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Watchforever • 5 months ago

If you didn’t know detective Conan movie scarlet bullet is coming to New York comic con with the Japanese/English version today

Watchforever • 5 months ago

Another detective boys case but this is my least favorite sadly

Krazy_Kirby • 5 months ago

really? forgetting about that chef acid trip one from a couple months ago?

guy disliked Conan not liking kids menu so much he became a culprit

Watchforever • 5 months ago

No but this one is way forgettable than that

SShields • 3 months ago

This is the first episode, at least in my memory, where the culprit is actually a stranger to the victim.

Helene Trøstrup • 3 months ago

I actually can't think of a case either... At least not where the entire case was about solving it. There was a past hit and run mentioned in passing, that came back to haunt someone, I forgot his name, but that wasn't about solving the case itself.

But I think the reason for that is as Haibara said. There is little a Detective can do if the perpetrator has no real connection to the victim other than being in the same place at the same time. They were lucky that the perpetrator was a bit of an idiot here and picked a seemingly clever, yet obvious, way out that gave them the clues they needed. If he had found a clever hiding spot and stayed hidden, there's no way Conan could deduce his way to him. At least not without really defenestrating the suspension of disbelief.

Krazy_Kirby • 5 months ago

wait, what?
they are leaving with canvassing the area?

and Conan isn't calling takagi back for the blood trail? he would be a few blocks away at most

that guy ate traces of blood from his victim, hope he doesn't pick up any diseases.

Asahi • 1 month ago

Haibara’s sweater is cute

Sven Utrich • 5 months ago

bruh by now they shoudve just said "ayumi is being hysterical, its just another dead body again, chill guys. Call the cops, lets go play football after that"

Zou • 3 months ago

How many times is genta gonna throw the ball way too far😂😂

Helene Trøstrup • 3 months ago

As many times as the plot needs. 🙂

bari • 5 months ago

the culprit has brain lol

PicHor • 5 months ago

bro should've just called the police and an ambulance. wyh tf are they lying 💀
this is allowed to broadcast? what's the mentality in japan??

Sir Prise • 5 months ago

Bruh its another filler episode.

Shiny Bidoof • 5 months ago

why all other anime´s have to use the white who looks like you know but connan can use this colors....

min yao • 5 months ago

loved the arere~

min yao • 5 months ago

nice one!