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strange guy • 4 months ago

Finally this is available

Nanobana Kinako • 4 months ago

I kinda wish they should remake this since Trunk visited again in DBS.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

i would like the question: "how many minutes, fight on Namek took place?"

clawbuster • 4 months ago

Still better than super

strange guy • 4 months ago


Coldplay23 • 4 months ago

crazy that luffy was with goku on his entire adventure

KrondaliX • 4 months ago

This remembers me those shorts episodes about child education to car traffics and good or bad behaviors on the DragonBall series. It never came outside of japan so it's only subbed.

Those were Gokū no Kōtsū Ansen and Gokū no Shōbōtai. There are others but i don't remember the titles.

lchirin • 4 months ago

Goku: Trunks install the telebikko please.
Trunks: *Click* Done

I never knew it was this simple to install new electronics.

GreenTea Gal • 4 months ago

why does this feel like dbz flavored dora the explorer? not a complaint, i'm already makin memes

DIO101 • 4 months ago

ahahahahah awkward staring and silence each time Goku holds the phone

MegaRyuki • 4 months ago

Watch it, its cool!

Mr Dazai • 4 months ago

So is that ass.

Kyle scott • 4 months ago

your pfp. sir. do you know she isnt wearing panties.

Asuka04 • 2 months ago

ez except for the last one.. wth

ToxicP • 4 months ago

The alternate choices made for funny What If senarios, suddenly Roshi can use the Makankosappo or the Dodonpa XD

The idea of a wish-granting dragon being vengeful based on the wishes it granted should become canon

ANR the real ending • 4 months ago

the quality of the animation ad the art-style used to be so good. And then Super happened and the quality went to shit.

Mr Dazai • 4 months ago

Might be old as shit but at least it's dragon ball .-.

Sev7N • 4 months ago


Ricardo Araújo • 4 months ago

damm i never saw this back then

MXguy • 4 months ago

Woah! I remember watching this on a bootleg dbz disc

Ross • 4 months ago

a nice little throwback