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Solar • 4 months ago

When Homura’s wind Clash with Sylph’s wind it reminded me of Inuyasha’s backlash wave clashing his demon wind energy with another demon wind energy then hitting the target right back at them with doubled The force almost what Homura just did at 16:30,lol

Kirito • 1 month ago

Homura didn't won in the 29 world but now looks like homura is getting her comeback

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

The undead....moneylending...DJ Zombie being Drakken Joe....it's all starting to come together!

Only thing left unquestioned is my hand in all this. Speaking of which, kinda weird for me to be voiced by Bakugo's VA Nobuhiko Okamoto.

Solar • 4 months ago

Funny what shiki was thinking when he heard the name DJ zombie,lol

Time. • 4 months ago

Things are finally hitting the fan!

Kirito • 1 month ago

Dj zombie lol a literal zombie doing a dj in shiki mind also the dude is 200 years old they need to find that body fast

Kelvin Goh • 4 months ago

The most satisfying plot explanation scene

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

Sister: Hey now, how are you enjoying my Paradise Whip?
Me: No comment.

Kirito • 1 month ago

This anime keeps getting interesting I'm gonna sleep but each episode keeps getting good

vovan1 • 4 months ago

*Sister whipping blue guy with regeneration*
Healer Redo: I see you are a woman of culture as well.

swiza • 4 months ago

Plz don't hurt pocket size brandish 😭

Slayed • 4 months ago

As a manga reader she's fine

Javelin • 4 months ago

Mini brandish is very cute plz let her join the crew

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

she is very very cute

Psicore • 4 months ago

That face was creepy AF. 😂 Outta nowhere FFS

Utsuro • 4 months ago

Where's the real Labilia or is that mother or that spy who disguised her self as Homura.

I doubt its mother, in the previous world I think it was definitely Labilia, but maybe in this world that "person" changed places with Labilia on purpose because that "person" changed their appearance to Labilia, it means they have a plan to invade or something.

Hooman Amin • 4 months ago

wtf? suprise ending

Glinda • 4 months ago

Great episode 🤗!!! But what?!?! Who is this???? This girl at the end.... 🤔

SkyNatsu • 4 months ago

Draken Joe big reveal

Kirito • 1 month ago

That girl wasn't actually laubilia was it

Blackdragon Story • 4 months ago

10:20 that tits sway :D

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

tits that sway make my day

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

Very nice episode, I like how Sister and the others fight it was awesome.

Sister outfit is amazing shes a badass.

Bittersweet Revenge • 4 months ago

Nice episode

LesK • 3 months ago

i was thinking... maybe this is the first timeline where Rebecca bathed in the Eden's Zero 'ether gear pool' and actually 'activated' Cat Leaper as a consciously controlled reflex instead of an autonomic-unconscious response to danger. perhaps that's why she has retained the timeline #29 memories?

Hentai • 4 months ago


Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

drakken the gilf

Daemon Redfox • 4 months ago

sad that we dont have a rave glitter :/

GuestEatingYourSoul • 4 months ago

you have hurt my soul by reminding me of rave master. I doubt it will ever get another season....

Shadow • 4 months ago

The blonde girls with twintail is here

Annecy Change • 4 months ago

Sister heal me too. lol

Deniz Bircan • 4 months ago

lots of informations on this episode great episode

NetroLancer • 4 months ago

Make way for DJ ZOMBIE!!!!

ShonenKaritoriki • 4 months ago

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for, Shiki bout to go ham next ep

Satoshi Ookami • 3 months ago

Yep, never overdo the healing or you will bust~

It's funny how no matter how much you change timelines, things will always happen one way or another.
That's the universe logic.

Poor Rumicchi, she got a lock on her emotions.

It's funny how easily was Element 4 defeated when it was 4 Stars fighting them.

chetan mh • 2 months ago

this is just some of the reasons why i love this universe so damn much!! and praise rebecca for saving them all!! i'm having fun watching this, but it's time i turned in for the night. i'll watch the rest later. 😍😁

LesK • 3 months ago

well, the story has mostly redeemed this show from the murder and torture 'beginning' for it. i guess time-travel trumps all.

Mart1231 • 4 months ago

I hope they don't die again fighting Drakken, but they probably will

Red_Fox • 4 months ago

that was a very unimpressive use of Fairy Glitter, she might as well have used her usual spells

Mecazor • 4 months ago

woah a new character

MRpaisan • 4 months ago

That ending what a surprise. Good episode.

the ending, wtf lol

Andika Dwi • 4 months ago

shikamaru episode ~

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

So where is the real Labilia?

Hentai • 4 months ago


Shiro Aikawa • 4 months ago

man watching women fightin with wind was kinda hot

Shiro Aikawa • 4 months ago


PANOS MESSIOS • 4 months ago

Is this anime famous?

yes but not as famous as Fairy Tail or any other streaming animes, it got famous because its the same author of Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima