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joblesshobo • 4 months ago

How to make Lili calm: pick her and her huge bag pack, wait until she runs out of her steam.

Come on people, have some hope! If the fabric holding back Aisha's booba can still be in one piece, Bell surely still alive somewhere in the dungeons.

Meggido • 4 months ago

Aisha cloth is Hanging by a thread at this point.
I wonder how that bag works because it carries a lot but it's so light that "Lil squeak" can carry it and apparently welf can carry both lily and the bag

Fortune's Feline • 4 months ago

Lets not forget that Welf has also apparently been carrying a portable FORGE with him this whole time! I mean whoa dude, doesn't that cut your agility any?

Vii X • 4 months ago

I love this series...but... I want more Ryuu x Bell time!

go1 • 4 months ago

That's good for R34 but the blade woman(Aisha) was somewhat making sense when talking to the man who saw dreadnaught.

Krazy_Kirby • 4 months ago

welf is a blacksmith, that builds tons of muscle

Kei 098 • 4 months ago

It is not, that it is so light, that she can carry it.
She has a skill that increase her strenght for carring stuff. But not, to increase her strenght for attacks.^^

go1 • 4 months ago

Basically that strength thingy you just said makes sense cause wearing a schoolbag uses different muscles than carrying any item in hand. Hence why real life schoolbags are good diablo 2-like inventories that you can store items inside of.

Winstøn • 3 months ago

that stuff is made from Vibranium lmao

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

I chuckled at that scene. It was certainly very effective. :P

Fortune's Feline • 4 months ago

I did too, it really was both comical and cute at the same time. And of course, yes, effective. Good thing he didn't race off with her, of people would have been like "Why is the prum always gone?" XD

vovan1 • 4 months ago

in 2x it was fun to watch

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Master Welf out here doing Monster Hunter smithing and it brings tears down my eyes. He just needs those cat mascots.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

Master Welf is a Battle-Smith, he had his head in the game the whole time, respect.

you mean those cat girls looking for them or the actual mascots in the game

WorldGN18 • 4 months ago

not gonna lie, Aisha's cloth kept distracting me like it feels like they will come apart any instant

That thread is obviously made of Admontite

Berstich • 4 months ago

Surprised they could pick her up. Part of the reason shes able to carry that big pack is her abilitys I believe. Though I guess size is relative, looks bigger cause shes a Palum.

Ohms Nuttachai • 4 months ago

Aisha's cloth barely keeps them together. Just a little more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mission Objective: Fend off the monsters until Welf finishes forging.
Ah... Classic RPG/RTS's defense mission.

Meggido • 4 months ago

Difficulty: medium.
Final boss loading ...

Luffy Dragneel • 4 months ago

Final boss is the Juggernaught.

Corona_kun • 4 months ago

Ever heard of plot Armor !? 😂 That thread right there has the highest endurance than all of the party members combined lol.

the Finance Guy • 4 months ago

The damage to Aisha's sarashi is purely cosmetic. It's actually indestructible unless plot needs it to break.

Forging a weapon in the dungeon to beat the dungeon.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

reminds me of ichigos dad, sacrificing himself to buy Ichigo the time to master Getsuga Tenshou

Guest • 4 months ago
YungPadawan • 4 months ago


Kwarevo • 4 months ago

Trust their lives to Welf

Vlad • 4 months ago

He's simping hard for Hephaistos, but if he manages to forge legendary blades under these circumstances, she might very well spread her legs for him...

Berstich • 4 months ago

Nah. Hes gotta forge a blade better, or maybe equal to, what a god can forge.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

if she did, his fire would rise indefinitely

Vlad • 4 months ago

It's actually a reference to something I've heard was in the source material. Hephaistos doesn't have many suitors due to her facial disfigurement and he was pretty much the only one who didn't care and she offered partnership, if he managed to make a legendary weapon worthy of gods...

shoyu • 4 months ago

Not just his fire ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dick Festival • 4 months ago

*tries to light fire but it just shatters and no fire at all*

Would've been fun to see it fail lol

majaketrix • 4 months ago

i think its supposed to be the other way around?? welf would trust them to protect him??? i mean he would have to stop defending himself.

Luffy Dragneel • 4 months ago

Yes, but if he doesn't make a magic blade, then they won't reach Bell.

vovan1 • 4 months ago


The big bad Welf

Rohan Jow • 4 months ago

"let's take a short break first" before going deeper into the dungeon and possibly facing off another terrible boss-type monster.

blacksmith guy thought of a great idea - lets make a powerful magic weapon for whats to come. (he even got hit) while healer girl is still...NOT HEALING to prepare them for all that!!!


Berstich • 4 months ago

She HAS to be out of mana or something. Its the only explanation.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

she is out of brain cells

Mike • 4 months ago

Rofl i was saying that too perfect chance to get some healing in but nooo

KEYARU • 4 months ago


NeoFox • 4 months ago

Thats what you get for grabbing a emo healer.

Illogical NPc you are

A shortage of lollypops • 2 months ago

I think the healer just heals people off screen when they're not in the middle of a battle. If you look closely, there's not any real damage on their bodies, just stained clothes. You can see that there's fresh skin under the stains and rips, so I think her version of healing just doesn't come with a washer and dryer.

bernd3 • 4 months ago

Guess this healer is even more useless than water.
Water can at least do party tricks to entertain people :-)

PaoPo • 4 months ago

Those skull sheep will appear in Bell's dream whenever he's trying to sleep for whole life. LOL

Toaru • 4 months ago

he will count them to sleep and dream about them, sounds romantic

Vlad • 4 months ago

LOL. Now, I had to imagine bell running through an endless corridor butchering those skullsheeps en mass... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....