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STAX • 4 months ago

Yes, most people need to be trained before their dogs are and that being the premise of this show is just cathartic really.

Golb89 • 4 months ago

The most cathartic thing about this show is how Samura keeps scoring with the clients, when the whole thing started because his gf dumped him.

SigmaDemon • 4 months ago

Before the dog can learn to live alone, the trainer needs to learn that as well.

arra1213 • 4 months ago

kozuka x samura ❤️

Ota-cool • 4 months ago

Niwa is so rude with his customers.. dude, you have debts.. you cant afford to lose any customers

Nyxteridas • 4 months ago

I can't believe it. I have to book dog training for my self...

gud episode ty

Haruhi • 4 months ago

Great ep and this guy is really a lady killer

Golb89 • 4 months ago

3:13 > Try and take a wild guess...

(Unless the japanese term is completely different from its meaning...?)

18:55 >"Eh, amateur!" - Kazuki Yoshino ("Kami Kuzu Idol")

(Niwa kinda resembles Niyodo too...)

At this point i just accepted that this series just uploads whenever

(And apparently it has a whopping 20 episodes too!)

(Also, i'm starting to think this series is less about training dogs and/or their owners and more about Samura finding a new girlfriend...)

Next episode: the guy from last episode's end is back...?