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Watchforever • 6 months ago

Finally back to kazuha and hattori back /manga material being adapted at last

arra1213 • 6 months ago

finally canon

Masumi • 6 months ago

I wonder if Hattori is finally getting his big moment - or rather, what ridiculous incident gets in the way this time XD

Shadow Moon • 6 months ago

it won't, the only ones that have even gotten close to kissing hattori is kid and momiji

Watchforever • 6 months ago

I doubt it honestly

SShields • 4 months ago

Conan is giving Kazuha too much credit if he thinks that she would know who he was just from a little voice change because they grew up around each other.

Ran hasn't figured out Conan's identity and he acts like Shinichi, knows things about Shinichi, wears a jacket with a "S" on it, looks like Shinichi when he was younger, has an unnatural attachment to Ran, etc. lol

Kerma Melk • 1 month ago

To be fair, she has suspected it numerous times but Shinichi debunks it himself by appearing as conan and getting someone else to pretend to be Shinichi at the exact same time lol. Kinda hard to dispute that when both of them are there at the same time and place.

Wiz Kidd • 1 month ago

Yep, or vice-versa. Masumi always knew, and she tried to hit Ran straight up with the "Have Conan and Shinichi ever been in the same room?" in 994, but they'd already been there. Ran told her that she gave up, and accepted that Conan is just Conan (and in the episode Ran was referring to as evidence was when she deduced/decided she could share her blood for Conan's emergency transfusion because she knew Shinichi's blood type).

Wiz Kidd • 5 months ago

Even shrinking 10 years younger wouldn't work for long its own, so of course the kitsune mask wouldn't do it even with the voice changer. Hope they don't actually see the bow tie and realize that it's Conan's (or do they already know that it can do that?).

bari • 6 months ago

heiji, fighting XD

千颴 • 6 months ago

Ah, finally my favourite character appears!!

the longest slow burn is kinda killing me XD

jim15(AH-LE-LE) • 6 months ago

More canon episodes hell yeah! And with Heiji!!! I smell like it's finally the time he will confess!

Krazy_Kirby • 6 months ago

so it's in a snowman... pretty obvious if they couldn't find a white pole it would be in the snow

Wiz Kidd • 5 months ago

Not Heiji boasting against himself πŸ˜‚ Come on man πŸ˜…

hereforfun • 5 months ago

smt weird in this anime again at 16:49, look at the picture in conans hand, its the one eyyed chick fighter teacher from his school

hereforfun • 5 months ago

nevermind xD

nanika • 6 months ago

it's been decades since hattori kazuha arc 🀣🀣🀣

Mr. sporty • 6 months ago

i feel like, if conan knows weapon is always in his front of his face then the weapon could be snowman or hide/camouflauge in tree covered by snow..hmm lets see..

Krazy_Kirby • 6 months ago

%80 flashback, and they listed why those three are suspects 3 times....

Masumi • 6 months ago

Ooo, canon Conan case!

Sir Prise • 6 months ago

Are they still releasing fillers... Man. Let me check on it next year. I hope this one's canon.