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Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

And that's it, everyone. We finally reached the end of season 6. NGL, I feel like season 4 and 5 was a bit dragging but at least it started picking up the pace in season 6. The next season, though. It will be running at full speed. There will be no more build-up and side steps. It will be pure action. Please be ready for the war.

And I never expected to see Stars And Stripes in this season. That was a nice surprise.

Uraraka almost got tentacle play from Deku. Calm down boy. This is not that kind of genre.

See you again next season.

AnimatorME • 1 year ago

I feel each season plays a role the "dragging" ones are more like built-up, so it's necessary. let them cook

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

Yes, they are all necessary build-ups and I understand that.

Lugaw Ay Essential • 9 months ago

The cake is a kick

Billy Bob • 1 year ago

let us eat cake!

Hallreaver • 1 year ago

The Cake is Fake!

Nova Aren • 11 months ago

The cake is a lie!

Kirito • 1 year ago

This season showing us dark deku or vigilante deku was fast like he just left and got dirty and comeback and that's it

Sol • 1 year ago

Bro S4 was fire what? Endeavor vs High End still the best fight in my book.

ChiliPot • 1 year ago

imo S4 picked up nearer to its end, as there was still a lot of build up and exposition. . . Mind you, we needed said build up to get here lol.

ShadowDivz • 1 year ago

Without build up there's no pay off. If you just have straight up fights; then you're basically just watching two piles of meat ram into each other.

Emperor_Zell • 1 year ago

Freedom is on its way

Japan better hide their oil

japan has no oil

Lord Phazer • 1 year ago

Japan has Sakuradite!!!!!!!!

tf is that ?

Lord Phazer • 1 year ago

Code geass

Snorlax • 1 year ago

Wrong timeline there bud

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

Dumb people say dumb shii, what can you expect lol.

Lion • 1 year ago

but Japan has weapons :3 (unlike you know..)

Psicore • 1 year ago


OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago


ChiliPot • 1 year ago

And she's riding with a squad of stealth bombers no less, hot damn

Star looks like the lady version of All Might

Prodigy96 • 1 year ago

Lol your pretty much right. Stars and Stripes is sorta All Might's Protégé (if you don't count Midoriya). She respects him so much, she designed her hero suit like his

Ian Nava H • 1 year ago

Makes sense......

To be fair, I can see Deku and Bakugo doing the same (or at least considering it early on)

Raiyuki • 1 year ago

Well remember Deku's original costume was largely his tracksuit but also a goofy rendition of All Might's smiling face.

Warhion • 1 year ago

Bakugo no he always want better and better as his hero nickname

Kusuo Saiki • 1 year ago

*Marvel fans watching a wonder woman movie*
-Phone rings -
Wonder women: Gotta go help all might in Japan, CYA!
-Movie abruptly ends with her flying away-

something tells me you neither know marvel stuff nor wonder woman stuff
since wonder woman is from dc and no marvel

savi • 1 year ago

Marvel fans are allowed to watch DC movies too!!

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

Did you see the gah damn comment idiot?! At least go read the original comment then Takayuki's comment right after, because you'd see how dumb and completely irrelevant your comment is smh. Just stay quiet next time bud.

savi • 1 year ago

I made a comedic point about Takayuki's comment being irrelevant as it really doesn't matter what fandom you are a part of. The irrelevant info in Kusuo Saiki's comment was "Marvel fans watching", because it doesn't matter who is watching the movie. You dum dum. You could easily make the world a better place by not commenting on anything ever again. Go live on a deserted island you utter nincompoop.

Mikaru Kaguya • 9 months ago

bru, like half or more of twitter needs to se your comment, not just see it but understand it too. and hopefully also run off to said deserted island.

Kusuo Saiki • 1 year ago

Close enough

wonder woman is trash.

Sven Stevenson • 1 year ago

I think it was entirely with how they presented S4/5 That said season 4 was still enjoyable.

S5 fell flat, I was hyped for it too as the chapters in the manga were far more hype than what we ended up getting in the anime.

S6 was an amazing and great return to form. Hope S7 will keep up that energy... Also hope they wait off on S7, manga isnt finished but it's clear that things will wrap up soon (ish like we're in the final act if not the final scene in the final act)

Danyon • 1 year ago

Really, I think that every season has been beyond perfection. I actually started reading the Manga around the end of the Sports Festival Arc because I couldn't wait, so I already know what's gonna happen next season.

But am super hyped for it, as nothing beats watching the anime and hearing the voices, and music etc... so yeah.

This is gonna be good!

Scarlet Rose • 1 year ago

Sorry for the long text 😅

I do that too sometimes 😅

I read the entire demon slayer (kimetsu no yaiba) manga as soon as the 1st season ended because I couldn’t wait for the next season and then I was actually more excited to watch the anime than before.

I read the whole manga of bleach after the anime ended because I wasn’t expecting it to get a next season after that but when I heard that it will come back in 2020 I waited for it to come out but it kept getting delayed so I thought it got cancelled but this year it came out and I watched every episode the day it was uploaded on the internet. By now I have forgotten most of what happened in the manga so it’s like I’m watching it for the first time 😅

I waited almost 10 years for the next season of D-gray man and I started to read the manga and when I caught up with the recent chapter the first episode of the 2013 season came out and I was shocked because I thought that people forgot about it but it ended so soon only 13 episodes 🥹😢😭 and then the manga released 1 chapter in 9-12 months 🥹😢😭 and I had to read it again from the beginning every time because I forgot the entire story by the time the next chapter came out 😅 I’m still waiting for the next chapter because it’s the climax of the manga story and I really want to know the mystery that I’ve been waiting for all these years and I want to know how it ends 🥹 Yes I’m that stubborn 😂 it’s weird I know 😅 (I didn’t stop living my life to wait for it I’m not dumb).

Granddaddy • 4 months ago

damn d-gray man, you are my generation

ShadowDivz • 1 year ago

D-Gray man getting that short season is one of the greatest tragedies of human kind. Right up there with Hajime no Ippo not getting another anime and the rape of nanjing. xD (dark humor)

Billy Bob • 1 year ago

rule 34 artists were getting ideas

goob1in • 1 year ago

they porbably got the most ideas when the words "put that black thing away" were said

OfficialDrixMalone • 1 year ago

It couldn't of been said, since blacks don't exist in most anime series aha.

Alexis • 1 year ago

But instead in almost every anime , speaking cats exist...😂😂😂😂

how many live in japan, not many. thats why some animes have them. durrarara

goob1in • 1 year ago


Rimuru Tempest • 1 year ago

Momo is already giving proper mom vibes.

Bouncer Amg • 4 months ago

Agreed! Best waifu vibes :3

Jibril • 1 year ago

This is all fight though? Have you forgotten the Liberation arc? After that, it jumped to Deku fighting villains by himself. I can't believe people still thinks this is slow. Like do they want something like arifureta where they crammed the entire volume in a single episode?