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ChosenOneX • 6 months ago

I don’t think I will be able to forget this season. I loved the atmosphere – the despair, the horror, the pain the characters felt was all so vivid and palpable that I shared it all with them. I think the way the anime handled the atmosphere was amazing. The parts with Aisha, Lily, Welf, and others were well made, but what really stood out for me was Bell and Ryuu’s journey. Their story showed us the absolute brutality of the dungeon, the ultimate despair a person could feel, while showing us the importance of relying on your comrade(s). And even love started to blossom in the horrifying depths of the dungeon (though it seems one-sided on Ryuu’s side). I might’ve found my favorite Danmachi ship – Bell + Ryuu. The two of them together just feels right.

I liked the scenes about Ryuu’s life with the Astraea Familia at the beginnings of the episodes – which finished with the massacre of the whole Familia. That broke something inside me – I was devastated when I saw all Ryuu’s comrades die in front of her eyes to save her.

For me this was the best season of Danmachi. It was so full of raw emotions, good storytelling, and amazing music. It just drew me in and didn’t let me go, so I picked up the novels - and I do recommend them. So yeah,this was an astonishing experience which I rate - 10/10.

Knight • 6 months ago

I agree with you that this is the best season so far for Danmachi.
You'd almost feel the things happening in each episode.

"I might’ve found my favorite Danmachi ship – Bell + Ryuu." - I've been shipping both of them right from the start. Even if I haven't read the novel yet, I knew from there that there would be some kind of story for them all through out the story and here it is.
Since the beginning, Ryuu is my best girl in this serieso and I'm glad to know her story. <3

Geryuganshoop • 6 months ago

been shipping them from the start too and when i played the game boi oh boi it is the best ship

Vii X • 6 months ago

Fooking finally. Out of that dungeon. But.
1) What's with the SSR Monsters not dropping?
Like seriously, they did the impossible and killed the Juggernaught, and it was pimped out with other monster's specs on top of it's OP passive abilities.

2) That adventure HAD to be worth at least an entirely new level.

3) 15:00 What's the big deal? He's already seen her naked. XD

Kai Kazuhiro • 6 months ago

Juggernaut doesn't drop stuff, it's not a regular monster to begin with. It's the Dungeon's "anti-virus" that went berserk because of the taming item.

Normally, it will just disintegrate after some time has past, but the taming item messed that up.

and the strength of the juggernaut depends on what floor it got summoned. So if it got summoned at floor 1 it'll be the weakest version of it.

Vii X • 6 months ago

I know how the Juggernaught works, if you've read my comments before. And no one has actually killed it before. Nor has it mutated by absorbing other monsters. Also. It is still a monster. So it ought to be possible to get a drop. It's never explicitly stated it can't either. And the Mossman didn't drop. I get that it's not what is intended by the creator. But... Again. All these mutates happening and they ain't dropping. That was the main point I was making if you read into my comment.

Sean Gill • 6 months ago

In other words the dungeon RNG has been nerfed after the recent patch between multiple floors.

Vii X • 6 months ago

RNG? Oh. Yeah. Loot drops were nerfed.

Truth • 6 months ago

event bosses dont drop loot unless they're part of a quest...

Curtis Brough • 6 months ago

Yeah, I would be cooler if he got a drop and its go made into some OP new gear he can show off in the next season.
Like using the unicorn blade the cure when he got poisoned, or maybe say they had to use the juggernaut drop to rebuild his arm so he gets the bone spike skill in that arm, would suit his fighting style too like throwing daggers.

Druid1 • 6 months ago

I'm right there with you. The XP they should have gotten just from the mobs on the walk through the deep floors ought to set them above everyone in the city

Druid1 • 6 months ago

It's one of those terrifying glitch bosses that give 0xp

Phillip Brooker • 6 months ago

Imagine how much of a nightmare it would be if it was summoned on the final floor.

Berstich • 6 months ago

She was still shocked and Hestia/Lili slapped him, but he didnt look like he was looking away. :D

Mebius • 6 months ago

man's got priorities.

I mean it's a naked elf even i wouldn't look away

Dbz Directioner • 6 months ago

I think he only saw her naked from back side. So seeing it from the front was quite a shock for him.😂

Vii X • 6 months ago

I mean. Now he saw the complete set. It's only right.

Bell Cranel • 6 months ago

Fr...but that comes included in the Harem package

So bell got a plenty women huh 😂

Bell Cranel • 6 months ago

Well I am a harem protagonist so...

YoroKombae • 6 months ago

They forgot to use Drop Rate +10% item before the fight.

