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Kranesh • 2 months ago

I think this episode is one of the best and also one of the saddest, it was really well paced and I loved how things got progressively dark until the climax in which Angoramon was forced to kill his best friend...

I think this episode showcased a good example of how the human world twists the Digimons, we have seen plenty of examples in the past, but Digitamamon was literally the worst case scenario materialized.

I'm honestly liking the current direction Ghost Game is taking, seems that we're finally getting rid of the training wheels as we're dealing with more life and death situations, hopefully this trend continues!

Noah • 2 months ago

I agree that this episode was the start of the main progression but your forgetting the fact that digimon don’t die they turn back into digi eggs or did you forget what happen with bokomon?! Still it’s a surprise that angoramon had to do what he did but I got to say digitamamon what’s wrong with being a little bit of both I know three humans from data squad that would agree with that 🤨

Kranesh • 2 months ago

I mean yeah, killing a Digimon permanently is hard because they can be reborn, but they "die" in a sense because the won't come back with their original personality, so the Digitamamon Angoramon knew is gone forever.

雄雄 • 2 months ago

And it's not like it'll become digitamamon in the future, it might gonna be another species entirely

KingKrash • 3 weeks ago

there have been a select few cases in the entire series were Digimon that become digi-eggs were able to return to normal( ex:wormmon)

Annecy Change • 2 months ago

Dam this series not letting down deaths. Lol I like it.

Brian Self • 2 months ago

Me: how much darker is this anime going to get?
The creators: Yes

Gigabarto • 2 months ago

Creepiest and saddest episode in a while, the whole time i feel so uneasy

Shadow • 2 months ago

Yeah me too for the first time in this series I felt scared D:

Triduo • 2 months ago

This episode basically shows how a thirst for knowledge turns into a hunger for lives...

Digitamamon asked if Angoramon was still a Digimon or became a Human but... I think the two of them simply evolved differently after coming to this world...

Ian Nava H • 2 months ago

i still wodnered why that happened
i mean look at mummymon

he didn't become like that

Triduo • 2 months ago

Mummymon became obsessed with Egyptian medicine when he heard that they believed that being mummified made the people immortal.
However, we all know that that kind of medicine is rather... Deadly. Thankfully Hiro managed to reason with Mummymon as he's a doctor, otherwise they'd be dead since episode 2.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

This is getting darker as time passes and is becoming Digimon cross with Gegege no Kitarou

wwlaos • 2 months ago

If Nezumi-Otoko appears I'm gonna shit a brick.

Just a passing by bear • 2 months ago

It got fixed

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Thank you

Just a passing by bear • 2 months ago

Your Welcome

Homura • 2 months ago

What do you mean repeat? Is different episode.

wwlaos • 2 months ago

The perfect chance for Angoramon to get his next evolution; dramatic weight, significance, danger, tragedy, everything was there!

Nope. Chuck Testa. Canoweissmon.

It was a great episode. Seriously, we need more episodes like this. I'm just saying you wasted the opportunity for digivolution.

Neil Dunsmore • 2 months ago

Agreed, that was the only issue I had with this. I was so excited to see Angoramon get his ultimate form, but the second Gammamon became his, I had a feeling that wasn't gonna happen.

Ian Nava H • 2 months ago

at least angoramon got the finishing blow
that's more than other times

Hade ni Ikuze • 2 months ago

And I just had a hard-boiled egg this morning. Was this revenge of the egg?

Also you know it's serious when Angoramon doesn't drop a proverb in the end. I feel so bad for him. Having to destroy his own best friend like that.

Ian Nava H • 2 months ago

it felt really someber that it was ruri the one doing the closing line

lady vivi ★ • 2 months ago

*insert Mr. Incredible black and white face here*

wwlaos • 2 months ago

I had never encountered this meme before. o_O

brianuuu • 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for them to actually goto Digital World, Tamers started after ep 25, so I'm hoping that will happen very soon

Kelvin Destama • 2 months ago

Wait is this their first kill, not counting galus gammamon of course

Petar Dimić • 2 months ago

So, we learned that Wezen can also evolve to CanoWeissmon. That leaves us with Kaus and, possible, Gulus.
I thought that this episode would be Lamortmon's debut because of the whole story of this episode, but we will have to wait.
And, my, what a twist and sad episode, but Digitamamon had annoying voice.

