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Diksis • 1 year ago

Boruto is fire again 🔥🔥🔥 and 79th chapter put Boruto series on another level.

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

Just one more episode and we go into hiatus unfortunately.

Diksis • 1 year ago

I don't think it's unfortunate, if they come back with better quality and give manga time to build up material. I personally skip all the anime original episodes.

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

they always animate manga content well anyways.

Bobby Kuhn • 1 year ago

You optimists crack me up. "Better quality", oh they're suddenly getting a bigger budget at their studio for a subpar anime? SEEMS unlikelyyyyy.

David Aguinaga • 1 year ago

Then why are you here watching it if you clearly don't like it?

Shinpei • 1 year ago


Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

The Pandemic can't be consider a hiatus. Unless you want them to die working during the pandamic. Technically this is the first Hiatus.

Steeltoe • 1 year ago

Pandemic happened 3 years ago, using it currently is just an excuse.

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

Which is why this is the first hiatus and pandemic is ignored.

Hooman Amin • 1 year ago

its just 5 weeks everyone needs to be more chill about this..

Lenroy Lewis • 1 year ago

and then we wait for a long time to find out that its still the same

Agissea • 1 year ago

"give manga time" given 1 episode can be several chapters, how could there even be a manga advance, even with all the fillers ? (since they need Canon Boruto ep too at some point or risk losing viewers -those watching ads and paying goodies, not on pirate website ofc)

Matt90210 • 1 year ago

Why 1left, if they end it where the current chapter ends it'll make the perfect ending and pickup for next season

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

How are you going to tell them where and when they should end the anime lmao?? Just YOU THINK it's best to end at current chapter, doesn't mean they do, since you know, they’re the CREATORS of the anime and know where it's going and what direction...

Matt90210 • 1 year ago


ZappyZubeir • 1 year ago

That shoulda let this one be the final episode, but unfortunately just for profits they had to give people the motivation to come back for more.
If I made Boruto I would have kept trolling everyone lol!

Travis Rice • 1 year ago

Hopefully they do a time-jump when they come back. I went back to watch the intro to the first episode. It looks like we are getting close to that.

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

but the manga hasn't reached the time skip yet which is pretty much being setup right now. One or two more chapters and the Manga Time skip might be here.

Where’s my darling? • 1 year ago

The fight was lit, the animation was top tier and everything was solid cool!

Ny3 • 1 year ago

Was a nice chapter yeah.

Mr.Cookie • 9 months ago

really took 6 years for it to be fire dats crazy lol

Rayquaze • 1 year ago

I really appreciate the concern that Kawaki want's to protect Naruto but it's a shame to watch Naruto behind someone and being protected(And here I was thinking Naruto will use some cool, new power). Fight between Boruto and Kawaki was good (Especially when Kawaki used his eye, and also summoned those gaint cubes), Overall episode was good but I am really disappointed in Naruto...he has been nerfed, I don't think he'll fight ever again . IG its really time for new gen to take over.

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

Borushiki definitely has the potential to win in taijutsu especially if he used Boruto's Gentle Palm technique. Unfortunately the fact is that Naruto is just too shocked to move especially seeing that Momoshiki is using his son's body to attack him

Kuchizuke • 1 year ago

Me too, but at the same time it would hurt seeing Naruto fight cause the way they nerf him and Sasuke...

Endariel • 1 year ago

Yeah the nerfing of Naruto (and Sasuke too) really starts to annoy me.

Agissea • 1 year ago

because if not, there was no way Boruto (and company) could fight a "Momoshiki GOD" (and the cyborgs and Amado) no ? (and not be killed in ep1 (the movie and then the anime fight too)

Plus the cyborg characters too strong for most ninja too. (hence Boruto being often saved by Momoshiki who doesn't want to lose Boruto's body -for some reason, he needed Code to remind him "hey, kill Naruto using Boruto while he can't move, funny no ?")

This is the problem with boruto, they brought the god beings in way too early... Let them actually build their powers instead of just giving them super saiyjan transformations.

Steeltoe • 1 year ago

They could be the only one due to their karma, rinnegan or 9 tail wouldnt mean shit in the end, naruto is also from uzumaki clan he could possibly have more powerful tools to deal with "gods" than some random sennin mode but obviously nobody ever cared to teach him how to control the death.

yo • 1 year ago

How can naruto use some cool new power? that would really be out of the blue and become a big plot hole. Yes, even the baryon mode is also one of the biggest plot holes of the show, along with kakashi's susanoo way back in naruto shippuden. i dont want any of those plot holes again. its better to see something that's backed up by proper logic and plot

Suraj Vinod • 1 year ago

That's what always happens in DB after all lol. Everytime Goku got a new power up for no reason at all.

Steeltoe • 1 year ago

Gokus saiyajin and since the beginning as vegeta used to say Saiyajins have no limits.

Kyuubi Kitsune-san • 1 year ago

Most likely back in Shippuden, he'd use shadow clone first before brawling himself in times like this, so what happened to the konoha's no. 1 ninja at surprising? It's not like Boruto has already surpassed current Naruto yet to not do that or that even Byakugan users can see through unless it's just clone jutsu, not shadow clone jutsu. And why didn't he use multi shadow clone at least to pull some tactic or distraction against the enemies?

MeganeMogwai • 1 year ago

It's like when you play an RPG and the terrifying Mid-boss joins your party after you've fought him and he's got all the strength of a toothpick.

Diksis • 1 year ago

Iam actually shocked how good this episode was😯

Cataclysmic • 1 year ago

Same! Although the fights are kinda dull with only mediocre taijutsu sequences.

strange guy • 1 year ago

I disagree I think the fights are good when you rewatch it

Monkey Dollar. Luffy • 1 year ago

Pierrot snapped with Borushiki vs Kawshiki. They about to end Boruto part 1 off with a banger.

14:26 Naruto vs Sasuke final valley reference

Solar • 1 year ago

I know that fire style that kawaki using boruto’s hand with his own to make the fire style sign, was exactly like how it happened with Naruto’s and sasuke’s Battle the second time in the final valley!

Reemus • 1 year ago

It's not really a reference, top-tier close-combat fights always had ninja weave signs through their opponents.

brianuuu • 1 year ago

of course it's not a reference, they literally trace the animation to recycle it and only made a bit tiny changes, lazy fuckers

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

You seem as mad as your profile picture...

brianuuu • 1 year ago

I'm very much disappointed than mad at all

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

You mad...

penislol • 1 year ago

bro its obviously a reference, why would they do all this animation(which looks amazing btw) just to cheap out on one scene. like i cant believe you would call them lazy after watching that episode's animation and knowing how shit animation job's hours are

brianuuu • 1 year ago

a "reference" does not trace the animation 1 to 1 and should feel inherently different from the original, when Kawaki strike Boruto it's literally frame by frame traced from VS Garou, they are the EXACT same. Naruto doing the Sasuke combo against Isshiki is a great example what a "reference" should be

Gherbi Med YaçiNe • 1 year ago

1 more episode then it's sayonaraaa mina-san

Shouma • 1 year ago

Only one more episode? I was hoping they would adapt everything before the timeskip.

Gherbi Med YaçiNe • 1 year ago

yup, sadly.

Shinpei • 1 year ago