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strange guy • 1 year ago

Finally some canon stuff

Skylark • 1 year ago

its disguise but seeing that kind of expression off from yusaku's face (at the entrancs) gives me chills. Their universe really ought to be thankful the guy aint on the 'bad' side xDD

And Speaking of looks, seeing shinichi in his child form looking worriedly at his sick parents is srsly heart tugging. It's so cuteee anddd well technically speaking he don't often see his parents plus the boy is pretty much in life-death situations given his condition so it's really just... 🥹🥹🥹

anywayyss Manga origs here we are T____T and this case is heart stopping one for several ways too mah hart asdfghjkl

doge_gaming • 1 year ago

escpecially the ending!

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

pretty sure the culprit gave them food poisoning

—— • 1 year ago

That intro was the longest screen time Yusaku ever got, he was able to make more than 5 sentences without the scene changing to someone else.

Christopher Cruz • 1 year ago

Man this episode felt so short! Also It's good to see Shinichi's parents again. I honestly wasn't expecting to see Kaito kid either!

hereforfun • 11 months ago

after 1070 episodes guys, the Kudo´s havent really learned anything about hiding Chinichi´s identity and discuss that sh1t in public where someone can hear them, as if he isnt hiding from superinteligent shady organisation of stone cold killers. Let that sink in....

Masumi • 1 year ago

Whooo, I love Conan / Kid cooperations XD

you wait to draw conclusions XD

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

his mom and vermouth are the best ones

doge_gaming • 1 year ago

milf hunters assemble!!

strange guy • 1 year ago

Yeah agreed

kanra • 1 year ago

ayeeee interesting case finally.

strange guy • 1 year ago

Finally kid kaito is back

Uffern • 1 year ago

iirc (from manga) this is canon so yall can watch it without skipping

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

wish heiji were here too

strange guy • 1 year ago

I mean the last time we saw all of them appear on screen was episode 345

christian engesæt • 8 months ago

So where in the hell did her e cups go i remeber Conan hiding in her tits and they were massive and now she is like Sera lmfao ya gooooo Jap fuckers cant even fucking draw shit

Secre Swallowtail • 9 months ago

Yappari, it's more exciting if Kid is in the episode. I wouldn't mind another Kid focused anime.

Jarl Qboyq • 10 months ago

I kind of wonder why the black organization didn't kill Yusaku if they killed Shinichi. He would definitely try to investigate if his son died and he's supposed to be the smartest guy on the show by a mile.

Miss_Missy_Liz • 1 year ago


kurama minamino • 1 year ago

Kaito Kid saving Kudo family.... Awww..... the way conan look at Kaito. hahahah

when the parents are sick, the child is stressed.

Mecazor • 1 year ago

ah we back to canon, since i have already read the chapter i think i remember who the culprit is

Mohammad Ali • 1 year ago

Canon is beautiful

bari • 1 year ago

kaito kid waa

bari • 1 year ago

omg cant wait!

千鶴 • 1 year ago

So... When is Heiji gonna make an appearance?

including this one, within two more cases.

nff • 1 year ago

Did they change kudo mom va?

strange guy • 1 year ago

No it’s still the same just she got a lot older