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Demonic Flame • 2 years ago

To everyone wondering, all gogo comments prior to 19/7/2021 have been deleted due to some technical issues, the staff has been trying to retrieve it but not successful as of now. So yes, RIP to every single comment of this site, we just lost a part of anime history.

Donald J Trump • 2 years ago

Lmao, suckers, mine are still up.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez • 1 year ago

fuck u trump

Bernard Guiterrez • 2 years ago

Lol.. I was wondering as well, where did all comments go? This answered my curiosity.. :D

Mr_knight • 1 year ago

Rip , to old comments , may the memories rest in peace

So that's what happened damn :(

spamacchf • 2 years ago

My comment also got deleted😭😭

Lunchbox15 • 2 years ago

I'm guessing it has something to do with the domain change.

Kuroba Calysta • 2 years ago


Kuroneko-sama • 2 years ago


Zavanna • 2 years ago

Guess there's a silver lining cause I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's always on the lookout for spoilers lol. Frustrated me to no end whenever I'd get to read one. Eventually became a game cause you can't let 'em deject you or else you'd just yeet yourself out of existence

strange guy • 1 year ago

Just make your own

gloomy lad • 2 years ago

RIP to those 6 to 7 years old comments

<LUCIFER> 《SENPAI》9x9 • 2 years ago

Same my Tooo :( rest in peace

SilverSoul • 2 years ago

Oh, what happened?.....

lovestay • 2 years ago

gogoanime reset all comment in all episode of all anime

lovestay • 2 years ago

agree or not detective conan have the best main plot story

potato • 2 years ago

yes amazing plot but god IT'S SO LONNGGGGGG thank god it doesn't have one piece recapping and pacing though I quit then came back then quit then now I'm back hope i don't quit again

strange guy • 1 year ago

Fair enough

Kalgeriax 101 • 1 year ago

You mad at One Piece Recap? Naruto Shippuden even worst.

strange guy • 1 year ago

Yeah Naruto shippuden fillers are pretty bad

strange guy • 1 year ago

One thing for sure it’s easy to understand the plot

Sofisticated Doge • 2 years ago

much intelligent
such hooman
many episodes
so scare

dark flame master • 2 years ago

ran look like has cat ear in the picture cover ^_^

Zero IQ • 2 years ago

I can't unsee...

Jane • 2 years ago

This anime is really good
I remember watching it when I was a kid and I believe this was what got me into anime

I wish it would end already, it's been ongoing for a long time... I just wanna know what happens in the main story but most of those episodes are fillers :(
At this rate it doesn't seem like it will end any time soon.

khushwantist . • 1 year ago

It will take few more years probably since we already are on Rum. We should see who the boss is in some years, lol

strange guy • 1 year ago

Probably eventually

No one • 2 years ago

One of the Best Anime out there !!!

strange guy • 1 year ago

I can see why but too bad not all of it’s episodes are released on crunchyroll

Mr_knight • 10 months ago

Started watching this anime from episode 80 on 9 August 2023 at 9:35 pm

Damn , this anime was stucked in my bookmarks for more than 2 years , finally continuing this ,

Ninotard_p • 10 months ago

Same situation back then..but i just caught up rn trust me it's all worth it

Mr_knight • 9 months ago

Ooo , okay I'll watch it at slow pace 😃

Mena Ismail • 1 year ago

This legend that I used to watch decades ago on TV from episode to episode, hear about from my friends and read about here and there is still ongoing and I haven't probably watched it yet... I wonder when the day will come lol

strange guy • 1 year ago

Me too you should once the author says it’s ending soon

manying • 10 months ago

FOREVER LOYAL TO THIS ANIME. If only there were more black organisation vs conan showdowns

Ninotard_p • 10 months ago


Ninotard_p • 10 months ago

Even as a kid, conan never aged wtf not even a single vague birthday ep in 1094 episodes, OVA series etc.

Ninotard_p • 10 months ago

What day of the week does new episode usually comes out?

funny valentine • 8 months ago

saturday night/sunday

Generik Erik • 1 year ago

He's never gonna get his real body back is he?

khushwantist . • 1 year ago

May be, maybe not. I really wish he gets his body back and he end up with Ran. She really deserves to be with Kudo, I have never seen a girl waited for a guys for so long without cheating one, lol

aTEKIDA • 2 years ago

Great anime but too many fillers

strange guy • 1 year ago

It’s one of the longest anime and best selling manga that isn’t one piece or dragonball

Dragnorock • 3 months ago

And those have fillers for days themselves.

aTEKIDA • 1 year ago

I see

LesK • 2 years ago

aight, just finished all 130 of Funi's dubs. so i'm here for the subs. 1st time watching Conan. and it's not all that good in too many places. but it is generally entertaining for the times when i have insomnia.

strange guy • 1 year ago

To me it’s entertaining despite some episodes feeling meh

momo • 2 years ago

lets start from episode 1 in 2022

LesK • 2 years ago

yup, i just started that challenge in dubs. just finished episode 130, Funimation's final episode tonight. now, i'm off to the subs.