Geryuganshoop • 6 months ago

called an antibody of the dungeon, or just you know how life love to kick you in the balls when you're down, the gods love it too. and i believe bell is lvl 4 after or lvl 4 now that would be lvl 5. worth jt

3) Circumstances

Correct Statements • 2 months ago

Fr Bell + Ryuu is what I've been saying since she was introduced, it's the only right choice

Jacman99 • 6 months ago

To me, undoubtably:
Ryuu > Ais Wallenstein

Rocker bee • 6 months ago

Lol for me ais is at the bottom of the barrell. She literally has no personality. That gal I'd a walking robot. Most of the female cast is better than her in my opinion.

Magus Tabibito • 6 months ago

Now that Ryuu has made a lasting impression with Bell, will Ais make a comeback further down the story?

Jacman99 • 6 months ago

Yaa I was thinking this will probably happen

Cold_pizza10 • 6 months ago

Make that comment again! Let me upvote you again and I’ll keep doing it…

OfficialDrixMalone • 6 months ago

Overall season: 8.8
Overall Episode Rate: 9.1/10 (excellent)
Art: 8.2/10 (great)
Action: 8.5/10 (great)
Characters: 9.4/10 (excellent)
Comedy: 0/10 (none)
Drama: 10/10 (perfect masterpiece) (high)
Emotion: 10/10 (perfect masterpiece) Mystery & Suspense: 9.1/10 (excellent)
Story: 9.5/10 (excellent)
Romance: 3.3/10 (low)
Writing: 9.5/10 (excellent)
Recommend Watching: Yes, amazing episode!!

I don't want it to end but it was definitely a good ending. Can't give it a 10/10 but it was highly enjoyable.

Druid1 • 6 months ago

Comedy should be 1. I think Bell getting slapped was supposed to be funny.

BOSS GAMING • 5 months ago

Bro I Got Lost So Much On That Scene So I Forget To Laugh 😂

EJ • 6 months ago

Be seeing you in a lot in the comments of animes I be watching and I be agreeing with you 100%😂

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

Holy sh*t she became tony starks and pulled an iron man with those wind thrusters. Insert michael jackson meme eating popcorn. The power of friendship was really drilled into me.

KuhakuTatsuya • 6 months ago

She said she knew it was wishful thinking. Or at least that's how I interpreted it. She was imagining each one of her friends as the green orbs of air.

Jakk Frost • 5 months ago

Would have made for a nice twist at the end if Bell had said something to Ryu like "Your friends were really pretty" or "looked really happy".

dude bell has never seen her friends before... what? you think he sees into ryu's flashbacks?

Jakk Frost • 2 months ago

I'm talking about when their spirits seemed to help her in the present. It could have been her imagination, or they could have been the real spirits that he could see.

How could you possibly not get that?

Kevin Sears • 6 months ago

... bah, Michael Jackson and Prince both 100% copied Le Mars doing that popcorn scene in a music video...

Magus Tabibito • 6 months ago

She is actually exploding those orbs next to her own body each time she uses one of them. Yikes

WorldGN18 • 6 months ago

I think it was 8.5/10 for me, mostly because of Cassandra going despair this and that, I was waiting for the mermaid to play some major role but she didn't do much and as much as I enjoyed Ryu and Bell journey at parts I was a lil exasperated thinking just for how long are they gonna keep on suffering, but other than that I agree with everything you said, it was truly enjoyable, and I'm loving Bell x Ryu, I want more of Freya though, and it seems like I will be eating well next season then

Octania • 6 months ago

Marie (the mermaid) is pretty much locked where she is, she can't really travel.
That did not stop her from saving Bell several times (healing him after he got his neck snapped and arm torn off, giving the other Xenos some of her blood to heal Bell/Ryu and also providing vital directions/info).

That's pretty major, although admittedly not that flashy.

WorldGN18 • 6 months ago

is just that she was always just kind of swimming around and I thought she was going to be able to meet up with Bell and Ryu when they were next to some water and heal them or I remember they said mermaids can control other monsters so I thought maybe she would help in the fight that way so I dk it felt like she was gonna be a key character but she wasn't, I forgot she gave her blood to the Xenos but that was pretty much all she did, I guess I just thought there was more potential to her

she swims in water... she can't teleport to any body of water in the dungeon

Hentai ōji • 6 months ago

You summarized what I wanted to say pretty nicely.
The adrenaline rush I got when the Juggernaut first spawned and from the following episodes was something else ngl.
It was nightmare difficulty for them and their chances of survival looked pretty slim too but they finally survived.
Idk what else the ln or the manga readers wanted from this season.

Berstich • 6 months ago

I really enjoyed having more time in the actual Dungeon. Dont get me wrong I enjoy the familia plotting out in Orario also but some actual monster grinding and challenge down in the dungeon I love to see more of.

Best scene of the anime, Ryu blushing.

zzz • 6 months ago

Bang on review, 100% agree

Alex • 6 months ago

I agree it was short as main characters building and as plot, but hell it was fucking intense, pure action, feelings going astray, it had so much of so many things. Really good