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GJYYNGII • 1 year ago

So, I'm guessing that episode 51 will be the final episode of Bottleman DX? I gotta say, this show is pretty good. I've been binge watching this series out of sheer curiosity since late 2022, and I'm already loving it. I think Shiman, Tsubasa, and Haku are my favorites in this. Cota is pretty cool, too, since he has shown a lot of courage and doesn't back down from anything at all.

Choking Crimzon • 1 year ago

always update your firewalls/security - never know when a certain "imp" with a inferiority complex over a game of bottle caps will attack you

theultimategamer95 • 1 year ago

Annnnnnnnnnnd there it is, the dumb AI thing again. RIP.

Sparkling Nova, huh... My boi Cota has ascended!

I knew the 3 champions would be beaten easily, but not THAT easily, wtf. Gotta say though, I still can't get enough of Citrus' theme, it's so good! Really wish it was uploaded somewhere (why is this anime so obscure, dammit).

Also, cute smile from Seimei after that fight. Does beg the question as to why he didn't just go for the win, and instead took a pause though...