Chain • 2 months ago

Holy shit another episode with dead people in it wow more episode come more dark..

Hoàng Đỗ • 2 months ago

Splashmon next episode

Mufti Saili • 2 months ago

oh wow, no haiku at the end? 10/10

ゆうずき☆ミロ • 2 months ago

I think that was a haiku, but spoken by Ruli this time since yknow, her partner killed his best friend.

Merlin Hans Hiiekivi • 2 months ago

Angoramon was in no mood or haikus

Ian Nava H • 2 months ago

that's how you know how bad it is

brianuuu • 2 months ago

This is the first time Ruli narrates the poem at the end instead of Angoramon

Ascalibur • 2 months ago

Was expecting Angoramon's ultimate, but still liked this episode a lot, also nice to see an update the opening.

Fuseteam • 2 months ago

dang didn't know digitamamon was a kanzentai :V

Vincent • 2 months ago

Okay, did something happened/changed to the production team? In early episodes, even when they were in quite difficult problems, they managed to find an okay to good talk-no-jutsu solution(s) for it. Here, everyone seems brain dead and quickly giving up to the situation (nobody tried to offer a solution of different food, and Angoramon just accepting that they have to kill Digitamamon, so he'll be the one doing it).
There's also the Ajatarmon episode. Usually, the story would have the human reminiscing their past together, forgive Ajatarmon's misdeeds, and proceed to try talk-no-jutsu (whether it's a sucess or not can go both ways). However, we got an episode where the human stayed terrified to Ajatarmon (he did reminisce a bit, but it's clear the fear got the best of him) and stayed passive for the rest of the story.

Really, it feels like earlier episodes were directed by a shonen classics who put a few horror stuff here and there, while today's episode(s) were directed by a full-time horror artist who just wanted something to die.

Fayt Leingod • 2 months ago

cuz digitamamon is in the point of no return...the question is whos the one behind there sudden materialization remember pass episodes almost all digimon is dying to have those digivice to materialize and most of them are already on that stat

Vincent • 2 months ago

Wdym point of no return? Nobody mentioned "what about other food?", nobody mentioned what they used to eat back in Digital World, and they can just run away.

Justice • 2 months ago

What Digitamamon wants to eat is Human Spirit.. Before the reveal, Ruli actually offers him some food, but he chose to try to eat her instead, because, well, let's just say that he's just addicted to the human spirit as his favorite food, and possibly not going to take another type of food..

Vincent • 2 months ago

Which is why they should have mentioned what they used to eat in Digital World and its possible similarities with human souls. Should they did that, IMO they might figure that they can suppress the addiction with a little dream like Pilomon (since Digitamamon is a mind/dream Digimon, too)

Fayt Leingod • 2 months ago

because according to digitamamon human soul is the only thing satisfies hes hunger..if you notice he reject ruli's sandwich

Mahana • 2 months ago

I feel like as the story progressively gets darker its hard to always use "talk no jutsu" with every digimon.
Digitamamon was offered food but didn't even try it. He was also given several "lets talk about this" prompt, he didn't stop when attacked and basically said "It was the best feeling ever" referencing eating humans. It made its intent clear: I'm going to eat these humans and intend to leave digimon alone.

Ajatarmon was a sadly deranged stalker who was harming people and intended to turn her target into a plant. Whatever was in the plant serum also didn't go away after Ajatarmon's suicide. Fear doesn't dissipate just because you know someone.

Even in the past some digimon were chased away and not talked out of evil behavior like Cherrymon.

StoneColdWolfer • 2 months ago

Wait so last episode wasn't a repeat? I went there early and missed it being fixed? No way man I missed all the hype of Super evolution, this was so casual.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

25th ep was pose to be special recap with the narrator but later got change into special ep, then 25th ep aired with continuation of the current season with Vandremon/Myotismon last week. Then this ep first came out as a repeat by messing up it's order and fix for the newest latest ep.

Brian Self • 2 months ago

Another eggcellent eps

Dinobots Grimlock Dinobots • 2 months ago

Tragic Digimon Death 😭

ryuuri • 2 months ago

That single-stroke slash

Alter • 2 months ago

Definitely not anime for kids