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JadeJade • 10 months ago

No bath scene this episode. Wowzers 😱

I like how that manager chick is animated in 2D

The chain effect storyline is pretty nice.

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

Nooooooooo!!!!!!! y no bath scene?! they broke that chain. >_<

Toxick • 10 months ago

Wait she was in 2D the whole time?!
Amazing, that simply shows how well made the CGI characters are, you don't even realise the difference when someone's 2D

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Them stealth tactics ain't very subtle lol.

lady vivi ★ • 10 months ago

Oh noooooo I have a huge crush on Tsubaki.

Lucyw18 • 10 months ago

lets goo mermi4d got my birthday month allso Arcana is a bloody fucking banger and its nice to see alter ego opening up to the public

Kanon • 10 months ago

Typhoon Rika, that will be interesting

MeguminExplosion • 10 months ago

That metal was 🔥

Christian Appel • 10 months ago

Good for Nagisa that Shinobu is her cousin and Kyoko´s girlfriend at once to tease them about their relationship.

Aoi x Tsubaki are as lovey-dovey as always while Hiiro x Nagisa totally failed their spy mission.

Muni, the cat looks exactly like yours - just admit it.

Arsyie Herbudi • 10 months ago

2D Talking to 3D

Jhanz Kun • 10 months ago

aww shit It's gonna be mermi4d's turn next week

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

Gokigenyo! I finally caught up with all the episodes... I know Airi's a badass since they have all that equipment in the basement.

Next up, I'll watch all the BanG Dream series... or maybe iDOLM@STER.

I've got a long road ahead of me. XD

wwlaos • 10 months ago

I'd recommend BanG Dream first, with the caveat that I pretty much hated the first season (I have an extreme aversion to Japanese people singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star five times per episode, and also anyone just singing "LALALALALALALALA~"), but getting through it is worthwhile. It's the better property, musically. But... you do what fits right for you.

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

Alright, BanG Dream it is then! Easier to complete since fewer episodes. I'll start this weekend.

I always see these girls when browsing for figures, but I don't know any of them so I don't buy. Once I get to know and fell in love with a character... my wallet's gonna be in trouble. T_T

so who's your fave gal? anyone I need to watch out for?

wwlaos • 10 months ago

Asking for best girl from BanG Dream? Oh god... >_<

All of them.

All of them except Kasumi. <_< Or ChuChu.

By group...
Poppin' Party is the main group as far as the anime is concerned, with four best girls (out of five members <_< ). I'll lift up Hanazono Tae (O-Tae) as one to watch here, but Yamabuki Saya is everyone's onee-san a wonderful choice, as well. Arisa starts out a bit weak, but never count out a twintailed tsundere. :P She becomes a yuri titan true contender for best girl later on. Rimi is adorable, but never really grew on me.

...then there's Toyama Kasumi. She's the Rinku of the group, but also the reason I hated season 1. I never forgave her. <_<

Afterglow, my personal favorite group of the franchise (for their music), also has my personal #1 girl of the franchise, Mitake Ran. Serious, driven, and loyal to her band family, she's the Dominic Toretto of the franchise. Haha, not really, but I have a a serious weakness for her. Badass calm punk drummer Tomoe and the ultra cheerful (and yuri-lover's choice) Himari are easy favorites as well, with Moca being a sleeper hit for fans of sleepy girls, but I'd personally push Tsugumi, the earnest, hardworking, and optimistic keyboardist, as the groups' #2 best girl.

Roselia is... as a D4DJ comparison... the Peaky P-key of the franchise. They're the big, popular group led by a perfectionist, and have some truly outstanding songs. For me, Roselia is a bit weak on the best girl front, but your mileage may vary. The leader of the group, Yukina, is a hard sell for me, as she's usually too aloof and elitist for my taste, but she does have a cute side. Occasionally. Sayo is another one that takes time to grow on you and only really comes into her own much later on. Rinko is almost too shy to even be cute, but as she overcomes her fears and comes out of her shell... slightly... she does get better. Energetic twintailed chuunibyo Ako is a great candidate for best girl, though, and while she doesn't really fit with the personalities of the other band members she's a huge factor in creating the group's image. I kind of love her to bits. Girl-next-door / onee-san Lisa is definitely the girl to beat for Roselia, though.

Hello, Happy World! is my personal second favorite band of the franchise. I would tell you that Michelle is the best girl of the entire series, but that's an inside joke you'll have to learn. :P Happy! Lucky! Smile! The incredibly bubbly, energetic, wild, and talented (and rich!) Kokoro is easy to love, but she's a bit too free-spirited to really get my vote for best girl. Flamboyant prince Kaoru is another that is easy to love, but way too over the top to be best girl. She is best prince, though, and beloved by all women. Airheaded and shy, with a poor sense of direction, Kanon's weirdness comes not from her energy, but from her clumsiness and love of jellyfish. She's cute, to be sure, but in a group that stands out too much, she's hard to notice. Energetic, athletic, slightly tomboyish, and ridiculously cute Hagumi is a terrific choice, but like most of HaroHappi's members, can be a bit too much at times. My favorite of the group, though, is Misaki. A serious and responsible "normal girl," she's the sarcastic straight man in a group of weirdos, but doesn't fade into the background like Kanon. She's the group's DJ, and also the woman behind the mask of the group's mascot Michelle.

