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Kwarevo • 6 months ago

News: Blue lock anime will get S2 and movie plans

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 6 months ago

Movie will adapt the Episode Nagi spinoff, for those interested.

Blue Lock is especially hype 'cause the MC actually loses sometimes... Which is what makes it all the more hype as well as scary in every match lol.

✔️RadAnimeBro ✔️ • 6 months ago

on GOD
Its impressing how you watched this without the sub while people like me
are using google translate
I swear to god imma try learrn Japanese

edit: I just finished watching the episode now and now I feel happy
And i guess i am off to S2 ohh nvm theres gonna be one more episode before its off to S2

vovan1 • 6 months ago

What do you expect, we been at this so long, we devoured Nihon language. xD

Kirito • 4 months ago

I can't believe it that kunigami didn't make it and reo got picked and we saw kunigami frustrated in the end

Sreejan Sinha • 6 months ago

i only chsnged cuz there was no more dub lol

Albedio • 6 months ago

that crazy guy who outed kunigami actually wanted to physically attack isagi?wouldnt that get him disqualified straightaway?
haha,it seems the traitor of team z eventually didnt make it anyway.

Kirito • 4 months ago

I kinda miss team z I thought they were all gonna make it looks like the people that has a color in their hair is the only one who make it even that goal keeper dude from team z didn't make it we didn't even see him got a goal

Albedio • 4 months ago

wonder when will the new episode/season start.

Talos darkbane • 6 months ago

It is really not that hard to learn to understand Japanese there are many apps you can get that make it relatively hassle free to study. Now writing kanji is a pain in the butt. Duolingo is actually one of them and has become pretty popular.

Felix Ciocalteu • 6 months ago

there are other streaming sites with eng subs

Youllneverknowmynamehaha • 6 months ago

which ones

Go on animix.
They recommend a few different possibilities

Felix Ciocalteu • 6 months ago

Kayo Anime

Craft GamerZ • 6 months ago

you sure there's another episode??

✔️RadAnimeBro ✔️ • 6 months ago

tbh idk but i hope so

Del • 6 months ago

I see the eng subs now

Adith Vas • 6 months ago


Justin Posey • 6 months ago

lol just bookmark other anime sites for when gogo is drunk and posts the wrong video, so you can watch it on there, animix is a great one

KNightMaerMCYT • 5 months ago

When dud?

Oviej • 6 months ago

They better. Imo, Blue Lock is on par w/ Prince of Tennis.

Kusuo Saiki • 6 months ago

It's definitely better than POT. POT is the same thing every episode.

Oviej • 6 months ago

Yeah, POT was cool in its early days, now I guess it is just redundant these days. The great thing about Blue Lock right now is that it is in its early stage where anything could happen.

Kirito • 4 months ago

Blue lock is kinda hype to watch

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

Prince of Tennis cannot be compared to this masterpiece. That is more sports based and the theme of 'cool and handsome guys' type of thing girls love more. THIS is pure intensity, drama and competition at the highest possible level in football!

Kaidoscope • 6 months ago

ohhhh so thats how theyre going to do the u-20 match

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

WOHOOOO!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!! When is the new season and the movie? :)

GreenTea Gal • 6 months ago


Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Damn Kunigami not getting through was so surprising, when I saw Reo I thought he would be the last one but Reo was there because he was chosen over him, that sucks man.

I was wondering as well who from Team Z would make it nice to see Gagamaru and Raichi make it, I'm surprised by Igarashi making it though. I guess we'll never see striker Iemon lol, he will forever be a goalkeeper in our memories.

I laughed so hard when Alex said "Move, I'm not interested in male bodies." that was way too funny.

DarkkL • 6 months ago

i came well prepared to see Kunigami not making it cuz of a spoiler I saw in YT but still got me sad. He was one of my fav characters cuz of his kindness and insane mid range shooting skills but sad to say he didnt fit within Ego's ideology

Triduo • 6 months ago

Don't worry ! He'll come back later...

Renaud • 6 months ago

Ego's ideology is one of someone who doesn't know a thing about soccer though. Goalkeepers? Defenders? Midfielders?... Never heard of it XD

But I've been really surprised and sad about Kunigami not making it. And Happy to see M'Bappe in World 5 ^^

"Not knowing a thing about soccer"
Prime Ego: 🌚

Kirito • 4 months ago

That's probably why that tanned dude didn't choose kunigami because he's not selfish

JDC • 6 months ago

to me, he's a walmart great value generic brand of a midrange striker vs barou which is literally the organic and expensive whole foods version of a midrange striker.

meat • 5 months ago

he'll come back, in the manga he entered a "wild card" or something room...

tbschen • 6 months ago

well, bye bye with the kindness part

Kirito • 4 months ago

Looks like being kind and nice will only make you lose time to be the bad boy

eric23443219091@gmail.com • 6 months ago

he did fit he just got unlucky match up etc rin should chose him or nagi over isagi but protagonist plot armor

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

Ichigo was in the wrong anime, all there was to it.

Ayan Joshi • 6 months ago

I hope he replaces the injured guy, that's the only way I see them bringing back Kunigami. But if he's gone for good then rip

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

That's actually what I was expecting lol. We'll see in next season whether that what will happen.

XD • 6 months ago

i dont see it happening. There's currently 34 players. The next selection is to select players for the game so prob will only keep 18 people. Why wud they need kunigami at all esp when hes trash? We alll know this aint tht kind of anime.

eric23443219091@gmail.com • 6 months ago

kunigami not trash dude is actually better than alot of players that manage pass selection he had poor match up that it lol also he better than reo he didnt get pick was because bias opinion not skill also ryusei is like barou no chemical reaction I mean kunigami can still pass and defense but he chose strategist instead also so far currently reo kind meh

eric23443219091@gmail.com • 6 months ago

also currently kunigami is only one who manage gain same ability as #1 striker in world and only him meaning he vastly superior than everyone else

RestingMouse37 • 6 months ago

Kunigami will be recruited by U-20 team, that's my guess.

Navi • 6 months ago

I don't think that'll happened, because if Blue Lock loses to u-20 team, blue lock would be no more. Ego-sama probably wouldn't add extra stress on top of them. The next selection would probably be to see who gets on the team and play against u20.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 6 months ago

Tbf, I was expecting Kunigmi not to get chosen even without the manga. He was the only one on par with Isagi at being too kind for this type of world, and Isagi being the MC there was no way he wouldn't get chosen... Shidou on the other hand is a great antagonist, but he's not better than Rin.

eric23443219091@gmail.com • 6 months ago

kunigami better than reo he didnt get pick because other dude and him would not have chemical reaction because ryusie like be like barou pretty much having a whole team that are barou types is night mare no defense