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theultimategamer95 • 5 months ago

Knew they'd find a way to make Bird lose again LOL

knightwolf09 • 5 months ago

At least this time the opponent was reasonably strong

Fahad • 5 months ago

True, his 100 times sparing bey battle with Maiden before his first pro battle yielded no result.

SD • 5 months ago

I know people will be upset with Bird losing, but it makes sense considering he's a newbie.

That being said, hopefully he'll start training more from now on.

Night • 5 months ago

now Bird has 6 loses and 0 wins

ImperialSun • 5 months ago

Bird's lost almost as many beybattles in 7 episodes as Yugioh's Yuga has lost duels in 100+ episodes (between both 7s and Go Rush)

Shadow Moon • 5 months ago

nah, he's only halfway there. including the offscreen losses to luke who was treated more like the protagonist than yuga, he lost 12 times and had one draw.

knightwolf09 • 5 months ago

Thing is, he's been doing nothing BUT training, and this is still his current level. Poor kid got dragged into the major leagues after just starting out. He's got a lot to catch up to in such a short time frame

SD • 5 months ago

While they have shown him training, it's only snippets here and there. I'm hoping they have a bigger focus on him training, like a training episode. Like you said, poor Bird is being thrusted into the big league without having much experience.

Shadow Moon • 5 months ago

he's like a level 18 spearow being yeeted at level 80+ electric type pokemon.
he's got very little experience and lacks X's power & multi's flexible tactics. only thing he's got going for him is some keen eyes and being able to mirror moves he's seen before, the later of which is underutilized from him being too much of a bird brain.

SD • 4 months ago

Yeah it's odd that they're jumping right into the big leagues. Usually in these types of stories, the MC works their way up.
Though episode 8 dropped in Japan andthe end of the episode shows a preview for episode 9, which seems to be a training episode for Bird, and potentially some new upgrades to his bey? This is my first Beyblade series so I don't know much, but his Bey looked different in that preview.

ImperialSun • 5 months ago

Yeah, he only got into the big leagues because X is a pro who had already climbed the tower. Multi can thankfully pull her own weight on the team.

nick • 5 months ago

feels realistic to me still copying x and hasnt decided on how he should use scythe also he had what at most a few nights of training

Mike • 5 months ago

It makes sense for him to lose yes but come on this many times?this early in?i Skipped the battle because i didnt want to suffer that L with Bird lol

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Great beyblade battle.

SigmaDemon • 5 months ago

Like the outcome of the first 2 battles isn't obvious. Anime today will NEVER allow for their female characters to lose battles against male characters, due to political correctness. The only exception is if the battle is against another female character. Even though this was a game for 'boys' initially, and Bird really deserved to have his first victory in his debut match! But oh well...

SD • 5 months ago

Multi and Meiko lost a battle against X Cross/Kamen X. I understand you're upset that Bird lost, but there's no reason to come up with a nonsensical paragraph.
And Bird winning doesn't make sense. He has very little experience compared to his adversaries.

SigmaDemon • 4 months ago

Uhm, X won simply bcs he's the MC.

donicx • 5 months ago

It's a bait so ignore the ignorance in that comment.

SD • 5 months ago

I figured as much, but bait comments for Beyblade of all things? Actually really funny lol.

donicx • 4 months ago

Yeah I know what you mean of all the series to do this in XD

ImperialSun • 5 months ago

I actually am glad that Multi wasn't treated as a sacrificial sheep to up the stakes for a Bird win as I had expected coming into this episode.

TheOK1 • 5 months ago

Wierd that you got that vibe, when it feels more like Birds gonna just keep losing until episode ten or the season finale. Man's not gonna get any satisfaction

SD • 4 months ago

This is going for 51 episodes.

TheOK1 • 4 months ago

Welp. I'm not watching this no more, lmao that's just awful. I don't even like Bird, but repeat loses for 44 more episodes? He's not even learning anything. Dropped

ImperialSun • 5 months ago

Reason being that there was some flags raised in last episode and in this one with which bey Multi should use. I thought they might have her lose because of her pride, leading to even more pressure on poor Bird to win.

baba • 4 months ago

this shits ass.
you guys are fcking weebs.

TheOK1 • 4 months ago

Yeah we're weebs but this season is garbage asf

Melusine • 4 months ago

At this point Bird's going to get Hells Chain without a single win with Hells Scythe 😂

7thSigner • 4 months ago

I wish the background soundtrack were louder, they are so good!

I would love to see one full episode of this with no voice lines or only 2-3 lines, i think they would do a amazing job no cap, they fit the right song at the right moments, like if you pay attention, they drop a electronic beat when Multi states that she is going to overwhelm her opponnent 10:57 *chef kiss* and also the interval of the first battle 11:28 *feeling the tension building up*

The story is predictable, i can already say Enkusu will win, but he will be pushed to the limit to showcase how strong the champions are (basically to show the ceiling of the power level in this world) and regarding Bird - remember: ~~~The comeback is going to be insane~~~

Tushar Aggarwal • 4 months ago

Ohh damn they didn't even reveal the avatar of bird's bey yet why man? Why so biased? Plz let bird win

SD • 4 months ago

Episode 9 seems to be a training episode for Bird, so maybe his avatar will be revealed then?

lovenshij • 4 months ago

The best thing about this series, the bays don't have supernatural powers. They are same bays like reals are.