Pastel Palettes is the idol group of the franchise, and while I don't care for them as a group, I will say that Eve and especially Maya are terrific. No, I don't have a lot to say here. Outside of Maya, who would make my top five list for the series, I just really don't care about them. >_>

Raise a Suilen is the supergroup of the franchise, hand-picked by annoying gremlin CHU^2 (ChuChu) to defeat Roselia. Absolute badass LAYER (Rei) is cool and mature, and probably the best vocalist of the franchise, and an easy pick for best girl of the group... if Rokka didn't exist. Unassuming badass LOCK (Rokka) is a kind, sweet, and shy girl who is a huge fan of Poppin' Party... and a goddess on guitar. She could easily be best girl of the franchise, unless you hate cute, shy girls who fangirl over other girls bands. Cute delinquent badass MASKING (Masuki) is my personal choice from the group; an amazing drummer, very passionate, and a secretly kind and considerate onee-san to her friends. Loyal dog PAREO (Reona) is a mixed bag for me... when ChuChu is around I can't stand her, but when she's away from ChuChu she is seriously amazing. Her background and true personality would absolutely put her near the top of the entire franchise, but her constantly following ChuChu around like a puppy and going on and on about how amazing "ChuChu-sama" supposedly is ruins the whole thing for me. Her entire personality whiplashes the instant ChuChu is involved, and I hate it. Speaking of which... arrogant and stubborn CHU^2 (Chiyo) is the producer and DJ of the group. She has a massive inferiority complex because of her mother (a famous violinist) and is constantly seeking to prove that she is better than everyone. I hate her. But somehow, a lot of people actually like her. I think she's the worst girl in the entire series, but you can decide for yourself when you meet her. :P

Glitter Green is a big deal in season 1, but not afterwards, for reasons. >_> The only things you need to know are that student council president Nanana is best girl forever and Hinako is not.

Hinako. Is. Not. >:| You'll probably like her, though. :P My hatred for season 1 of the anime makes Glitter Green into somewhat of a dead horse for me, so I don't have much to say here. :/

Morfonica has some great music, but outside of a 2-episode special, barely get any screen time in anime. I think they're in the Garupa Pico shorts, too, actually. Kitagawa Marin impersonator Extroverted, kind-hearted gyaru Touko is an easy pick, but if you like serious girls, then stoic, blunt beauty Rui is not to be missed. Clumsy and stubborn class president Tsukushi is seriously adorable, but needs more time on screen to develop. Weirdo genius Nanami is precious, and shy, imaginative Mashiro is... possibly on drugs... a lot of drugs. The entire group just needs more time to shine on screen, though. As an anime-only (I am absolute rubbish at music games) I barely know them at all.

Monkey D. Luna • 10 months ago

While reading your post I went bandoriDOTfandomDOTcom so I know who you're talking about and what they look like.

Poppin' Party - Based on what you said, I think I'll like Arisa. Sucker for twintailed tsunderes.

Afterglow - Character design-wise, Ran caught my attention coz of that red highlight on her hair.

Roselia - "Ako is a great candidate for best girl" ...I knew it! I saw a figure of her before, I don't know her, but I liked her already!

Hello, Happy World! - Misaki... Mascot? Ok, I think I like her.

Pastel Palettes - They are the cutesy group. Can't tell yet who I'll like.

Raise a Suilen - Based on surface level appearance alone, I find CHU^2 the cutest among the group. A big part of it is that cat ear headphone. We'll see if I'd get annoyed at her too. So she's kinda like Nico Yazawa. She's a polarizing character. Lots of fans and a lots of haters. And I love me some Nico-Nico-Nii. ...I like MASKING too, different type of cute, kinda looks like a delinquent.

Glitter Green - Nanana, hey I love me some bespectacled girls, so I like her already. Hinako, "You'll probably like her, though." ...I looked it up what do you mean by that... you're probably right. XD

Morfonica - Toko and Tsukushi caught my eye. Rui looks badass, not cute at all.

Thank you for that in-depth look at who's best girl. Your opinion was highly appreciated.

wwlaos • 10 months ago

I'm also a Nico fan. ;)

Haha, ChuChu definitely cute until she opens her mouth. :P

Rae Taylor • 2 months ago

All of them. Including Chu2 and Kasumi. If I had to choose 5 favorites it would me (not in order):
- Rimi-rin
- Yukina
- Kasumi
- Chu2
- Kokoro

For BanG Dream My Go!!!!!:
- Taki

Yeah, I think I'm going to drop this. It's just getting really boring and sticking around for the ending isn't worth it, anyway.

Araragigatari • 10 months ago

agreed. I remember liking Season 1 because it felt like they, and kinda myself, was learning about DJ music. It at least felt like there was potential for it to get even better. In this season the most interesting part, figuring out how to make an interesting song, is seen as a problem rather than a main point of interest in the plot of the show.

ThickSalami • 8 months ago

Rondo just earn some hearts with this brutality here (only wish they went a step further), that music was absolutely brimming with passion. It was absolutely awesome.

Pietje van Dongen • 10 months ago

Nyochio is real? i thought it was a stuffed one or is only Mk II a real one?
so i finally know the girl of the cafe, Airi.
it seems that airi is training tsubaki and kyoko.
hiiro acts and looks like a mother.
i beckoned you here Nyochio Mk II. the cat ¬_¬

wwlaos • 10 months ago

Typhoon Rikka incoming! Everyone take shelter immediately! D:

Marcelus • 10 months ago