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reese's • 6 months ago

next week is last episode :")
can't wait for the live action though!! i LOVE the casting!!!

Sweetreamer • 6 months ago


Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

Live action?!?!?! :O

reese's • 5 months ago

yess!! a live action was confirmed to air on April 14th

theultimategamer95 • 6 months ago

Week 23 of saying I hate how damn relatable this anime is (couldn't do this cause gogo fricked up lol, but still pretending I did)...

FFS Shun, way to ruin Souma's chance there!

Only 1 more week until we say goodbye to these cuties :(

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Nice we got to see them hang out together as 5 plus Souta, I was hoping we would get to see them all in the water together and doing more as a group but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

I like how Hayate accidently spoke out loud how he thought it was nice that were spending time together, the way he got embarrassed was cute, I'm sure Igarashi will write that moment in one of his books.

It's amusing how Shun prevented Souma from getting hit on by those two young women, I honestly thought that's why they went up to him in the first place.

I'm sad next week is the last episode, this has been such a great series to watch each week, this one of the likelier anime I'll rewatch in the future but hopefully there will be a second season.

Nymphaea • 6 months ago

Shun unintentionally blocking Souma but let's be real, Souma probably would've thought the girls were just being friendly without any ulterior motive lmao

Mima was a little too relatable this episode lol, working adult life really does make you forget to enjoy the simpler things in life. Good reminder to look up at the sky a little more

jazz passing by • 6 months ago

I think if Shun is not wearing the swimming equipment in his head, they both gonna hit on by those girls

It's good to see them in this episode. Looking forward to the last one

Mello Neko • 6 months ago

Nice wholesome episode as always, but I'm sad that there's only one more episode left

BaconandCabbage • 6 months ago

Shun just being proud about Hayate's knowledge. LOLs
The dude's swimming get up scared girls. 😣

Alex • 6 months ago

This anime should last forever, it gives such peaceful vibes that is actually one highlight point of the week

◄PartTimeNoob► • 6 months ago

Ikr ill miss it

Kazuma_the_stealer • 6 months ago

Only one ep left🥲

Vince :D • 6 months ago

so comfy

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

I want beachy FOODDD!!!

PicHor • 6 months ago

stepping on sth right off on the beach is such a me thing too

elconut • 6 months ago

I hope they also gonna post Petit Cool Doji Danshi no Hitokoma !!

reese's • 6 months ago

- "did you bring something else to change into?"

- MIMA RUNNING MIMA RUNNING (he looks so good so fine)

- i remember when we forgot to bring the pump to the beach as well and i got stuck with blowing all of them manually... THERE WERE LIKE 7 OF THEM

- "pacific dotted butterflyfish"
"do you know a lot about biology??"
"no, i used to look at picture encyclopedias a lot as a kid, so i randomly remembered it"
and then him thinking that now they think he is trying to show off LMAOO RELATABLE BECAUSE I WOULD SAY THE MOST RANDOM PIECE OF INFO IN THE MIDDLE OF CONVERSATIONS when i don't even know where ik this info from


- i am so proud of souma :") the way he is going with his passion and is trying his best TT also the way he asks mima for advice :") i love how they depend on the adults while also being friends with them it is so cutee

- also i really love how even though mima is the adult in the group (along with igarashi of course but this is about mima lol) he still learns some things from them!! i really really love this anime so much :")

- "everyone is enjoying the summer! I'll see what it's all about"
not even a second later *steps on coral and dies* LMFAOOO unlucky indeed

- "shun... why are you wearing goggles even ON LAND?"
"they act as sunglasses"
"they'll probably leave much clearer tan lines than sunglasses..."
"oh!!" *takes them off*
"cool now it's easier to walk with you"
idk why but this conversation made me laugh so hard LMFAOO

- "she's probably thinking whether to choose them or not"
shun really says the most mature rational things without realizing (he just says the truth in your face and the truth hurts LOL)

- honestly my first thought was that the girl cannot choose from the samples he sent because they are all pretty...

haelnodnarb • 6 months ago

shut the fuck up x2

reese's • 6 months ago


0_0 • 2 weeks ago

Mima is definitely the best character

Sylis Nolan • 5 months ago

Not the second last episode cliffhanger! I'm gonna miss this one so much :((

F4834N • 5 months ago

seeing Shun so proud and triumphant because his sensei knows a lot was adorable 😂 👍

Fuck Me • 6 months ago

I'm very satisfied even it's only 7-8 minutes 😍

DjDagi • 6 months ago

if you are reading, it's already too late. you've entered the curse of peepee poopoo man. if you do not share this on 5 other anime, a kfc smelling man with black eyes and a ****-stained dress will stare at you through the night. you have 5 days until he rips you apart with his razor-sharp teeth during sleep. (I'm sorry... I was a victim like you I need to be freed from this curse.)

elconut • 6 months ago

sounds fun, lets try not sharing

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 6 months ago

Okay, so when Soma has a wardrobe malfunction and is unfazed by it, the ladies love him. But when I have a wardrobe malfunction they ask how I managed to get my fly undone and forgot to wear underwear