Inglis to capture Ivel, she got to crush a bit of his ego by breaking his magic shield that annihilates anything that touches it and then kicks him away to who knows where lol.

Mini_Minion • 6 months ago

Team Rocket Ivel blasting off again! :D

SKYFADE • 6 months ago

That guys deserves it! He should be punished! Go Inglis capture that guy alive and bring it to the king

Aomi • 6 months ago

That’s very Air-head of her 🤣🤣🤣

kurdbubbles • 6 months ago

I'm confused why did they give ripple a lot mana to summon monster and kill it.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I'm thinking to weaken the effect it has on her body? I'm confused by it too but I think it's the more they extract it the more at ease her body will be? Like she's pent up.

Klaxxi • 6 months ago

Think it was explained that she adsorbs mana from ppl with speciall rune and they were gonna kill all the beasts untill she couldnt summon anymore if theres nothing to summon she should be fine altho idk if that can work since i guess more monsters spawn in

Aomi • 6 months ago

They assume that all the summoned monsters must be preapared before hand, so if they can get rid of all the monsters til there is none left to be summoned, Ripple’s threat to people and city will disappear and there is no reason to give her back to highlander.

Honestly, when thinking about this plan, there is a major problem that they fatally over looked. The source where monster have been summoned from. What if the source is so vast or endless of monster supply? Their plan would likely fail and even put city in danger like it’s happen right now in this chapter. Their plan is too rush and too gamble.

Arjan Zweers • 6 months ago

Prismers are confirmed to be Highlanders, and their numbers are limited on what lives on the floating island. It isn't unreasonable to think that the number of prismers is limited as well. Would be pretty ironic if feeding Ripple all that mana causes all of the Highlanders to turn into prismers, until there is no Highlander left

Aomi • 6 months ago

Yes, Prismer is a mutated highlander, so that definitely will be limited in numbers. But i’m mentioning about other monsters. If you remember, prism rain mutated many species into monsters, Highlander, normal animal, beastmen, etc. Also Ripple’s condition is a intentionally made by highlander’s radical fraction, so it’s likely the monsters use to supply it would be the species other than highlander themself. Consider their cruel way of thought, it won’t be surprised if they turn 2-3 city populace as monster to supply Ripple’s summon. That’s why i think it’s very reckless to execute their continue summoning plan without digging for more info of Ripple’s condition.

Klaxxi • 6 months ago

And that in turn would lead to more stuff to fight for chris so that the plan has a big flaw is not to suprising i mean they dont even know if ripple will take dmg from it or if she can spawn more of those hybrids if more are made and they dont even have info on how those monsters are made as far as we know xD

Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

literally in the episode 10(Time: 6:20).
It's sensei's suggestion that Inglis and Rani should postpone the ceremony

They let her absorb their mana so that they can summon and eradicate her magicite beasts, or atleast what what they assume.

Jay • 6 months ago

At least u remembered.

SKYFADE • 6 months ago

They didnt think that they will summoned a Prismer though

Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

Yes that's why "that's what they assumed"

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Maybe to weaken it.

Psilonaut • 6 months ago

They think they can summon them and kill them all so none are left anymore or something? Doesn't really make sense too me. How do they know it just doesn't summon millions of them without end?

xXPORTALXx • 6 months ago

Bc the magicite beasts she summons are former beastman that have been corrupted by the prism flow, there's a fixed number in existence (i.e. it's not videogame logic where they're just spawned into existence, they were once humanoids like ripple is)

Klaxxi • 6 months ago

Well it was chris idea so an endless battle would be smt for her

vovan1 • 6 months ago

yep, basically helping her relief stress.

Mini_Minion • 6 months ago

there's some other way to relief stress ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Faramir38 • 6 months ago

I also got confused and bored at same time

Robert FakeLastName • 6 months ago

i am glad i was not the only one to think that.

WorldGN18 • 6 months ago

honestly I have stopped questioning this anime cuz is obviously not very good, only interesting thing going on is who is the leader of the brigade, seems like he might be another reincarnated person from Chris time and I want to know what happened to the old kingdom that lead to the creation of the highland

PaoPo • 6 months ago

I don't even care about plot cause I know it gonna be typical.
I just here to watch Inglis beating thing around.

WorldGN18 • 6 months ago

fair enough, I'm here because it looked like we could get a pseudo yuri harem

Krazy_Kirby • 6 months ago

if she absorbs enough, she will be cured

Void • 6 months ago

Hmm, I think it is something like this:
You have an orb full of dark essence, to turn it into an orb of light essence, you pour into tons of light magic spells into it to purify it.
This is their idea of curing ripple's issue.
But, during the process, magicite beasts will be summoned. That's why they were armed to be ready to take them down. The prismer is the last summoned, if they take it down, Ripple will be forever cured. Or, she's already cured after the prismer was summoned, now they just have to take it down.

MasterQuestMaster • 6 months ago

Literally same.

Hevensdragon • 6 months ago

In the last episode they assumed that they could "cure" her buy killing all the monsters it had available. Why they assume it has a finite number I'm not sure, as it could easily be making them out of the mana. Its a really leap of faith logic wise as even if there is say a finite number, they are clearly warping in, who is to say she would be cured and that more wont be made at the other side of the warp.

Baka Blue • 6 months ago

Well, she claimed that her spawns are actually beastmen that were transformed that's she's summoning. So it's basically genocide until the species is extinct except for Ripple herself.