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arra1213 • 5 months ago

whats wrong arumi? if youre not gonna stay then im not gonna stay either lol

Grandpa Lampshade • 5 months ago

So they're going full corporate. It's never pleasant to go full corporate.

Beastiestmode • 5 months ago

they should be using that island as a monster farm just need some jurassic park level walls x 5 to keep the villagers safe. that old bastard was insane. why does it sound like today was his first day in the mech and he doubled down when he was drunk after work. was he drunk on the job too? he used to be cool all this shit came outta left field.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

Namari is savage with those shots lmao. And I have to agree with Okino in this one, that big dude is too hot-headed and act as he please without thinking about the consequences. Ofc, Okino is the same but less than him. It looks like more drama next episode. And I have to agree with Arumi since she's one of the victims of this company, their company make a mess and NAMIDOME has to clean up after them just to get swallow up by them and become their underdog. That company should help them financially not to swallow their whole company to make them yours. Well, it can't be help when expense is the main problem for them even if you have to swallow your pride. Let's see how they will solve this problem.

ryukimega • 5 months ago

They dont have SHIT against the main companny, its only personal vendetta and individual testimonies, they do anything and NAMIDOME is terminated with everyone losing their jobs and probably never working again, narumi is less than dust to then and her vendetta cause of the lost dog is insignificant

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Nice episode.

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Muto was a crazy man, yet a great fighter.

ryukimega • 5 months ago

Why is everyone on this series so infuriating ?
An engineer with his head on the clouds with no real achievments under his belt

A middle aged employee with nostalgia thats inflexible and believe in doing this based on feelings and not on planning who also is very averse to any kinda of change, the type who would spit on a wound and tell its fine

A self-centered inflexible new employee who follows the manual too strictly and who is horrible in interpersonal relationships

Weak minded company leader that has no backbone

Another inflexible accountant who acts like he's the boss but whose job is only to approve or deny expenses

and now the only character that was responsible and mature says "if you wont expose this gigantic multinational company who pays everyone's sallary and sustain over half the island population with their job offers then i'm quitting"


Angelione • 5 months ago

More like they all shortsighted and I dunno why they were made that way.
Average real life humans are more perceive than characters in this anime.
There no actual plot in this anime. Or plot is more on background?
That's why focus is more on character interactions within company and how they work together.
Giant Beast hunting takes like 20%-30% of episode if not less.
Arumi in next episode probably realize that its not company that important but people she worked months with, and get back.
Personally, I like this anime, but its understandable to me why it have low viewership.

ryukimega • 5 months ago

This anime feels like "goverment is bad, farmers are good, companies are bad" the animation

Glinda • 5 months ago


Angelione • 5 months ago

Well, mc act like an asshole. But he still saying stuff, that need to be aware of.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Quick witted of Okino to text the robot right there löl :3

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

This episode made me like Muto even more lol

Angelione • 5 months ago

Namari be like: "I'm just built different."

C'est la vie • 5 months ago

Now for another episode of Ballbusters!

Reemus • 5 months ago

Now imagine the Washizu guy is proposing all this just to fuel his ulterior motives, and use Namidome in his scheme to make more money out of the beasts. The 101 of capitalism.

Namico • 5 months ago

I ll miss namidome name too. BTW merger stuff is never a good thing.

bari • 5 months ago