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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Blue Giant
Source: Manga.
Genre: Music, seinen, (mild drama).
(Known for Youjo Senki, 2 FLCL spinoffs/sequels, Deca-Dance, and Fall 2023 anime BullBuster.)

Personal thoughts:
As one of the few that went to the cinemas too see this. This was a great movie with great music and animation but the story started out slow but build up pretty well and very few franchises does work with Jazz music ^^

8/10 movie and Studio Nut did great job with this. But I can't say the same about they're Bullbuster anime though (>_>)

I had to edit a couple of things.

arra1213 • 4 months ago

arumi is 10/10 lol

Seeker • 4 months ago

As someone who read the manga, this was a treat, the adaptation studio left nothing to complain about. The music was fucking lit as well

monkh • 4 months ago

The CGI. But I'll take it nonetheless.

strange guy • 4 months ago


arra1213 • 4 months ago

finally great music anime xd

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

And the music is lit in this ^^

arra1213 • 4 months ago

cant wait to finish watching this before the month ends lol

strange guy • 4 months ago

It sure took a while to come out here

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

A lot quicker than I expected imo,

strange guy • 4 months ago

Could have happened 2 months ago honestly

arra1213 • 4 months ago

this will do while waiting for my favorite sound ufo xd

strange guy • 4 months ago

You know about time this anime movie was released

~YajLa~ • 4 months ago

Another "Blue" anime to add on my list...

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

I saw this movie last month in theaters subbed on a Sunday!

My screening was packed and I gotta say, I enjoyed the movie!

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

It was so good but It wasn't packed where I saw it if anything there was like only like 10 people tops.

Watchforever • 4 months ago

Good to know everyone enjoyed it

DarkManifesto00 • 4 months ago

Dang, the ending was sad, but it was a really good way to end it. Instead of continuing their whole lives, they just put their future selves as a flash forward and ended it with a cliffhanger. The writing here was amazing.

monkh • 4 months ago

It's not really a cliffhanger. That's basically how the manga ends. But then it goes on in a new serie. Just read it; you won't regret it.

Ohm Dollizon • 4 months ago

I love this movie! Amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

DarkManifesto00 • 4 months ago

This is Jojo's father!!!

Yui • 4 months ago

This was so good. It’s been a while since I’ve liked something this much. Now I really gotta go hear my dad play his clarinet.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Awww this was good :3 sooo pretty too :3
So open ended though… Is Dai going to make it? :o

V.P • 4 months ago

Never thought that I will watch anime of this genre, but it was great. Honestly the ending was a big disappointment, I will give it 8/10.

monkh • 4 months ago


Frosted Heart • 4 months ago


shadow • 2 months ago

What an epic and wonderful ending.

Ssoso • 2 months ago

Do you think there will be a sequel to the movie?

Shen • 3 months ago

i might learn an instrument too.

Shen • 3 months ago

Made me want to listen to some nice jazz music.

Władysław Farat • 3 months ago

This music visualization are so good it made me like jazz :D

Haruka • 4 months ago

10/10 I loved blue giant the music and the performances, the people we saw kept coming to watch I'm sad JASS broke up but they will be even more amazing in the future and meet each other again.

NooBile Anime • 4 months ago

No need to answer my question. I now know why hehehe

NooBile Anime • 4 months ago

why most of the anime that shows art and music associated with blue? just asking

Psychodeathspaz • 4 months ago

10 out of 10
Haven't read the manga but I loved every second of it thought I was gana fall asleep when I picked doto watch it boy was I surprised

thenastymail@gmail.com • 4 months ago

Pretty good movie. Jazz is not my cup of tea but still solid movie overall.
Cliffhangar at the end points at another movie perhaps in the makings.

Nyxteridas • 4 months ago

Been waiting for this Hiromi-music-anime :D

Pizzaface • 4 months ago

I wish I knew about this coming to NA theaters. awesome movie.

monkh • 4 months ago

Hope they do the same for the next two series. Without the CGI maybe. But this was really great.

VIRUS • 4 months ago

Have been waiting for a while for it to release after reading the manga and this movie is definitely a 10/10

monkh • 4 months ago


Ammar Ehab • 4 months ago

Loved it, the vigor and music was something else.

I think i love Jass now, i mean .. Jazz xD

OfficialDrixMalone • 4 months ago


Momchil Bonev • 4 months ago

I am so glad I decided to click on this one

DarkManifesto00 • 4 months ago

I'm hoping for future episodes, would like to see the whole show through.

DarkManifesto00 • 4 months ago

Now this is what I like to call good musical animations.

fishy fishy blobfish • 4 months ago

OH SHIT, i didnt know the manga was getting a anime movie, this instantly made its way onto "animes to binge this weekend" list. im so excited to listen to the jazz tracks in the anime