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Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Yo momma's got a big o outie lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Perfecto taunt/insult 👍

That's not what was actually said though.

She said Omae no oka-san dede sou.

It should have just meant, your mom is like this. ( aka slut ).

Japanese has no vulgar swear words.

But subber turned that into loose pussy.....XD.

Rali • 10 months ago

really? I thought outie = booty
Ya mama got a big ol booty

She never said booty in Japanese. She just said de de sou. Also the sub said " O outie". Outie means " A v*gina with external labia minora" according to google and "O " as in shape, I think is a hint that its sticking outside aka loose/used.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

I thought outie was belly button

It is. It has many meanings.

Noun. outie (plural outies)

(informal) Anything convex.

(slang) A navel that protrudes from the abdomen.

(slang) A v*gina with external labia minora.

Os • 10 months ago

Was thinking it was loose cause it's used so much with the butt taunt ^^ yep good lesson indeed

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

thanks for the lesson bro

Rali • 10 months ago

that makes sense. I read that as oo-t not out-t

KuroroSama42 • 10 months ago

"Outie" means a belly button that protrudes. As opposed to an "innie".

I don't see how it's an insult at all, but whatever. Translator being weird I guess.

Dragnorock • 9 months ago

I thought she said their mom was prolapsed.

Nothing was said. She only made a provocative action with a hint, while saying "your mom is like this and this".

The subber made the outie stuff to translate the action into words that an English speaker could understand. Japanese doesn't have abuses and cuss words.

Every time you read a sub that says F-off, bitch or some other English slang, understand that none of those things were actually said.

Even "kisama" means "you >_<#" but with contempt. Subbers however will translate it as b*stard, assh*le or anything else.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

I thought outie was belly button and not pussssssy lips but that makes more sense

Kwarevo • 10 months ago

Two Sophies.

Dongo • 10 months ago

Daamn 😂

Grin Berryall • 1 month ago

no its Sophiestication.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 10 months ago

Welcome back to an episode of Attack of the Clones!

..and what the hell, did these clones pull a yuri?! That's technically them kissing themselves!

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Sophielganger lol

Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ • 10 months ago

She Sophieian

KeqingMain • 10 months ago

I mean I'm not gonna argue about the logic here but yes you're right about them kissing themselves XD

Imagine if that's how we share info to others and not by saying words :/

MF110 • 10 months ago

I'm gonna be the killjoy and say that there would be nothing weird about that way of communication because it would be the established norm, if we were suddenly forced to communicate that way, then it would be weird.

Shiro Aikawa • 10 months ago

ahh yes now we answer the day old question "Is It Gay If Its Me???"

Deus The Great • 10 months ago


Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

that is masterbation

Robert • 9 months ago

Shame you don’t have a clone who wants to kill you

A.M. Speedy™ • 9 months ago

yurincest more like.

ManagerLouis • 10 months ago

no way the clones can do selfcest!

Whoever • 10 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

What's better than one Sophie? 5 Sophies lol

SynthShade • 10 months ago

Six technically, also we don't know what happened to the other Sophies between 5 and 12 so it's possible there are six more out and about somewhere as well as the original so possibly 13.

That's also assuming this isn't a new batch of Sophies in which case it's the original, plus the twelve clones, plus the five new ones, which is 18 Sophies total.

So yes, 6-18 Sophies are most certainly better then just having one. :P

vovan1 • 10 months ago

Its Sophicating xD

Rali • 10 months ago


Paradise SLU • 10 months ago


karn44 • 10 months ago

Nice taunting Iona ;)

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

Iona has a nice fat booty

Kino • 10 months ago

So many Sophie that I want to have sexs with them

Bittersweet Revenge • 10 months ago

What's better than one Sophie multiple Sophie's look at all these clones

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

sophie harem

Emergency Sustenance • 10 months ago

Sophie clones are kinda like Misaka clones

Dragnorock • 10 months ago

All was calm and peaceful, until the Sophie Nation took two episodes.

KeqingMain • 10 months ago

At this point I'm just here for the sh*ts n giggles and not the story :)

Os • 10 months ago

Well even if it was the VR first free kill to cinq congrats


Deniz Bircan • 10 months ago

so french is a ancient lost word in there world? lol

the_shepherd • 10 months ago

So does anyone wonder how much money does the King have since the school has almost been destroyed in every episode and yet in the next one is completly repaired?King and the Kingdom are loaded

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

the king just heavily taxes his people

Yuuki Terumi • 10 months ago

yup revolt time. Dude build an arena, virtual reality, bringing in a former always hungry hero, hiding a ancient mother under the arena what again, bringing in a dragon that always hungry. Too many to list i forgot.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 10 months ago

and man keeps burning money repairing the school