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KrondaliX • 4 months ago

I didn't suspect Kaito Kid to be Ai until the very end. They got me good this time !

Ban Tae Akiyama • 4 months ago

Well, Kaito did disguised as the greatest Detective, poor guy didn't get to steal the treasure lol

reese's • 4 months ago


Several • 4 months ago

It is in preparation for the new movie. We need to have this one fresh
in our mind when watching the new one so they gave it a remake.

reese's • 4 months ago

ohh makes sense!! thank you for explaining ^^

strange guy • 4 months ago

Recapping all the best moments in the series/manga

YazrieL-san • 4 months ago

yes the arc where black organization, FBI, Kaito Kid involved is the only one I called canon.
the other one is just filler. xD

this one can be considered as a prologue for the next movie, since the next one will be about Sherry (Haibara Ai) and black organization.
can't wait to watch it on Cinema.

Ban Tae Akiyama • 4 months ago

Bro just outsmarted the organization that is trying to kill Conan and her lol

L villains

min yao • 4 months ago

oof one of the best arcs right here🫶kaito kid was the mvp ngl🫡huhu i cant wait for mov 26 alrd TT

equinox • 4 months ago

W movie

strange guy • 4 months ago

Not the original film though

Bob • 4 months ago

It would be nice if we had a time table on when this series would end. I know the author has the script for the ending already prepared and in a special vault in the event that something happens to him, but i'd STILL like to know when this series would end.

Yuuri<::)::::::::> • 4 months ago

my favorite movie theme from 5,6, and 7.

tc • 2 weeks ago

This is why I hate Mitsuiko, Ayumi and Genta. They literally exposed Haibara on the internet and almost got her killed by the Black Organization. Should have just scared the kids of who she is and who the BO really is to scare them off.

Himiko Mizukawa • 1 month ago

AI is my wife ugu

Mina • 4 months ago

Yukiko's son is a really good actor too huh ^^

Melody Wuvs_Chu • 4 months ago

Ima leave a comment here, let me know when the actual movie is out ppl

Kurogiri • 4 months ago

Is this the new one?

Several • 4 months ago

It is in preparation for the new movie. We need to have this one fresh
in our mind when watching the new one.

Bob • 4 months ago

Also note: This is basically the train arc stitched together into 1 movie. I wouldn't consider this an actual movie though. If i'm not mistaken, the train arc was basically 4 episodes long. But i guess for people to fully enjoy this movie, they'd need to watch the episode before the train arc that leads into this arc. The one with Sherry going adult, saving the kids.

Kurogiri • 4 months ago

I see... thanks for the info!
Can't wait for the new one

Himiko Mizukawa • 4 months ago

i will watch this a year later... uh
yet finished the series too

Watchforever • 4 months ago

Wait you finished the series I finished it months ago

TheBigFool • 4 months ago

Wait...the series is over? It actually finished?

Watchforever • 4 months ago

Nah I’m caught up with the recent episode of detective Conan but the manga might end eventually

TheBigFool • 4 months ago

Hopefully in the next 10 years.

Watchforever • 4 months ago

Aoyoma is not getting old so i can’t say expect to last

Himiko Mizukawa • 4 months ago

only at ep 730

Watchforever • 4 months ago

Oh okay then

Brunhilde • 4 months ago

lmao mracleours cute

Kaneki Sakata • 4 months ago

Well played Kaito Kid

strange guy • 4 months ago

This is the same like Halloween bride isn’t it where this is a recap film but not the actual movie considering it’s still airing in japan

strange guy • 4 months ago

Might take a while the the actual film to show up because this is that recap film about haibara

Hentai • 4 months ago


Lenard Zamora • 4 months ago

omg ai haibara my waifu (the old one not the kid i'm not a pedo)

strange guy • 4 months ago

You could have just said her original name sherry

StarBattle08 • 4 months ago

is this the new movie?

DisqusForComment • 4 months ago

this is one of the episode in old format art. redrawn to modern DC art.

strange guy • 4 months ago

The recap film cause not the actual film sadly might take a while

MangTeban • 4 months ago

0:20 She looks like Kenshin and Shishio combined 😄

anime lurker • 4 months ago

Ayyy they took it out of the main series so it's easier for us to watch

strange guy • 4 months ago

It’s a recap film not the actual film it’s like the Halloween bride

Shaqtastic • 4 months ago

Of which episode?

Constellation "MysteryS" • 4 months ago

Between 701-704

Shaqtastic • 4 months ago


Uffern • 4 months ago

its from haibara pov as well and this is prequel to next movie by the way